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Immediate Family



T'Shol, Son of Rartoll was born in 2341 grew up aboard his father's freighter, the SS Kajunpak't along with his mother and his older brother O'Trel. Between cargo runs all across the Klingon Empire, the Kajunpak't would spend weeks or months at Qo'noS where the House of Qu'Voq's winery was located. T'Shol grew up hearing tales of his grandmother's career as an honorable warrior in the KDF and wished to join the army as well. His father and grandfather were overjoyed by his ambitions. However, their enthusiasm dulled when he explained that he wanted to be a medic. T'Shol was only able to secure his dream job thanks to his grandmother's intervention. However, T'Shol's KDF service was cut short by a long-forgotten anti-personnel mine he stumbled across while patrolling around camp in 2360.

T'Shol lost his left leg and his rank, but he survived the explosion. Disillusioned with the state of medical science in Klingon society, T'Shol moved to the Federation. He completed his medical training with the Federation Medical Academy and was licensed to practice medicine in the federation in late 2364. T'Shol decided to Federationize his name while living on Earth and took the last name G'Renn in honor of his grandmother. During a conference on Vulcan, he met a geneticist named Lyras. The two struck up a conversation and T'Shol asked her out on a date. Lyras agreed and the two started a romantic relationship. T'Shol married her and became a civilian physician on Vulcan after completing medical school. While he can be disappointed that Anath is not more Klingon, he was overjoyed to hear that she wanted to become a doctor as well and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.


Lyras of Vulcan was born to T'Sil and Valsur on Stardate 233610.28, sharing a birthday with her daughter Anath. Lyras was the eldest of her siblings, being older than her sister T'lain by seven years and and her brother Strennel by fourteen years. The family lived in ShirKahr, where T'Sil served as a junior member of the Vulcan Council. Valsur is a supervisor in charge of overseeing outgoing space traffic departing from Vulcan Space Central. The couple hoped that all three of their children would attend the Vulcan Science Academy. Strennel did not, but both Lyras and T'lain did. Lyras double-majored in genetics and neuroscience. When she decided on a major for her graduate studies, she chose genetics. She earned a doctorate in genetics and found work with the Vulcan Biology Institute, a research institution with facilities in multiple Vulcan cities. Lyras moved from ShirKahr to T'Paal City on the other side of the Na'nam continent. She would meet her husband T'Shol while he was in medical school and married him in 2362.

Despite being part of a Klingon house and raising three Vulcan/Klingon children, Lyras remained as controlled and emotionally disciplined as any other average Vulcan. This balance was only disturbed a few times. Most prominently, she was deeply hurt by the death of her son Avarak and had some difficulty containing that feeling of grief. Lyras also assumed that her children would have Vulcan mannerisms. Only her younger daughter Anath seemed to default to her Vulcan side more often than her Klingon side. This assumption was a cause of friction, such as when she arranged for Anath and Savok to be betrothed. Arguments aside, Anath loves her mother dearly and makes a point to engage in Vulcan traditions and customs with her even when the rest of the family does not.



Jolash and Avarak both leaned more towards the Klingon side of the Klingon/Vulcan balance. While Anath was a vegetarian and enjoyed Vulcan art, her siblings were very fond of Klingon cuisine and preferred to spend their free time sparring. Jolash would sometimes antagonize Anath, but the sibling rivalry between the two sisters was always friendly and rarely resulted in actual fighting. More frequently, Jolash would take pride in her ability to play to Anath's ego or temper in order to get what she wanted. Many Mok'bara sparring matches began with Jolash suggesting Anath was just being cowardly by refusing her challenge. Deep down, Anath still enjoyed her sister's company and she was her best friend for the first seven or eight years of her life. However, that spot as Anath's favorite sibling was quickly claimed by her younger brother.


Avarak was much less aggressive than Jolash and did strike more of a balance between traditionally Klingon and Vulcan traits. He looked up to both of his sisters and became inseparable from Anath and her friends once he was old enough to join their games. Anath tried to be the best role model she could be for her baby brother and tried not to involve him in the most reckless schemes that she and her best friend Alexa would come up with. Duirng a family trip to Terra Nova in December of 2380, Avarak contracted an unknown infection and died. Anath was mortified by the loss and spent months after the incident in a state of near catatonia, avoiding her family and staying locked in her room for days on end. Secretly, Anath blames herself for the incident. She allowed Avarak to wander arround the forests of Terra Nova freely when she was supposed to be supervising him, and believes that is when he encountered whatever infection claimed his life.

Jolash's family is very close to Anath. Her husband Kolrriq and Anath do get along pretty well. Kolrriq was quick to accept Anath along with the rest of his new family. They also bonded over their shared interest in Klingon opera and the performing arts. Anath and Kolrriq have considered working together to finish an opera that she started writing during her undergraduate studies at Starfleet Academy. Anath is much closer to Jolash and Kolrriq's young son, Rol'Q. She spent most of her time during visits back home from medical school with her sister's family. She also stayed in touch frequently from Earth through subspace calls and letters. Rol'Q could not pronounce her name at first, and the nickname "Aunt Ana" has remained ever since. Each call from Anath aboard the USS Blackwell or the USS Columbia brought new tales of adventure out in the stars for Rol'Q to hear.

The disappearance of Jolash G'Renn and Kolrriq's disappearance while returning from a visit to the Par'tha Expanse turned a short visit back home into Anath's near-retirement from Starfleet. She still hasn't accepted the reality of the situation. She is the guardian of Rol'Q, as per her sister's wishes. Rol'Q is being kept in the dark about the whereabouts of his parents and Anath does not intend to tell him until she has "conclusive" evidence that they are gone. Rol'Q now lives with her and Savok on the USS Chin'toka.


Savok was one of Anath's childhood friends and classmates at the Syrran Learning Center. Unlike many of his classmates, he found the illogical, unpredictable behavior of the G'Renn siblings and their Human friend Alexa more fascinating than distracting. He was often convinced to join them in their exploration of the deserts around T'Paal City or going on adventures in the city. This tendency would sometimes land Savok in the same trouble as his friends. However, he was also a moderating influence in their various misadventures who would speak up against particularly dangerous ideas. This friendship led Lyras and Savok's mother V'Len to betroth Savok and Anath, as was traditional for many Vulcans.

Anath felt very conflicted over the arranged marriage. She was very upset that her mother had made the decision for her and refused to go through with it because of that fact alone. On the other hand, she did have a close, genuine bond with Savok that later blossomed into love. After several years and discussing the issue with the ship's counselor, Anath reconciled her feelings for Savok and the anger she felt towards Lyras for arranging a marriage for her. She proposed to Savok aboard the USS Blackwell, and they were married aboard the USS Columbia in a ceremony officiated by Theo Whittaker.

The House of Qu'Voq

Crest of the House of Qu'Voq.

House History

The House of Qu'Voq is a minor house in Klingon society. While the family history does have many great warriors, the house is best-known for their involvement in trade and commerce. in 2296, Trovar died and passed the title as Head of the House to his young son Qu'Voq. Trovar owned a large winery in the Mekro'vak region. Under Qu'Voq's leadership, yay Sor Winery (Translation: The Tree of Victory) became a popular source of bloodwine and other alcoholic beverages in the Klingon Empire. Qu'voQ and his wife G'Renn ruled the House of Qu'Voq together until G'Renn's death during the Dominion War. Qu'Voq has not remarried and continues to operate the yay Sor Winery on his own. His younger sons and daughter assist in keeping the winery up and running. His eldest son and daughter both operate freighters that carry products from the winery to other parts of the galaxy. Some in the Klingon Empire consider the House of Qu'Voq to be an embarrassment because of the presence of several Vulcans in the family.

House Leaders


Qu'Voq was born to Trovar during an era of misfortune for the House of Trovar. Trovar had made several business gambles during the war with the Federation and in the decades after. This debt and multiple poor harvests drained his health. Trovar died, indebted and dishonored, and the House of Qu'Voq was born. Qu'Voq made much wiser business decisions and consulted with market experts to improve the profitability of the winery. Within ten years, he had paid off his father's debts and began turning a profit. He used these returns wisely and purchased more land in the Mekro'vak region to expand the yay Sor Winery. His business continued to grow, and he married a KDF Lieutenant named G'Renn in 2321. They had a son the next year, as well as many more children. In recent years, the now-widowed Qu'Voq has taken a less active role in running the winery.


G'Renn was a decorated colonel in the Klingon Defense Force. She was born in 2299 to two members of an opera troupe travelling through the empire. Songs of great warriors and the wars they waged inspired her to join the army. Her natural skill with the bat'leth and confidence did not go unnoticed by her instructors. She started her career as a guard at notorious prison Rura Penthe. Killing two Gorn escapees with only a spear earned her a promotion to Lieutenant. She served on multiple ships and at multiple fortifications from 2320 to 2358. In 2359, she was promoted to commander and assigned as governor of a minor world. She helped lead forces in favor of Gowron during the Klingon Civil War and was a colonel during the Dominion War. She was killed in battle in early 2375. The title of Mistress of the House of Qu'Voq remains empty after her death.

House Members

Rartoll was Qu'Voq and G'Renn's first child. As a child, he was obsessed with the idea of joining the Klingon Defense Force like his mother. He would spend hours reading about military history and honing his weapon skills. However, G'Renn instilled in him the importance of all aspects of society in ensuring the prosperity of the Klingon Empire. Rartoll would later go on to teach this same lesson to his son T'Shol and inspire his unusual career path. Rartoll apprenticed with an experienced winemaker at the winery and learned all there was to learn about the family business during his childhood. He assisted his father in turning the successful business into a small economic empire and was the first to volunteer when Qu'Voq suggested that the house invest in their own freighters to help eliminate the middlemen in getting their product to other worlds of the empire. Rartoll and an old Gorn drinking buddy assembled a crew and the SS Kajunpak't departed shortly after under Captain Rartoll's command at only 17.

Rhila was born to a family of small subsistence farmers on Ganalda IV. In the hopes of giving their daughter a better standard of living, her parents arranged for her to live with her cousin on Boreth, where he ran a blacksmith's shop that produced weapons. She worked as a clerk and became very proficient in the logistics of running a business. After her cousin's death, Rhila used her savings to move to Qo'noS and eventually became a clerk working for the House of Qu'Voq. She and Rartoll began courting each other and she accompanied him on several early freight runs as quartermaster before eventually marrying him in 2339.


O'Trel was the first child of Rartoll and Rhila and older brother to T'Shol. He studied the ancient tales of Kahless and was at one point a monk in training. However, he met a traveler named Grella and was so enamored by her that he gave up the monk lifestyle to travel the Empire with her. The couple did odd jobs and kept exploring for several years before settling down back on Qo'noS and opening a workshop. The couple never had children, and Grella died in 2394. Because of this, O'Trel took a great interest in the lives of his nieces and nephew, seeing them as the future of Rartoll's lineage.

While the House of Qu'Voq was never the most conventional, T'Shol was an unusual Klingon even by their standards. He wished to join the KDF as a field medic. Rartoll and Qu'Voq tried to talk him out of it, but his grandmother G'Renn saw the wisdom in having doctors in the army and used her influence to secure T'Shol a position in the army and medical training. All went according to plan for several years until T'Shol was seriously injured by a mine. He lost his left leg and was forced out of the army. This and his subsequent departure to the Federation and marriage to a Vulcan woman is a contributing factor to the House of Qu'Voq's social standing.

T'Shol's family is technically part of the house, but not all members of the family are treated that way. Jolash G'Renn and her family are mostly welcome and treated as equals. Avarak G'Renn was also accepted by most of the family when he was alive because of his very Klingon nature. Their mother Lyras is usually treated as an outsider on visits, and has become accustomed to being mostly ignored by her husband's family.

Anath and the House of Qu'Voq

Anath in particular is seen as a disappointment to many of her Klingon relatives. While Lyras behaving like a Vulcan is something expected, Anath's lean towards Vulcan mannerisms and diet is often characterized as a betrayal of her Klingon heritage. Her uncle O'Trel in particular felt that she had chosen to be fully Vulcan and turned her back on her Klingon half. It was even suggested that she should seek cosmetic surgery to remove her forehead ridges. However, not every Klingon in the family treated her that way. Qu'Voq himself was mostly indifferent to the issue and had little issue with Anath being a part of his house. G'Renn rarely saw her great-grandchildren before her death, but had encouraged a young Jolash to embrace both her Klingon and Vulcan halves in any way she wanted. O'Trel's wife Grella was also sympathetic to Anath's plight and would try to accommodate her and Lyras' vegetarian diets when the family visited Qo'noS.

Vulcan Family


Valsur & T'Sil

T'Sil was a member of the Vulcan planetary government for most of her life. She started as a member of the V'Shar working in ShirKahr. Her involvement with the security agency gave her many contacts in the political arena. She eventually landed a position as a staff member with a Vulcan Council member. T'Sil was involved in planning several infrastructure maintenance projects and was one of the authors of a report on the safety of starship traffic to and from Vulcan. This record of effective and methodical work saw her quickly rise through the ranks of Vulcan government. During this time in her career, she met her husband Valsur at a gala hosted to welcome a Federation ambassador to Vulcan. They had three children and over the next two decades. Shortly after her first child's birth, T'Sil was elected to the Vulcan Council. She had a successful tenure in government before stepping down at age 84 to focus on her pursuit of Kolinahr. Anath rarely spends time with her grandmother, although the two do rarely correspond through letters.

Valsur was born aboard a ship of the Vulcan Expeditionary Group. His father was an astrophysicist on the ship and his mother was the flight controller. Valsur did not set foot on the planet Vulcan until he was six. This experience made him the Vulcan equivalent to a Human "boomer" who had spent most of their childhood in space. Life on a starship was very educational and inspired Valsur's fascination with starship engineering. After completing school, Valsur accepted a position at Vulcan Space Central as a traffic controller. During the visit of a Federation ambassador to the planet, he prevented a Pakled ship from colliding with the ambassador's ship. This feat earned him an invitation to the welcome gala, where he was first introduced to T'Sil. Valsur remained committed to his work and was eventually promoted to senior traffic control administrator for departures. He continued working with Vulcan Space Central during the Dominion War alongside Starfleet and helped coordinate the docking and repair of Starfleet ships based at Vulcan during the war. He remains a supervisor at the spaceport and was there for Anath's departure to Starfleet Academy.

Aunts and Uncles


From an early age, T'lain shared her sister's aptitude for academics, but was much more interested in history, art, and the social sciences compared to Lyras' focus on the hard sciences. At the urging of her parents, T'lain attended the Vulcan Science Academy as Lyras did. She received a degree in political science, focusing heavily on public policy and galactic security. With this education, she was accepted to the V'Shar as a security analyst. T'lain was involved in the security of Vulcan in tandem with Starfleet officers during the Dominion War. This was part of Anath's inspiration for joining Starfleet, and T'lain suggested that it was an admirable career goal. T'lain is currently a Security Minister with the V'Shar in charge of monitoring external threats to Vulcan and its people. She is in an arranged marriage with Murrak, a historian. They have a daughter together named Falel.

Murrak is the son of a librarian and a Starfleet test pilot. Murrak's father raised him for most of his childhood after his mother died in a shuttle crash during a test flight. This event was a significant impediment to Murrak developing control over his emotions. He would frequently strike out in anger and was in counseling for several years. In addition to speaking with his counselor, Murrak found solace in books. His father kept an extensive collection of books in their home, and Murrak would spend hours in the library reading. Murrak found the study of history and the various lenses through which the past can be viewed to be of particular interest. He studied Federation history at ShirKahr University and went on to become a professor at the university. His father arranged his marriage to T'lain with T'Sil and Valsur when they were children.

Strennel is the youngest child of T'Sil and Valsur. Unlike his sisters, Strennel's goals took him far beyond Vulcan. Instead of applying to the Vulcan Science Academy, he took the entrance exams for Starfleet Academy. He passed every test with flying colors except for the other cultures and species test when he accidentally insulted a Bolian officer by offering him cooked fish over raw fish. The training officers were very impressed with his performance and he was accepted into the academy. He majored in chemistry. Strennel now works with Starfleet Research and Development and is a lieutenant assigned to the Mures Vol Research and Development Center on Trill.


Falel was born in 2382 to T'lain and Murrak. She lives with her parents in ShirKahr. Falel's childhood has been fairly typical for Vulcan children. Currently, she plans to pursue a degree in history like her father. Anath and Falel would get along well when they met, but the G'Renn family rarely visited ShirKahr.

Savok's Family



V'Len was born to a family of monks. She grew up in a monastery outside of Go'an. Her father had been a monk most of his life, and her mother had resigned from the Vulcan government to join him in the monastery. All of V'Len's childhood was designed to help her become a member of the monastery. However, her studies in the vast library of ancient texts inspired her to pursue a higher education. She moved to ShirKahr alone and became a student at the Vulcan Science Academy. She studied biology and was quickly identified as being very skilled in the field of genetics. During her third year of study, she met and married a fellow student named Serrol. Serrol would spend two years off-world following the wedding with the Vulcan Expeditionary Group, but returned home by the time V'Len had her degree.

V'Len's first job was working with the Vulcan Biology Institute studying genetic markers for Mal'Aari Syndrome. She worked at the facility in Vulcana Regar, and was pregnant with her first child at the time. Her son Savok was born on Stardate 236805.02. Three years later, the facility in Vulcana Regar was shut down and the family relocated to T'Paal City. At the new Vulcan Biology Institute campus, she worked closely with a fellow geneticist named Lyras and would become very familiar with her husband and children. Anath was always very fond of V'Len, although V'Len felt that Anath and her sister lacked Vulcan discipline. Regardless, she felt Savok and Anath were a good match and arranged their marriage along with Lyras. Anath does not speak to her mother-in-law often, but is usually friendly with her when she does.


Serrol was a child prodigy. His understanding of complex logic and his academic achievements exceeded all expectations as a child. Coming from a family of scientists and teachers, it was all but certain that Serrol would go to the Vulcan Science Academy. He did, and earned a doctorate in mathematics with a focus on statistics. During his studies, he married a student studying biology named V'Len. He graduated two years before her and worked as an operations officer with the Vulcan Expeditionary Group. He did not find the work to be fulfilling and returned to Vulcan two months early, in time for his wife's graduation. V'Len started working for the Vulcan Biology Institute in Vulcana Regar, and Serrol put his mathematical talents to use making stastical models to forecast economic conditions in the Ferengi Alliance and analyze the efficiency of cargo convoy schedules. Three years after the birth of his son Savok, the family moved to T'Paal City for V'Len's work.

In T'Paal City, Serrol struggled to find a lasting career. For the first four years, he taught at Kuvak College in the city. He later resigned from his position to assist the Vulcan government with making new statistical models for predicting disruptive electromagnetic flares from Vulcan's sun. Upon completion of the project, Serrol accepted a part-time position as a lecturer at the Vulcan Science Academy. This position lasted six years, with Serrol serving as a professor while still living in T'Paal City. This arrangement ended when Serrol chose not to relocate to ShirKahr. Serrol currently serves as a librarian at the city's public library. He inspired Savok to accept a teaching position at the VSA. He also introduced his daughter T'Pril to the history of the V’tosh ka’tur. Serrol also has a good relationship with his daughter-in-law Anath.



T'Pril was born on Stardate 237801.16. Her early childhood was mostly unremarkable. She grew up in the peaceful era following the end of the destructive Dominion War and had an uneventful primary education. All of that changed when she wrote a report on the beliefs of the V’tosh ka’tur for a history class. Her research into the movement made her question the wisdom of typical Vulcan emotional repression. She slowly abandoned some of the teachings of Surak and explored alternative methods for coping with strong Vulcan emotions. She smiled and laughed, grew her hair long, and embraced her love of music first sparked by a birthday present from her older brother Savok. T'Pril is a student at the Aldebaran Music Academy. She is in regular contact with her brother and sister-in-law, and frequently shares her latest musical compositions with them both. Savok is cautiously supportive of T'Pril's exploration of the V'tosh ka'tur teachings, while Anath is fully supportive of T'Pril's desire to be less like a traditional Vulcan.

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