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Crew of the USS Montreal


Civilian Nicholas Lushington

“On the first day of Christmas, Mr. Mud gave to me, one fluffy tribble... wait two... no four... no... stop the recording! Stop the recording! This song is ruined!" -Chloe Waters, 239601.14”

Nicholas Lushington is a Civilian PNPC Bar owner and Casino Dealer aboard the USS Montreal.


  • Full Name: Nicholas Lushington
  • Date of Birth: 232605.22
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Brown and curly
  • Hair length: Shoulder lenght hair mostly worn in a ponytail
  • Skin tone: Caucasion
  • Eye color: Brown

Professional History

Nicholas is a natural born hustler. He has been a gambler, casino dealer, bargoer, and bartender throughout his entire life in one form or another. He signed up as a casino dealer on a cruise ship called the Morning Star and in no time he was running the casino and the bar. one night the Morning Star was attacked and the crew was forced to evacuate.


After the Morning Star was attacked and severely damaged it was evacuated via cryo-chamber pods and he was awakened forty years later. After some dangerous events in which his mind was unknowingly taken over by parasites and he tried to take over the USS Za, he was allowed to work at the Black Hole Bar owned by a Ferengi named Zogi.

Soon an opportunity presented itself and he was able to become the bartender and casino dealer aboard the USS Athena.

Personal History

Nicholas’s life has been a hassle. He was easily bored so the only thing that could rid him of his boredom was playing tricks. Not all of them were fair but as a child, he could get away with it. Being a teenager he knew that his gift to play, gamble, trick, and win was something he could use.

But on one night the Morning Star was attacked. They still don’t know by who or why but the fire was spreading fast. The ship was severely damaged and got the crew evacuated by getting into cryo-chamber pods. But not all of them survived. Being in stasis for a long time, over forty years, he awoke not one day older than the day he stepped into the cabin. His appearance and mind are that of a 28-year-old man but he was supposed to be 68 years old. What he didn’t know at that time was that his mind was taken over by parasites which controlled his every move. Together with a Trill named Miazra Peeex and a Tellarite Hishend Lers he tried to take over the USS Za. Their “Mother Parasite” was living on a different planet and all they had to do was bring their mother to the USS Za and let her take over the Captain. They gained the ability to place parasites, through their mouth ready to attach itself to the back of the neck and take over control. They almost succeeded but in the end, the Starfleet Officers won the fierce battle. Once the Mother parasite was killed the parasites died with her and the hosts could live on.

Nicholas felt guilty after all the troubles he had caused. After a talk with Captain Solzano he was allowed to work at the Black Hole Bar owned by a Ferengi named Zogi. Most of the time he’s wearing his casual grayish chic tuxedo and his half long black hair tied into a ponytail or falling loosely on his shoulders. This all gave him a mysterious and handsome look and in only a few days he had already won over some hearts from the Ladies on board the USS Za. His poker table was paying off nicely and when Zogi told him about some business on the Athena he came along to serve his time there as a casino dealer and bartender.


Nicholas is easily bored. He likes to play tricks, games but the rules are his. He is a womanizer but treats them with respect. As a Casino dealer and bartender, he has to be charming and romantic since a good drink or flirt pays more Latinum.

Physical Description

  • Build
    • Fit, trained body
  • Height
    • 1.80 Meter
  • Weight
    • 64 kg

Habits and Abilities


  • He always treats the ladies with respect and offers them a drink even when they win the game.




As a Youth

  • He was known for his great way of leading the games. The poker and roulette table where his all.

As an Adult


Notes, and Trivia


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