Mercury Dedication Plaque

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Dedication Plaque Mercury.png
This Plaque is unique (at the time of writing) in that it forgoes the usual listing of all those who worked on commissioning and building her and instead bears an extended dedication to an important historic scientific figure, Dimitri Mendeleev.

Dedicated to: Dmitri Mendeleev

The text on the plaque reads: The father of the periodic table of the elements, and a gifted scientist with the foresight to predict the existence of elements that had not yet been discovered, Dmitri Mendeleev worked to build a life of science on the foundations of his humble background. Working in an environment where independent thought and creativity carried with them a great deal of risk, he showed great bravery and dedication, as do we all as Starfleet officers. As we work to further our knowledge of science and explore the galaxy in the face of conflict, tragedy and the unknown, we do so with honour and integrity, all the while remembering Mendeleev’s words: “There is nothing in this world that I fear to say.”