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The Delica system is a 5-orbital system that consists of the red giant star Delik, the Eanii Asteroid Belt, and the the planets Delica and Ocedra.

Astrogation reports suggest that the asteroid belt scattered in the area between Delica and its sun are the remains of three sister worlds. It is theorized that the three worlds were destroyed when Delik blossomed into its current red giant state.

During the cataclysmic upheaval that destroyed the first three planets, the system’s outermost planet, Ocedra, was thrust into an erratic, elliptical orbit. The ice world plays a major role in Delica’s global temperatures on two occasions each year – the winter and summer equinoxes. The advent of these periods brings on drastic temperature variations where Delica can, respectively, be plunged into an icy vault of frost or baked like a searing oven for a 72-hour period of time.

The Delica system has little to offer in the way of resources unless you happen to be a smuggler. The Eanii Asteroids are mined for small deposits of icrium and menissium by the Fabirnys Corporation, which claims all rights to this desolate section of the system. Because there is no Valcarian Imperial presence to complicate matters of ownership, freelance mining outfits are strictly prohibited and outsiders are often turned away at blaster point.

There is an uneasy peace between the Fabirnys Corporation, which despises smugglers, and the smugglers and pirates themselves, who abhor corporate conquest. Conflicts have been known to occur (some resulting in violence), but more often than not each faction tends to deny the existence of the other. This does not make commercial trading in the area any easier but it does tend to cut down on the bloodshed.


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