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Captain Rartoll, Son of Qu’Voq

Rartoll, Son of Qu'Voq (Klingon: [ɹɑɹtɑl]) is currently serving as the captain of the freighter SS Kajunpak't. He is a Klingon from the planet Qo'noS and was born on Stardate 232208.30. He is married to Rhila and is a member of the House of Qu'Voq.


  • Full Name: Rartoll, Son of Qu'Voq
  • Other Names: Pop-Pop (by Anath G'Renn), Gramps (by Jolash G'Renn)
  • Species: Klingon
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: August 30th, 2322
  • Birthplace: L'chorta, Qo'noS
  • Telepathic Status: T0/E0


  • Height: 193 cm (6'4")
  • Hair: Gray
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Stout
  • Birthmarks/Scars: Large scar on right side of face from fight with a Nausicaan pirate.
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Taste in Clothing (off duty): Casual Klingon clothing. Always carries a weapon as an accessory of sorts.


Personality Type: ESFJ (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging)


  • Mannerisms: Rartoll is commonly happy and very energetic. He is always ready to tell a joke or story and share a fair number of drinks with anyone.
  • Routines: Rartoll tries to practice his newfound hobby of playing the accordion at least once a day.
  • Speech Patterns: Loud and bellowing voice
  • Carriage and Posture: Relaxed and confident

Likes and Dislikes

  • Favorite Book: The New Annotated Paq'batlh
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Food: Bregit Lung
  • Hobbies: Weapon collecting, tasting bloodwine, singing old drinking songs, playing accordion
  • Pet Peeves: Things that would bring dishonor to the House of Qu'Voq

Quarters and Workspaces

  • Quarters: The captain's quarters aboard the SS Kajunpak't are modestly large for accommodations on a cargo freighter. They are decorated with pieces from his weapon collection, tapestries, and other trinkets found during his career as a trader.


Family Background




Work at the yay Sor Winery


Expanding the Family Business


Freighter Captain



See full family background here.



Rhila and Rartoll are still as in love as they were when they first met at the yay Sor Winery. The two have traveled the Alpha and Beta Quadrants together, had various misadventures, and raised a family mainly aboard his freighter. While Trak is his right hand in running the ship, Rhila is who he turns to for advice on personal matters or difficult decisions. Rhila is the quartermaster of the Kajunpak't and a skilled negotiator. She manages the supplies of the ship and would attend most trade negotiations with Rartoll. She also had a large role in educating the couple's children, teaching them math and science while Rartoll handled history, literature, language, and the technical skills of working on a freighter.



Rartoll is Qu'Voq's heir and will one day take over the House or Qu'Voq and all of its assets. Qu'Voq viewed his eldest son as not only his child but also a close confidant and business partner. He involved Rartoll in decisions about the family's businesses starting at age 13, and trusted him to captain the house's first privately-owned freighter at a very young age. Rartoll thinks the world of his father and is always eager to make him proud.



G'Renn was Rartoll's hero in his childhood for her service in the KDF. She was honored, but also instilled in him the importance of having non-military professionals in a society. G'Renn would keep a close eye on Rartoll when he was a child, was cautious about what trade missions he conducted when he first took command of the Kajunpak't, and enlisted his help moving supplies during the Klingon Civil War. Rartoll was devastated by her death during the Dominion War.



Rartoll and O'Trel have an often strained relationship. O'Trel looked down on his father's job as a freighter captain and felt that Klingons should focus on activities that enriched the body and the soul. These arguments came to a head when the Kajunpak't stopped to conduct repairs in orbit of Boreth and to deliver supplies to the monastery. O'Trel decided that the monks had a better grasp of what it was to be Klingon and joined them. Rartoll and Rhila saw this as a betrayal and did not speak to their son for several years. The relationship eventually improved when O'Trel settled down on Qo'noS and reconciled with his father.


T'Shol G'Renn

As his mother had taught him, Rartoll instilled in T'Shol the importance that all jobs played in the health of the Empire. However, he was less than enthusiastic when T'Shol pursued a career as a field medic. While he did not understand these choices from his youngest son, he nevertheless admired T'Shol's courage in charting his own course in life and does admit that it took great dedication to become a doctor. Despite their ideological disagreements, he always loves his son dearly and remains on close terms with him.



When he first met Lyras, Rartoll hated the Vulcan woman. He considered her a poor conversationalist, humorless, and a poor fit for his son. However, at T'Shol's insistence, he gave the relationship a year while conducting trade missions in the Federation Core. In that time Lyras become more comfortable around her Klingon extended family and adapted to many of their customs. What really gave Rartoll respect and admiration for his daughter-in-law was when he delivered a modified grain that Lyras and her team had selectively bred to be resistance to a new plant disease that had severely damaged the harvests of two Klingon colonies.


Anath G'Renn

By the time Anath was born, Rartoll was really tired about arguing tradition and trying to force T'Shol and his family to be fully Klingon. His arguments with T'Shol over his career as a doctor and his changed opinion on Lyras had mostly ended that fight for him. Rartoll loved Anath, and the two got along extremely well during visits. However, Rartoll did still try to subtly nudge Anath in a more Klingon direction like her older sister and younger brother. When the Kajunpak't was near Vulcan, his grandchildren would visit the ship and were well-known to the core members of the crew who did not change from voyage to voyage.


Jolash G'Renn

All throughout Lyras' pregnancy and Jolash's first few years, one question loomed over the family. What would a Klingon/Vulcan hybrid be like? As Jolash grew up, Rartoll was overjoyed to learn that the answer for Jolash was "mostly Klingon." He gave his granddaughter her first bat'leth and arranged for her to be tutored in basic combat forms by a member of his crew who had multiple bat'leth championship titles to her name. Jolash was very encouraged by all the praise that her grandfather offered her and holds his opinions in high esteem. Whenever she finished a new holonovel, she would send the draft to Rartoll to receive his critique and make adjustments accordingly.


First Officer

Trak was a drinking buddy for a young Rartoll. He worked as an apprentice at the yay Sor Winery at the same time as Rartoll. The two would sneak off during work shifts and drink a few cups of freshly-made bloodwine. They would often discuss what adventures could be found beyond the winery. They got their opportunity when Qu'Voq chose Rartoll to captain the House's first freighter. Trak helped Rartoll find the Kajunpak't. The Gorn served as Rartoll's first officer and was very helpful in making sure the first cargo run to Orion went well.



  • Klingon: Learned during his childhood.


  • Federation Standard: Learned to assist with trading.
  • Orion: Learned to assist with trading.


  • Gorn: Taught some phrases by first officer Trak.
  • Ferengi: Picked up during business transactions with the Ferengi.
  • Vulcan: Snippets learned from incidental exposure.

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