Outlying Territories

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Par'tha Expanse
Valcarian Empire

Par'tha Expanse

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The Outlying Territories are located within Valcarian Imperial space. It is strewn with obscure worlds, and rugged, primitive frontier planets.

Immediately after the dissolution of the Valcarian Directorate, and the end of the Vodran War, the Emperor turned many of his forces towards this region. Due to its distance from the Core Worlds, the region was home to many critics of the Vodran War. The Empire's Grand Governor Bei Trinilli was assigned the difficult task of bringing and keeping the Outlying Territories in line.

Star System Major Worlds Importance Sector Indigenous Species
Cullum system Cullum IV former homeworld ? Cullum
Delica system Delica, Ocedra smuggling Harkanon Sector n.a.
Faede system Faendra ? Riala Sector n.a.
? Ialnys ? ? ?
? Iorr ? ? ?
? Mymiri ? ? ?
? Oafal ? ? ?
? Tibro sector capital Harkanon Sector n.a.
Typrycese system Typrycese military base/shipyards Harkanon Sector n.a.
Yiranne system Yiranne ? ? ?