Mercury Crew Lounge

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The lounge on an Oracle Class ship is designed to function jointly as a mess hall area and a recreation area. Comfortable seating is provided around tables, and multiple food replicator points are located around the inside of the lounge. Multiple viewports are arranged around the forward bulkheads, to provide a sweeping view of the starship’s nose, as well as a forward view of space. The lounge is large enough to house all of the crew (standing room only), or one shift (one third of the crew) under normal circumstances.

As well as food replicators, the lounge is home to a functioning bar, tended by between one and three staff, and contains the necessary equipment for cooking ‘real’ food, although this is seldom used. There is room for a variety of games, most of which are usually kept in an adjoining storage area, although normal day-to-day operations allow for several tabletop games such as 3D chess to be left set up on a permanent basis. There is a pool table permanently set up at the far end of the lounge for crew use.