Neven Solar System

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Solar System: Neven

The Neven Solar System is made up of six planets of various planetary classifications

Neven Sun

Orbital view: Neven Sun
  • Sun
  • Uninhabited

Neven I

Orbital view: Neven I
  • Class D
  • Uninhabited
  • Age: 3.9 billion years
  • Diameter: 3,694 km
  • Location: Hot zone
  • Surface: Rocky
  • Atmosphere: None
  • Life Forms:None

Class-Ds are also known as Plutonian objects and are generally not considered true planets. Like all other Class-D planets, Neven I is not suitable for humanoid life, although it has been investigated for possible automated mining operations. Currently, not enough minerals are present to warrant mining activities.

Neven II

Orbital view: Neven II
  • Class F
  • Uninhabited
  • Age: 2.8 billion years
  • Diameter: 12,530 km
  • Location: Ecospere
  • Surface: Volcanic
  • Atmosphere: Carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane
  • Life Forms: Simple Bacteria

Neven II is a Class-F world with heavy volcanic activity. Steam expelled by volcanoes is believed to be the source of shallow oceans where simple bacteria thrive. The volcanic activity, coupled with the planets highly elliptical orbit, make Neven II unsuitable for any type of terraforming or manned outposts.

Neven III

Orbital view: Neven III
  • Class L
  • Terraformed
  • Age: 3.3 billion years
  • Diameter: 13,050 km
  • Location: Ecospere
  • Surface: Rocky, little surface water
  • Atmosphere: Breathable
  • Life Forms: Currently none, a colony is in the works

Neven III is Neven IVs first attempt at terraforming a colony world. Currently, the planet is 15 years off from being ready for colonization. Within the next 5-10 years, plants from Neven IV will be introduced, following that animals and finally colonists will be brought over.

Neven IV

Orbital view: Neven IV
  • Class M
  • Inhabited
  • Age: 3.8 billion years
  • Diameter: 13,600 km
  • Location: Ecospere
  • Surface: Abundant surface water, temperate climate
  • Atmosphere: Breathable
  • Life Forms: Vegetation, animal, humanoid (Nevenian)

Neven IV is the Neven systems only inhabited world. It is approximately 38% surface water. It is the home to the Nevenian people. Neven IV has one small moon.

Neven V

Orbital view: Neven V
  • Class K
  • Uninhabited
  • Age: 3.8 billion years
  • Diameter: 10,000 km
  • Location: Cold zone
  • Surface: Barren
  • Atmosphere: Very thin
  • Life Forms: None

This is the first planet in the Neven systems cold zone. It is a very cold planet with a thin atmosphere. It is incapable of supporting life. Automated mining drones, in conjunction with a mining station in orbit, collect resources for the population of Neven IV.

Neven VI

Orbital view: Neven VI
  • Class H
  • Uninhabited
  • Age: 4 billion years
  • Diameter: 14,200 km
  • Location: Cold zone
  • Surface: Cold desert
  • Atmosphere: Breathable
  • Life Forms: Cold resistant plants

The last in the Neven system. It is a cold desert planet, similar to the tundra of northern Canada on Earth. The only lifeforms on the planet are cold resistant plants and research scientists stationed at a temporary research station located at the planets north pole.