Par'tha Monetary System

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Par'tha Expanse

Credits are used as the official currency of the Par'tha Expanse on their worlds, as well as in the Solerian Sector. On Expanse worlds, Credits are equally exchanged with Imperial Credits, while in the Freeworlds Region and on less friendly, backwater worlds exchange rates of up to twenty five Imperial Credits per Par'tha Credit are common.

Imperial Credits

The Imperial Credit Standard, simply called credit, colloquially referred to as Republic Dataries, and later known as the Imperial Credit, is the main currency in use in the Valcarian Imperial Republic since the time of the Valcarian Republic.

One tenth of a credit is called a decicred.


Since its inception, the credit has always been a physical currency with both coins and bills being printed. Later, during the height of the Valcarian Republic, credit chips became popular. Though still popular in the Empire proper, physical currency is much more appreciated in the Par'tha Expanse. The Par'tha Credit has always been in physical form, and most Caraadians like to cling to tradition.


During the Vodran War, and the rise of the Empire, many people were worried about the outcome and what effect it would have on their galactic economy. Because of this, an overwhelming majority of planets outside the Core would not accept credits. These planets and regions started minting their own money. The Empire used the same currency, although they called it the Imperial Credit. During the reign of Emperor Altharra, there are few who will not accept the credit. Galactic economics seem to have stabilized somewhat.