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Crew of the USS Victory
Rocar Drawoh

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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Race: Ktarian
  • Spouse: None (separated)
  • Family:
    • Hilzarie, Cheliz (daughter)
    • Hilzarie, Xan (son)

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the year 2382

First Command & The Premier's Fiancee

On Stardate 238112.27, Commander Rocar accepted a transfer back to Starfleet's diplomatic corps. Assembling a small hand-picked crew, he and his family made boarded the USS Resolution once more and headed toward their new assignment: Duronis II

Accepting the post of Federation Ambassador to Duronis II, Commander Rocar waited for the Laudean Prime Minister to accept his credentials. The ceremony was a little more colourful than expected when the Laundean premier's fiancee was kidnapped by a terrorist group who'd gained access to the Prime Minister's pallace by an unknown secret passage. The fact the Laudean Kidnappers knew of the passage seemed to indicate they might have ties to the former Laudean Aristocracy -royals familiar with the pallaces secret layout.

With the Federation having granted Asylum to the former Laudean Crown-Prince, the task ahead was difficult for Rocar. A great distrust of both him and the United Federation had already developed amongst the victorious Laundean revolutionaries. Eager to impress, Starfleet Security personnel worked alongside the Laudeans to trace the kidnappers but the Romulans were also all to eager to help.

Following the successful locating of the Premier's fiancée, Rocar was installed as Federation Ambassador. The Ktarian's first official act was to throw an official ball, which was attended by Embassy staff as well as Laundeans, Romulans and even Zalkonians. At this event Commander Rocar was promoted to Captain in rank.

With his new duties, Commander Rocar began to spend more and more time working in his office and less time with his wife and their two babies. This was something that he later came to regret but did result in his promotion to Captain.

Investigating the Sandbar

Following his new promotion, Captain Rocar was approached by a team of Laudean scientists. Unbeknownst to the Federation, one of the trio was infact a coven leader, sent by the Fielding Leagues' elders to monitor the untrustworthy scientists progress as they aimed to further change the minds of the Laudean people. The team wished to run tests on the sandbar, but the Laudean crafts were not ready and would delay their project for months.

Eager to gain diplomatic trust amongst the Laudeans, Rocar offered the services of the USS Resolution. Part of the Ambassador's new job was to ensure the success of Federation trade interests on Duronis II. With the Duronis system's sandbar preventing warp travel (except through a single narrow corridor,) it was also in Rocar's best interest to have his science teams find out what they could do. After pressure from the science institute on Duronis II, Rocar agreed to take a long awaited team of high ranking Laudean scientists to study the sandbar, a spatial anomaly that has prevented warp travel through this sector. Rocar took the science team aboard the USS Resolution, a Nova class science vessel.

Once in space sensors picked up readings of a vessel trapped within the sandbar, as space faring protocols dictate it is our duty to lend aid to these poor souls. Rocar quickly ordered a rescue mission lead by his First Officer. On arrival into the "sandbar" the spatial anomaly comes into it's own, temporal distortion, quantum fluxes and back ground radiation had concealed that two other ships were with in this vortex of peril, a Romulan Science vessel that has the more suspicious members of the crew climbing the walls. Eventually, Rocar’s crew were able to perform a successful rescue mission and return the injured to hospitals on Duronis II.

The Omega Hoax

Later that year, Rocar was surprised to find an old friend (and former superior officer) turn up (unnoticed by security) in his office… Captain Michael Rourke from Starfleet Intelligence. Having sent his staff on a diplomatic assignment to the province of Manaria, Captain Rocar followed Captain Rourke’s guidance and examined the planetary scans for pollution. Sure enough, there was an unusual power source being detected: Omega.

Meanwhile at Starbase 185, the nearest federation outpost to the Duronis system, the USS Hatherleigh (NCC-73105) was just returning from a three year mission of deep space exploration when her Captain received a request from Captain Rocar for assistance with the detection of an Omega particle. Having traced the Omega to The Great City of the Laudean Fielding League in Damadaora, Rocar and Rourke implemented the omega directive and left to locate the Omega and destroy it, despite the diplomatic consequences. With “the Great City” being the seat of Duronis II’s religious leaders (the fielding league’s Elders and Feldleser,) one thing was disturbing –surely given their fielding ability to sense energy sources they too were aware of the Omega’s presence, even if they weren’t aware of what it was.

As the main senior staff recovered from their injuries and wondered where their Rocar had disappeared to without them, the USS Hatherleigh (NCC-73105) arrived in orbit. Yet in a cruel twist of fate, Captain Theodore Montgomery, commanding officer, ran several level-1 scans of Duronis II and could not detect a single trace of the Omega that he’d come to help with. Beaming down to the Federation Embassy, the sternly strict militaristic Captain found the installation in a state of chaos and assumed command.

Presuming Rocar and Rourke to be AWOL, Captain Montgomery led Rocar’s own staff on a mission to track down their missing CO. This sternly strict militaristic Captain was a stark contrast to Captain Rocar’s command style and quickly met with opposition from the crew. Lieutenant Junior Grade Cyrus Webb, Chief Engineering Officer, and Lieutenant Commander Gwendolyn Hilzarie, Ambassador’s wife at the time and Embassy Counsellor, went AWOL to mount their own search for their missing C.O. Meanwhile, the rest of the Staff followed Captain Montgomery on an undercover mission to the Great city in Damadora –their goal to trace down and bring back Rocar before a diplomatic incident was caused by his quest for a non-existent Omega particle.

Whilst the Staff overcame various challenges to gain access to secret passages and follow Captain Rocar, more sinister things were afoot. Deep in the tunnels below the sacred Cathedral of Diamoclease I, a Reman and Romulan Tal’Shiar operative were hard at work in collaboration with a Laundean coven leader who wanted all off-worlders off Duronis II. Having created a device powered by Chroniton the Romulans had managed to imitate an omega particle signature on and off and were luring Rocar into their trap. This was why Montgomery was unable to detect the same signature that Captains Rocar and Rourke had picked up and also why sometimes their tricorders detected it and sometimes they did not.

Rocar had walked straight into the Romulan trap and having fallen through an opening in the ground sustained major injuries. With the Chroniton having kept them out of phase (and also had side affects knocking certain Starfleet officers on the rescue mission out of phse for a short while), the Romulan operatives quickly left the device by the lumbering Ktarian and made their escape. By the time Montgomery and the Embassy staff reached the injured Ktarian and found the Romulan device it became apparent that the omega had never really been there; it was faked by the Romulans to lure the Federation CO.

Realising they had been duped by a cunning Romulan trick, it was too late. Having been notified by the Laudean coven leader conspiring with the Romulans, a team of Covot guards (the Fielding leagues private army and protectors of the great city) caught the Starfleet officers in the off-limit tunnels beneath one of the most sacred places of worship on Duronis II. Although the Embassy staff escaped, this violation of the fielding leagues holy grounds caused outrage with Laudeans all across the planet. Following the international outcry, the Federation were far from being the most popular off-worlders with diplomatic ties to the Laudeans. Having been forced to eat their own tails, the Starfleet officers have take a few days off on “shore leave” to get over their recent ordeal. Meanwhile, the backlash of the last mission quickly hit with the diplomatic trade negotiations Ambassador Rocar had been working on with Govinda Province falling through at the last minute. Disgraced by the Federations recent actions against their religion, the Laudeans of Govinda instead signed a trade negotiation with the Romulan Star Empire. It became clear that the Romulan Ambassador’s cunning plan to disgrace the Federation and win the exclusive diplomatic deal had worked perfectly from the start.

This single act was the begining of the end for Rocar's assignment to Duronis II and helped the Anti-Offworlders' Movement gain strength and support.

the year 2383

Skiing Holiday with the Twins; The Borg & The Holodeck

After some tough times, Rocar granted shoreleave to his staff at the start of the new year. Taking some time off for himself, the Ktarian took his two young children, Xan and Che, skiing for the first time. Heading for a chalet high up in the Quentisi Mountain Range (Duronis II province of Devi) Rocar’s wife cancelled on the trip at last minute and Rocar headed up to spend some quality time with his children until Gwen could join them. Having been criticised for putting work before his family, this act further strained Rocar's marriage, however, he set about having fun with his two young children. Like their father, the children quickly enjoyed learning to ski, despite Xan having a minor accident. It was during his time alone in the Quentisi Mountains that Rocar first noticed something unusual. With his two children tugged up in bed and asleep for the night, the Ktarian had been sat out on his veranda alone watching the sun set when he realised something was amiss. Having served as a medical officer for many years, Dr. Rocar knew straight away what the symptoms he'd been experiencing were. But it was only now that he was on holiday that he realised they were permanent and not work related. Taking advantage of his being alone in the mountains, he consulted the medical database and realised he had the earliest signs of Syntanegtzan's Disease -symptoms that would have been missed by most Ktarians without a medical background. Choosing to his his disease from his friends, colleagues and family; Rocar called in favours and began a long process of self-medication. Risky at best... he continues doing this to this day having gone undetected.

Shortly after this, the winter sports holiday was cut short slightly, however, when a Starfleet relay station intercepted a coded message that a uniquely-shaped Borg vessel is on a direct course to Duronis II. Starfleet Command contacted Chief Johansen who in turn contacted key personnel for an emergency briefing. On updating Ambassador Rocar on the situation, he called a general quarters meeting in the Embassy Briefing Room to disclose the matter to the embassy staff.

Refreshed from spending time off with his children, Rocar led a crew to the USS Resolution where, despite all odds, some unorthodox spatial tactics from Captain Rocar meant they were able to overpower the borg. The personnel of the Embassy were understandably tired and now ready for some long over due leave and R&R which had previously been interrupted. That was not to be the case on this occasion, however, as they were soon catapulted into a strange fairytale fantasy world of Knights, Wizards and fluffy white rabbits... During a promotion ceremony where several of the crew were honoured for their very hard work and dedication to duty the Holodeck they were celebrating on was hit by a computer virus that infected the entire holodeck and beyond. Starting out with the famous holograms appearing at the Ball, the officers and guest within the deck were instantly surrounded by the land of Camelot from and old myth from the old days of earths past history. It took several hours to escape from this nightmarish fantasy where they found themselves attacked by "NI" saying Knights. Naturally the staff had to dorn costumes including some respectable officers walking around dressed like peasants.

Eventually the personnel on the outside of the Holodeck were able to break those trapped inside free using several very ingenious ideas. The Embassy staff have now been given a long weekend in which to recharge their batteries. Business as usual at probably the most unusual Embassy in the entire quadrant...

Civil War

After a very hard month of beating back the Borg , Rocar decided that now would be a nice time for a break. Despite having saved Duronis II, Laundean public attitude had reacted by turning against off-worlders. The Ambassador packed up his most trusted staff and took them for a short joy ride in space to get a little well deserved stress relief and as a little treat for his kids. The USS Resolution made its way swiftly to the "Sand bar" (a region of space that has become the topic of much research and interest by many scientists, Laudean and others). On arrival at the "sandbar" the USS Resolution was hailed by an Orion freighter that was in some difficulties with it's warp core. Rocar offered to assist the stricken vessel by means of a few well skilled engineers. When they arrived they encountered a ship that had minutes remaining before a complete core melt down, on discovering this the away team ordered the ship abandoned and it's cargo transferred to the USS Resolution. Everything was going to plan until three cryogenic pods were found containing the sustained bodies of three frozen Betazoids.

Ahishma Chandra

Ordering his crew to interrogate the Orions it became clear to Rocar that they were faced with three cryogenetically frozen betazoids, which the Orions were supposed to deliver to the Zalkonian Embassy. Science teams could not determine the Betazoids use, but one theory was that the Zalkonians intended to use them to change the outcome of the Laudeans elections. As election results came through it became clear that no single political party had a clear majority. Both the Popularist Party and the Neo-Modernist Party would be able to form a government if they entered a coalition with the Naturalist party. However, Ahishma Chandra, leader of the Naturalists, was nowhere to be found. Dismayed at the outcome, Laudean Society prepared for its second night of unruliness as protesters take to the streets, violence and terrorism was rife.

As the Federation Ambassador, Captain Rocar Drawoh, had to deal with these unusual situations, and responded by carrying out some ‘dodgeball diplomacy’ with Grandmaster Zamadora, Zalkonian Ambassador. He also sent out three teams of his staff on away missions. Lt.Cmdr Daydan Taboo, Deputy Chief of Mission, led a team to locate Ahishma Chandra and ensure her safety –but there were many looking for this innocent politician tonight. LtCmdr Victoria Yladro, Chief Administrative Officer, led an undercover operation. Her specially selected team had undergone alterations and attempt to infiltrate the Zalkonian Embassy to finally find answers to the frozen betazoid mystery. A third team is on a mission to locate and destroy an arsenal of terrorist weapons before they can be used to cause more disaster in an unstable climate.

The embassy's guests, two frozen Betazoids with incredible powers were revived and made their introductions to Ambassador Rocar and his family. After Rocar quized the Betazoids it became clear to him that they were in fact humanoid telepathic weapons, not unlike those he'd seen on the Zerentares project during the Dominion war. It was clear that the Zalkonians had been smuggling them to Duronis II in a bid to unsettle the planetary elections. But Rocar's discovery was perhaps too late. In various areas of the planet, civil unrest was wreaking havoc due to thepolitical chaos pitting Popularist Party Leader Paetra Zrong against his brother, the incumbent Prime Minister. Outside the Federation Embassy, demonstrators were demanding the release of Anishma Chandra, the Laudean Naturalist Party leader who was just rescued by Taboo’s team from the Romulans and was brought to the Federation Embassy for medical care. Amongst the chaos outside the Embassy gates, Laudean Popularist Leader Paetra Zrong publicly ceded his candidacy to his brother and pleaded with the people to disperse and end the planetary riots. He was shot by an unknown rioter and transported inside the Embassy for medical care. Ahishma Chandra was realeased and aided by General Pantera (head of the Laudean military) led a mob of people to storm the Premier’s palace and carryout a coup d’état. Rocar found himself in a very difficult position trying to succeed in his assignment to Duronis II and once again began to devote more and more time to his career.

Boxing Tournament to Mayhem

With a couple of weeks off heavy duty, the Embassy played host to a boxing tournament. Welcoming a number of races, Rocar entered along with the rest of his crew. Eventually making it to the final but losing in the final round.

Along with the recent political upheaval in the global government of Til'ahn (Duronis II), a new threat arrived that could bring dire consequences for all off-worlders: A new addictive, pleasure inducing substance called 'Green Blit Mayhem' was gradually becoming popular. Considered an addictively hedonistic substance elsewhere across the known universe, on Til'ahn, Mayhem has an entirely different effect on Laudeans - enhancing the "fielding" in children while driving adult Laudeans to engage in psychotic acts of murder, arson and general mayhem. In the recent uprising (in which Ahishma Chandra and her General seized power over Duronis II and acceded to the seat of Prime Minister) it is thought much of the rebellion and violence on the street will have been aided by adults under the influence of Mayhem. With the new planetary government discovering the substance's abuse and usages, the drug was was outlawed. Shortly after, two Federation citizens were caught smuggling a cache of Mayhem and were summarily arrested. Realizing the imminent backlash the incident could cause against the Embassy, Ambassador Rocar dispatched two teams to bring back answers. Rocar sent one team to the detention centre to represent the Federation citizens and another to a university in the province of Bryque. Disguised as Laudean students, their objective is to obtain a sample of the illicit Mayhem and to discover its secret by purchasing Mayhem from students so that the Embassy's science officers could de-engineer the substance.

USS Ronin

Meanwhile, the USS Ronin (under the command of Captain Mike James) was briefly assigned to Duronis II in response to the recent crises. Ambassador Rocar and Captain Mike James met aboard the USS Ronin to discuss an effort to locate the source of Mayhem and to somehow stop its distribution. Whilst aboard the USS Ronin Rocar realised how long it had been since he’d been in space on a starship and admitted to Captain James that he would like to get back out amongst the stars. His job on Duronis II was proving difficult with the new government's ruling regime and a series of mistakes meant that his duties and workload were putting a strain on his family life.

Rocar, returned to the planet and he and his staff struggled to hold on to what had fast become a volatile situation. After the global interest and election of a new Prime minister to Lokesh, the new leader had made quite a name for herself. Set in their ways, the new Laudean govrnment was keen to take Til'han back to it's roots. The movement to shun any "Offworlders" had grown and many powerful Laudeans were taking great pleasure making every little mishap that involved Starfleet a breach of trust between the two people. Meanwhile, Rocar and his staff discovered a founder had been behind the introduction of the narcotic, "Green Blit Mayhem" to the planet. This was revealed but only strengthened the Anti-Offworlders' position and covert propaganda campaign against anyone not Laundean living on the planet. The Federation Embassy was attacked with a shuttle crashing into her parameters. Rocar found himself in an untenuable position and ordered the temporary evacuation of Federation personnel from Duronis II. Whilst the Federation would eventually return in a diplomatic capacity to the new regime, Rocar would never return to the planet where he had brought up his children and which he had briefly come to consider home.

Rocar had originally envisioned his posting to Duronis II as being the ideal planetary assignment for him to bring up his children in a natural, planetary environment with lakes and mountains to explore. In the end, quite the opposite turned out to be true. He and his wife's relationship was strained by the heavy workload the Embassy had given the new Starfleet Captain and Rocar struggled in his relation with his children.

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Retrieving the USS Constitution

Whilst in orbit of Duronis II Rocar was called away by starfleet command to take on a priority mission to aprehend the USS Constitution and Fleet Captain Hebron. It was rumoured that the crew had gone AWOL after commiting treson against Starfleet by stealing the USS Constitution and failing to answer hails. Taking command of the USS Resolution, Rocar led the search for the USS Constitution and her crew who had been reported missing for several weeks. The Crew of the Resolution have split into two away teams, one tasked with retrieving the USS Constitution and her crew offering negotiations to help the Brikkar resolve their civil war. The mission is eventually successful to a point, however, it transpires that there has been interference from a mirror universe. Rocar is, therefore, able to retrieve Starfleet's hardware (the USS Constitution) but not the missing officers.

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