Lake Ael

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SIMed by: Captain T'Pen and Toni Turner as Ael

Ael: Captain, please sit with me. I need you to answer two questions before I can make a decision.

T'Pen: ::She sat ramrod straight in the chair and looked at Ael as if she were her own child.:: Please, ask away.

Ael: Rhian's son...a pure Dark, was born on your ship in the Neutral Zone. I must know his status. Is he by law a free born citizen in the eyes of the Federation?

T'Pen: ::Blinking:: That is a very heavy question. There are records indicating for and against the idea of a child being free born. Earth's early history marks many many instances of children born in a country where their parents were not citizen. The children were born into freedom. Your son would be/could be considered a ward of the Federation, yes. What are you thinking?

Ael: ::a smile swept over her face:: Then if I leave him in your care to be taken to Shinraka you will relinqush him to his father's care?

T'Pen: I don't see why not. But realize that Shinraka is on the very edge of the Neutral Zone. That means the possiblity of Romulan incursion. Your son and his father might not be as safe as you...

Ael: "The needs of the many... " Captain. "The needs of the many..."

T'Pen: True. Very true.

Ael: Yes, and I will feed Rhian's son for my Mother so she will have no doubt that my love for Rhian and his child is unselfish. Would you go with me to bring him back to Rhian?

T'Pen: I would be honored.

Ael: Could we beam there from here? It will be too difficult to say goodbye to Rhian again.

T'Pen: ::Standing:: If this is your decision. ::She placed her hand on the back of Ael's cloak:: =/\=Transporter room One. Three to beam to the Romulan Warbird.=/\=

Seconds later T'Pen, Ael and the child were standing on the bridge of the Romulan Warbird.