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“The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect.”

Octavia E Butler

CIC Desdemona
Position Physician
Rank Ensign
Species Caitian
Gender Female
DOB 237211.24
Age 28
Birthplace Cait, Draivon District, Lorana Preserve
Writer ID A240004LL2

An alternate version of Luxa Lorana located in a reality where a vast majority of the Universe has been subjugated by the Shint.

Lux was raised within the shadows of the Caitian resistance, only to lose everything, except her littermates. Eventually she would find herself recruited to the Commonwealth forces, currently serving as a Science/Tactical Officer on the CIC Desdemona.


  • Height: 1.8 m (5"11')
  • Hair: Silver
  • Fur: Blackish, dark grey
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Build: Slender, athletic
  • Posture: Flexible, ready for anything
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Tank tops, utility pants, loose fighting or 'scant'.


Lux is a quick thinking, resourceful type who's used to living dangerously. She tends to remain calm in times of stress, preferring to weigh up her options before being too rash. Like her prime counterpart, she has a deep curiousity of the unexplored and how the universe works around her (she's also a continuous learner, like Luxa). Although she would consider herself a serious person she does know when to have fun and lighten the mood, mainly because this has been good for the wellbeing of her siblings.

Personality Type

ENTJ-A / Commander

+ Bold & imaginative + Strong-willed + Always finding a way + Energetic & Charismatic

- Stubborn & dominant - Impatient - Cold & ruthless


  • The Universe - Lux loves to look out to the stars, and learning about all manner of things that fill up the galaxy
  • Her littermates - The one constant in Lux's life has been Rasa, Della and M'bel. The bond they share is unrivalled.
  • Rajan - A Caitian maximum impact sport. It's a rare and almost forgotten sport in this universe. Much like her counterpart, Lux can be found in her downtime practicing her Rajan gameplay in the work out area. Even creating an arena of types in the shuttlebays.


  • The Shint - It's no surprise that Lux has devoted her life to destroying The Shint. It is a massive motivating factor in her life works.
  • Bullies - Lux will always back up the underdog, she hates those who exploit others' weaknesses. This comes from her time in the refugee centres and fending for themselves for years.


  • Science and Technology

She has devoted much of her adult life to the pursuit of science. Rather than for exploration, she applies this science to weapons and shields.

  • Weapons

Having run arms for years, she is very knowledgeable about weaponry.

  • Tactical

Lux and her littermates are adept in tactical strategies, each of them having their own skills and abilities.


M'bel Alternate Universe.png

M'bel is a security officer onboard the CIC Desdemona. Prefering to get involved, M'bel will always be found in the middle of the action. She is quieter than her siblings, preferring to keep her own counsel.

title=Name of the littermate
Rasa Alternate Universe.png

Rasa is a technician/operations officer on the CIC Desdemona. He loves to hack into computer systems and mess around with gadgets, recently becoming interested in cybernetics. Rasa is the most lighthearted of the group, always there to support his siblings or make them smile.

Della Alternate Universe.png

Della is an intelligence and tactical operative. If there is an area of space or a planet that you need to go to in stealth then Della is the one. She tends to keep her cards close to her chest with everyone, and will adopt various masks depending on who she is talking too. The real Della? Only Lux, Rasa and M'bel get to see that.


M'aris - Mother

M'aris was a renowned artist before the Shint disrupted the universe for them all. Cait fell a short few years into the war, effectively being eradicated off the map. M'aris had to watch her children and mate being killed as sdhe escaped with her youngest litter. The trauma from this event led M'aris to become a fearless war leader for the Caitian resistance. She perished in a fierce battle, that saw The Shint destroy the Caitian resistance entirely, Caitians as a species are now considered at risk of extinction.

S'nar Lorana - Father (Deceased)

S'nar Lorana was a political leader on Cait. His words inspired the Caitian people to stand up to the Shint. It also resulted in the violent and extreme reaction from them. S'nar was captured and killed in a very public display along with his eldest children. His mate M'aris and the youngest litter escaped. They then dropped the Lorana name in fear that someone would hand them in to the Shint.

Personal History

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Commanding Ofc.
Addison MacKenzie
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Executive Ofc.
Talos Dakora
Helm Ofc.
Flint Kader
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Chief Eng. Ofc.
Hallia Yellir
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Operations Ofc.
Jaseb Chevalier
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Security Ofc.
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Chief Tactical Ofc.
Vitor Silveira
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Asst. Chief Sci. Ofc.
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Chief Medical Ofc.
Genkos Adea
Hiro Jones
Medical Ofc.
Gila Sadar
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