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Deck 15 on an Oracle Class starship is home to Main Engineering, which contains equipment to manage and maintain nearly every system aboard the ship. Staffed by technicians and engineers, Main Engineering is the second most essential area of an Oracle class vessel. The M/ARA injector assembly is hosted at the rear section of Engineering, and itself is located across three decks. Access to the assembly can be gained from deck 14 or deck 16 as needed, and deck 14 contains additional diagnostic panels that are tied into the main engineering suite on deck 15. All access points to the assembly are protected by blast doors and forcefields, which are designed to descend and activate in the event of a warp core breach or the ejection of the core.

The main engineering section in deck 15 contains all of the relevant consoles to monitor all ship’s functions, including those of the sensor module. As is standard on Starfleet vessels, a large schematic of the ship is displayed on a flat, “pool table” console for ease of access to diagnostic information. The Chief Engineer’s office, located at the front of engineering, has windows that allow a view across the whole department. Main Engineering is the main muster point for the senior staff should bridge functions become compromised; ODN relays allow for reconfiguration of the Engineering systems into those normally found on the bridge.

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