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Par'tha Expanse
Valcarian Empire

Par'tha Expanse

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The primary task of the naval assets assigned to the Par'tha sector is to protect shipping. They are also meant to counter the strength of the domestic house and Freeworlds fleets.

Four worlds of the sector are deemed important enough by the Empire to warrant full-time protection by Altharra-class Destroyers. The Hult is assigned to Zalenaedere, the Gornt to Tinall, the Yatil to Aelann, and the Deris to Oscion.

The destroyers assigned to Zalenaedere and Tinall are strategically located to control the only known routes into and out of the Par'tha Expanse that do not lead directly into the Valcarian Imperial Republic. The Aelann Imperial Shipyards are defended not only by the Yatil, but also by BI defense platforms and various cruisers. In addition, there is usually at least one destroyer undergoing repairs in the dockyards which can in some situations provide additional defenses.

In addition to these ships, there are three roving fleets which patrol the sector. Because there are only three fleets assigned to the sector, two of them are highly specialized to perform specific functions and missions.

The Par'tha Defense Force is the main battle group that patrols the Freeworlds Region. It is the largest of the roving fleets and the most disciplined and trained. Occasionally the Defense Force goes on a protracted tour of the entire sector to give the locals a strong does of Imperial might.

The "Ground Pounders" fleet is small and highly mobile. Its specialties are intercept and seizure, and air-to-surface bombing (though there isn't much call for the latter in the Par'tha Expanse). The Gee-Pees spend most of their time on extended patrols through the interior of the sector. Their patrol duties are secondary to special assignments, so it is not uncommon for them to break a routine patrol to respond to an emergency.

The "Swift Wing" fleet is the fastest fleet in the sector. It has a relatively short patrol route, primarily focused on the middle of the sector. This way it can respond to an emergency anywhere and is normally the first to arrive on scene. It is mainly intended to intercept and engage pirate fleets, though its relatively low firepower means that it must team up with one of the other fleets to take on more powerful forces. Unlike the Ground Pounders fleet, however, the Swift Wing is designed to destroy its targets rather than seize them whole.

In addition to the fleets described above, there are the usual complements of small patrol boats and customs vessels active in the sector as well.