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Divisions and Personnel Assignments

Operations Division, Starfleet uniform circa 2390s

The departments within the Operations Division comprise the largest segment of a crew. These men and women are vital to keeping a starship working and defending her from the dangers encountered on the frontier.

Helm, Communications and Operations

Icons comms.png Helm, Communications and Operations Officer

Main article: Helm/Com/Ops (Duty Post)

  • Main Responsibilities: Piloting and navigation of the vessel, scheduling of all major resources between departments (e.g., deflector dish, reserving of holodecks, etc.), co-ordination of away missions, monitoring of the ship's communications.
  • Other Responsibilities: Navigation references/course plotting, supervision of automatic flight operations, manual flight operations, position verification, and bridge liaison to engineering department. Sending and receiving distress signals, locating important people on or off the ship, sending and receiving: Ship to ground, ship to ship, and ship to StarBase communications.

The Helm/Com/Ops (HCO) Officer is responsible for all flight control operations of the ship. He/she is also responsible for co-ordinating ship activities in such a manner so as not to overload or oversubscribe any particular system/resource. The HCO Officer also monitors the away team(s) status when not onboard the ship. The HCO Officer also handles all communications both to and from the ship.

Even though most of the functions in flight are automated, an officer is needed to oversee these operations and sometimes, make changes. During impulse powered flight, the HCO Officer is responsible for monitoring inertial dampening systems and relativistic effects. In the event of overload in a specific flight operation, the computer will request a change in the manoeuvre. The HCO Officer must then bring the plans into the inertial dampening perimeters for safety. During alert situations the HCO Officer is permitted to specify manoeuvres that are possibly dangerous to the crew of spacecraft.


Icons security.png Security Officer

Main article: Security (Duty Post)

  • Main Responsibility: Monitoring the internal safety of ship, working to keep out intruders or turnabout crewmembers.
  • Other Responsibilities: The transporters, shuttle bays, cargo bays, security away teams, and armoury inventories.

The Security Officer is responsible for the security of the ship and all persons aboard. At least one Security Officer should accompany all away teams.

The Security Officer monitors the internal status of the ship using internal sensors, and is ready to deal with any emergencies as they arise. The Security Officer must also keep the CO apprised of any such events.

Chief of Security: The Chief of Security must carry out all of the above duties, but has further duties to perform. He/she must also co-ordinate the security teams on the vessel to deal with crises with maximum efficiency and to give the vessel maximum security coverage.

The Chief of Security is also responsible for providing the First Officer with regular departmental reports and updates, as well as ensuring that duty rosters are conformed to.

Notes: The Security station has two separate modes of security. The first, is the lower tier of the panel, watching over the basic, low-level security of the crew, the next, is the upper tier of the panel, which is activated during diplomatic and cultural missions. This tier is automatically activated to provide security for ambassadorial personnel or other important visitors but can be altered by the CSO to provide more or different security measures. An even higher level security can be activated when sabotage or terrorist actions are predicted.


Command division badge.png Tactical Officer

Main article: Tactical (Duty Post)

  • Main Responsibility: Defensive and Offensive systems, internal and external.
  • Other Responsibilities: Armoury inventories, detailed directives, defensive shields, phaser banks, and photon torpedoes

The Tactical Officer manipulates the external sensors (on all ranges) to evaluate any potential external threats to the ship and must keep the Commanding Officer (CO) appraised of any or all dangers found. He/she is responsible for making sure that all tactical systems are ready for use at any time, should they be required. The Tactical Officer is also responsible for operating any or all defensive or offensive systems (shields, phasers, torpedoes etc) as ordered by the CO.

The Tactical Officer provides the CO with data on the surrounding area including vessels, anomalies etc. This data is gathered from the sensor arrays.


Operations division badge.png Engineering Officer

Main article: Engineering (Duty Post)

  • Main Responsibility: The overseeing and monitoring of the physical aspects of the ship, repairing any damaged or defective systems, adapting systems for specific missions/circumstances.
  • Other Responsibilities: Ensuring peak performance from all systems, maintenance work, system upgrades

Engineering Officers are basically responsible for the physical welfare of the ship. They ensure that all systems are working within carefully defined parameters and that any systems that are not operating within tolerances are repaired. They also carry out standard maintenance, and innovation of the ship's systems

The Engineering Officer must be particularly versatile in times of crisis when emergency repairs/upgrades/alterations could be the difference between life and death for the entire crew.

Chief Engineer: The Chief Engineer co-ordinates the efficient running of the Engineering department and is responsible for the activities of the personnel therein. It is the CE's job to ensure that the engineering personnel are organised to ensure maximum productivity. Transporter control and personnel fall under the authority of the Engineering department.

Mission Specialist Helm/Com/Ops Engineer Science Officer Medical Officer Nurse
Intelligence Officer Security Officer Tactical Officer Marine Counselor Civilian
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