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Ialnys was the original homeworld of the Atedas. According to Ateda legend, it was devastated in a cataclysm that tore away its atmosphere and obliterated the rest of the planets within its star system.

The Cataclysm

According to Ateda legend, the planet Ialnys orbited around two suns. The suns were venerated as gods by the Atedas. One was consumed by a black hole, and in fury, the other expelled its gaseous external layers and destroyed the other planets of the star system.

Somehow, Ialnys survived, though its atmosphere was torn away and its biosphere devastated, and left as wasteland with acid rain. The Atedas, too, survived the cataclysm, and soon left the pockmarked world. They believed that by surviving the cataclysm they had been elevated to the status of 'near-gods'. The planet they left behind was inhabited by the descendants of abandoned servants of the Atedas, with only a few squallid manufacturing centers.


The tale has generally been dismissed as more Atedese hyperbole, and the most commonly accepted alternate theory is that the Atedas destroyed their world themselves, in some ancient war.

Interestingly, there are signs indicating that the cratered wasteland of the planet Ialnys was once a pleasant green world, and besides many asteroids, no other world orbits the "remaining" white dwarf. Presumably, the asteroids are the remains of Ialnys' moons, as researchers claim to have found Ateda artifacts "on the moons of Ialnys".