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Yiranne is the primary planet of the Yiranne system in the Outlying Territories. The planet was conquered by the Valcarian Republic thousands of years ago. The Yirannite merchants helped establish the Tolnys Way Trade Route over 5,000 years ago.

The Outlying Territories world is volatile with hundreds of active volcanoes, producing a noxious, toxic atmosphere and intense electrical storms. These conditions, combined with the planet's rich mineral deposits, cause the native Yirannite inhabitants to live in underground caves. The underground caves are humid and cool, with a diverse biosphere supported by underground lakes.

The planet is the headquarters of the galaxy-spanning ResUlis Corporation, a member of the Trade Guild. As the old Valcarian Republic crumbled, the governing Yirannite Council became weak. With the expansion of Altharra's New Order, ResUlis assumed leadership of Yiranne and announced its full support of the Valcarian Empire. In exchange for several lucrative contracts and the promise of guaranteed future business, ResUlis took a hardline against anti-Imperialists.

Angered at ResUlis's illegal takeover and support of the Empire, Yirannites formed resistance cells who garnered enough support to wrestle control of Yiranne away from ResUlis recently.