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There is a spacious sickbay facility located on Deck 6, equipped with ICU and Biohazard Support, Radiation Treatment Ward, Surgical Ward, and Isolation Suites. There is also a Morgue, and dental care is handled in the main ward. The Chief Medical Officer’s office is attached to Sickbay, as is the Counsellor’s office. Adjacent to the Counsellor’s office is a therapy room, which allows the Counsellor to keep their treatment area and personal office space separate.

The main ward contains a load-out of six standard biobeds, with ten more in the main treatment ward, and a small complement of emergency cots. Pursuant to new Medical Protocols, all Medical Facilities are equipped with holo-emitters for the emergency usage of the Emergency Medical Hologram Mark II System.

In addition to the treatment areas, there are four individual medical research laboratories, which can be converted into individual care rooms for long-term patients.

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