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Mymiri is a planet in the Mymiri system in the Outlying Territories of the Valcarian Imperial Republic.


Mymiri is situated on a trade route hub not far from the Eldor Trade Route, and has been called the "Valcaria of the Outlying Territories". It is a city world, whose grandeur was once said to rival the galactic capital Valcaria itself. However, the planet's landmass is not completely covered with an urban sprawl, and some surface water is present, so, from space, Mymiri looks quite different from both Valcaria and other ecumenopoleis, such as Sinosa and Illara Prime.

It is believed the renithors first originated on Mymiri, where renithor racing captured the imagination of the galaxy roughly 4,000 years ago. Using an intricate system of hyperspace beacons, Mymiri race organizers would broadcast the results of the renithor races throughout the galaxy which eventually gave rise to a huge and profitable gambling operation. Mymiri remained a hub for renithor racing for decades, despite opposition from the Atedas and other criminal organizations.

Mymirians are famed for their ship-building.

Infrastructure and business

The city of Mymiri is usually divided into four levels: the Upper City, the Middle City, the Lower City and the Undercity.

The Upper City

The Upper City is a beautiful area inhabited by rich and powerful people, dwelling in the highest reaches of the towering skyscrapers that dominate the planet's landscape. Here, the privileged classes surround themselves with the trappings of prosperity, oblivious to the suffering and oppression of those forced to dwell far below them. Access to the Upper City is restricted to non-Mymirians, although some non-Mymirians exceptions can be found. The right connections are a must, however.

The Upper City features a cantina famous for its dueling ring owned by Nairra, and Suyal Ornon's medical facility, which possessed a reputation for being able to heal all diseases.

The citizens of the Lower City called Upper City residents "uptowns".

The Middle City

The Middle City is the most populous level of Mymiri. It contains the middle class and working citizens of the planet's Mymirian population.

The Lower City

The Lower City is home for poor people not born into the privileged classes of society, and non-Mymirians are common there, as this is the only area where they are legally allowed to live. A popular lower city attraction was Rinil's Cantina run by Rinil. Control over the Lower City streets is the subject of rivalry between renithor gangs - gangs whose pilots compete in renithor racing, a popular kind of sport on Mymiri and some other planets, among them Faendra and Adru. Descending into the slums of the Lower City, the signs of urban decay become undeniable. Filth and refuse litter the streets, and burned out vehicles and shattered windows serve as stark reminders of the violent wars of the renithor gangs fighting for control. Denizens of the Lower City struggle to survive amidst the urban wasteland.

The Under City

The Undercity, a village on the ground level beneath the immense skyscrapers of Mymiri, is a dark, wild area inhabited by the Ulea - people whose predecessors were banished from the city for their crimes. The Ulea never see the sky in their miserable life, and nobody hopes that their life will ever turn for the better.

The wilderness around the Undercity village is extremely dangerous because of sosas, semi-humanoid beasts that can infect beings with the sosa disease. The Ulea have to keep infected people isolated from the rest of the society because they will inevitably mutate into sosas.

Mymiri is also a base for smuggling operations, bounty hunters, and other criminal elements.