Sidney Ripley

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Colonial Coalition Marshals Service
Sidney Allen Ripley
Position Investigator
Rank Detective Marshal
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237008.24
Age 30
Birthplace Colard, Colony


Sidney Allen Ripley is a Human Colonial Coalition Marshals Service (CCMS) Detective.


  • Full name: Sidney Allen Ripley
  • Title: Detective
  • Nicknames: Cid
  • Date of birth (Age): 237008.24 (25)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 145 lbs


  • Parents: Deceased
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: Zula
  • Children: None

Sidney lost his parents when he turned fourteen to an illness that had run rampant in his colony.

At the age of twenty, Sidney married Zula. Zula is a feisty and skilled Klingon woman who got entangled with Sidney during an investigation of the murder of his ships original owner.

Professional History

Sidney's actions in the case concerning the previous owner of his ship got him recognized by high ranking officials in his colonies local law enforcement and after much consideration, he decided to join to help clean the streets of his homeworld. His sharp wit and great skill with firearms coupled with his incredible arrest rate got him recognized quickly by the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service which is the local law enforcement agency of the Colonial Coalition tasked with patrolling the worlds and shipping lanes of the Coalition in the Shoals. Following the large-scale bust of a drug smuggling ring on his homeworld, he was soon hired into the CCMS. During his four year service in the local colony law enforcement, his record and performance were excellent aside from his tendency to operate mildly outside the bound's of the law. Since joining the CCMS Sidney has performed excellently. He currently serves in the Investigative Operations Division (IOD) under the rank of 1st Detective.

Personal History

Sidney was born on a small and poor colony located in the Shoals region of space. As a child, Cid did as many of the children did and played on the streets getting into trouble and scamming tourists. His whole life he dreamt of one day purchasing his own spacecraft and leaving his miserable colony life behind him to lead a better life. As a child with the help of his parents, he started saving funds to acquire a ship one day. As a teenager, he became quite addicted and adept at gambling in the form of poker and similar games. His excellent memory and sharp eye's allowed him to become very skilled in reading peoples facial and vocal cues. After his parents died at the age of fourteen Cid spent his down time tinkering with machinery and collecting reading material. At the age of twenty Cid was able to buy a nice spacecraft, which he acquired from a Ferengi trader that frequently visited his colony.

Soon after purchasing his new spacecraft, which he named the Lacedaemon after a ship in an obscure storybook he had once read, Cid was contacted by the CCMS and was nearly arrested for the murder of his ships previous owner. Cid led a one-man investigation on the Ferengi trader while being pursued by both a hired Klingon bounty hunter/Mercenary (Zula) as well as the law. In the end, he was able to prove his innocence, help bring down one of the largest criminal organizations operating in the region, and win the heart and loyalty of the Klingon woman Zula.

Habits, and Abilities

Cid will take any case he believes in and often will investigate on his own without prompt or request.

Cid's skills in hand to hand combat are proficient but his true skill lay in his ability to handle firearms. Cid has trained with a variety of phasers and other firearms that he came across living in the rough and tumble colony in which he was born and since becoming a detective.

His spare time is often spent reading, gambling, and repairing his gadgets and ship.

Home World/Colony

Cid's home colony, Colard, is a small mostly human colony that set itself up without sanctioning from any governing agency along the edge of the Shadows and Klingon Space. They went many years without notice until conditions and supply reached drastic levels and they were forced to seek aid from their closest neighboring Federation colony Karakka.

While tourist travel and trade have increased due to agreements made with nearby Klingon colonies both in the Shoals and in Klingon space as well as the agreements made with the Federations colonies Karakka and Havley's Hope.

Colard is a generally peaceful place to live and conduct business in the upper levels of society. But this cast makes up less than 5% of the colonies total inhabitants. In the slums of the cities and in the outskirt villages and towns there is much poverty and small-time crime. Major crime is seen on Colard mostly in the form of underground and secretive dealings.

Colard's local government and law enforcement work closely with the CCMS but have not officially been recognized as a Federation colony, nor do they wish to be recognized as one at this time.


  • Name: Lacedaemon [1]
  • Description: Extremely maneuverable and well armored the Fable was a short series of ships released during a small scale war with pirates near the edge of Ferengi space. The Flashpoint model was specifically designed for fast turns and maneuvering.
  • Model: C7-H4 Fable, Flashpoint model
  • Type: Short range Fighter/Shuttle
  • Expected Duration: 10 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 4 weeks
  • Time Between Refit: 5 years
  • Accommodation: Two (Can accommodate 2 passenger's in the rear of the cockpit)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 8.4 meter
    • Beam: 5.2 meters
    • Height: 4.4 meters
    • Mass: 12.7 metric tons
  • Performance:
    • Normal Cruising Speed: 0.4c (impulse)
    • Maximum Cruising Speed: 0.65c (impulse)
    • Sensors: Minimal, short range.
  • Armament:
    • 2 (forward) phaser cannons
  • Defensive Systems:
    • Patchwork Ablative Armour (Self-installed by Sidney)
    • Regenerative Shielding (Upgrade provided by the CCMS)
  • Shield Type:
    • -

Unique Gadgets

Sidney pulled a lot of strings and worked on the equipment himself to acquire the following gear, all of which was approved by the CCMS officials.

  • Custom Detective Goggles: Allows for the same capabilities as a medical tricorder with crime scene reconstruction based on evidence analysis. Can send data to the Detective PADD for deeper analysis, facial and DNA recognition, and cross-referencing.
  • Custom Detective PADD: A 4"x3" inch data pad with button operated flip open cover. Contains public genetic and criminal information library. Weaponry, traps, toxins and other hazards library. Bounty tracking updater. Short-range communications. Tracking device tracking program. Short range distress beacon. Wireless and manual system uplink for connection to larger computers and other devices.
  • Custom Hand Phaser: An old pistol style, shape, and design, hand phaser. Same capabilities as the common Starfleet phaser.
  • Custom Tracking Device: 3 cm disc with adhesive activated by most gases. Can function for up to eighteen hours. Can transmit fairly undetectable signal up to four hundred miles to the Detective PADD.