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The Tactical Unit of StarFleet is a vital asset to any vessel or base. While the line between Tactical and Security can often be blurred to their similar roles, both have specific duties and responsibilities that make them suitably distinct on larger vessels.

The primary duties of the Tactical Officer are to keep weapons and defenses in a ready state for use at a moment's notice to protect the vessel from hostile forces. The Tactical Officer executes firing solutions and prepares appropriate methods of defensive and offensive action for the Command team to evaluate and choose. Most Tactical maneuvers are developed and executed by the Tactical team, making the Officer exceedingly valuable on a Starship Bridge. The Tactical Officer is also responsible for collecting damage information from the sensors.

Tactical Officers keep a database on the LCARS system which updates itself with information of vessels scanned and their weapons equipment for future reference. On duty, both Tactical and Security coordinate with one another in the pursuit of similar goals and objectives in keeping the ship, and it's inhabitants safe.

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