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Crew of the USS Eagle
Victoria Yladro

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: First Officer
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: El-Aurian/Terran/Zeon
  • Spouse: None, Engaged to Keely Lah'rel
  • Family: Parents Isidore and Lizette

Siblings Marta, Marlene, Vincent

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  • Full Name: Victoria Zhanda Yladro (commonly addressed as Victoria Yladro)
  • Species: El-Aurian/Terran/Zeonian
  • Date of Birth: 235507.21
  • Place of Birth: Reykjavik, Iceland, Sol III
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Female
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Position: First Officer
  • Current Vessel: USS Eagle NCC-74659

Victoria Yladro was born on 235507.21 in Reykjavik, Iceland, Sol III, during one of the stops on her father Isidore's concert tour. She makes her home in Berne, Switzerland, Sol III, on her families 500+ year-old vineyard estate, and in Temecula Valley, North America on her families 80 year-old vineyard empire.


  • Height: <5'
  • Weight: 90#
  • Hair Color: Brown with reddish highlights
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Very Pale Alabaster ~ peaches and cream depending on access to sunlight
  • Distinguishing Attributes: Rail-thin and short, Victoria easily passes as a teenager

Physically, Victoria is very diminuitive at 152 cm (5') tall and under 40 kg (<90 lbs) with medium length brown hair with reddish highlights, blue eyes and with a slight, but resilient athletic build honed from years of studying various martial arts disciplines and engaging in extreme sports.

Due to her El-Aurian, Zeon and Terran genetic make-up, some aspects of Victoria's appearance are rather striking. Her appearance gives others the impression she's a young teenager. She has no body hair growth, but her scalp hair is very thick and sturdy at 3 cm (1 inch) from the root, almost quill-like, but then hair beyond the first 3 cm length becomes finer and flexible - This type of hair has been a nightmare to maintain, so when she's not required to pull it back into a bun or ponytail, it is naturally bushy and spiky. Her large eyes are a light blue. Her complexion is alabaster white, except for a faint spray of freckles across her nose, upper cheeks, and across her shoulders - they become more pronounced should she stay out in the sun too long. She has an extremely active metabolism that makes it difficult to keep any amount of weight on, but at the same time does not allow her to build any visually-significant muscle mass, a trait easily seen in her thin arms and legs. Ironically, despite the lack of visual muscle tone, Victoria is very strong for her appearance.


  • Marital Status: Engaged 238310.31
  • Parents
    • Father: Isidore Yladro (b. 2329), Concert Pianist
    • Mother: Lizette (Hnadlaz) Yladro (b. 2334) Retired Starfleet Medical Officer
  • Siblings
    • Older Sister: Marta Ciara Yladro (b. 2351), Corporate Officer, Tovaz-Schneider Winery
    • Older Sister: Marlené Tamra Yladro (b. 2351), Starfleet Officer (Fraternal Twin w/Marta)
    • Older Brother: Vincent Woburn Yladro (b. 2351), Doctoral Student in Anthropology (born 10 months after the Twins)
  • Spouse
    • Engaged to Lt Keely Lah'rel on 238310.31
  • Children
    • None

Starfleet Service Record

  • Merria Medallion, 2382
  • Pilots Sextant, 2382
  • TOSMA I, 2384
  • TOSMA II, 2385

Career Prior to Starfleet Academy

  • Constantly bored with what she felt were remedial educational offerings given to those in her age group, Yladro transferred to various schools in a span of two weeks and ultimately matriculated into the local high school at the age of 9. Her GPA while she attended high school was a consistent 4.0.
  • For each year she attended High School, Yladro was elected to the homecoming court, and in her senior year she was named runner-up homecoming queen.
  • Despite her thin physique and frail appearance, Yladro was an active and popular high school cheerleader. Due to her tiny stature she was the token 'flyer' featured in all pyramid formations and was frequently tossed in the air.
  • Yladro was discovered to be a prodigy vocalist (concert and operatic) following in the genetic talent footsteps of her grandfather Joseph (violin) and father Isidore (piano). With her startling-clear and powerful four octave range, Yladro has the ability to mimic other singer's timbre and style. Her favorites to emulate included Maria Callas, Etta James, Sarah Brightman, Joni Mitchell (all were Terrans) and T'Pril (Vulcan). Her favorite composers works she favored to sing include Isidore Yladro, Japur Hadan, Andrew Lloyd Webber, George and Ira Gershwin, Puccini and Mozart.
  • Yladro was caught by her parents engaging in her secret hobby of BASE jumping. Determined to send her away to school far from the gorges and bridges around Switzerland, Yladro accepted transfer to The Julliard School to pursue vocal music studies and professional voice training.
Victoria Yladro as Christine Daae, Carlos Dzinska as The Phantom - Phantom Of The Opera - New Majestic Theatre, New York City, Sol III, 2364
  • While attending The Julliard School, Yladro somehow found time between classes for music theatre roles, mostly ingenues, on nearby Broadway.
    • Annie (Ensemble/Second 'Annie' Understudy)
    • Miss Saigon (Ensemble)
    • Kahless vIq Molor (Ensemble/Reh'zat's Daughter (non-singing role))
    • Les Miserables (Ensemble/Second 'Cosette' Understudy)
    • Phantom Of The Opera (Christine Daae) - Yladro auditioned brilliantly for the 2364 Broadway revival of Phantom, winning the coveted lead role as the ingenue, but after six weeks and 38 shows, she was later replaced by her understudy as the producers heeded to negative press that, despite Yladro acting abilites and immaculate vocal prowess, deemed her to be too young and too short (she was only 14 years old and 4'8" tall) compared to her fellow actors. Review of Phantom Of The Opera After being booted from Phantom, Yladro burned her Actors Equity card in protest, and decided to never return to theatre.
  • After vocal music studies at Julliard (New York City, Sol III), Yladro transferred to Grand Cayman University (Starbase 218) to begin her degree in Theoretical Physics. In-between the two schools, Victoria freelanced as a fashion model wearing designer outfits and swimwear designed for the ultra-petite woman.

Starfleet Academy

  • Victoria's career in starfleet almost never got underway, having being detained at a Starfleet satellite campus by the infamous Admiral Axel Sennheiser just for mere spite. A crotchety fussbudget and general pain in the rectum, Admiral Sennheiser finally relented to let Victoria leave for San Francisco when he realized that he had exhausted all his petty excuses to bar Victoria from advancing to the rank of Ensign. Unbeknownst to many, Sennheiser was adamant that Victoria's attitude and physical attributes deems her unfit for service. He honestly believes that she belonged in a freakshow instead of a starship. The exact reasons why he subjected her to such prejudicial treatment are not known but it took an inquiry from the Academy Commandant to allow Victoria to leave.

Starfleet Career

  • Victoria's first posting as a full-fledged ensign was with the crew of the Constitution-B, an upgraded three-nacelle Galaxy-class flagship that was dry-docked for extensive structural repairs after the ship intentionally rammed a Borg cube. The crew were temporarily assigned to the Prometheus Class USS Dominance where Fleet Captain Hebron assigned Victoria to be their Helm Officer and later to Chief Helm Officer. Successes later in service to the ship awarded Victoria the rank of Lieutenant JG and full Lieutenant, and the position of Chief Operations Officer. Her service to the ship garnered her the Merria Medallion and the Pilots Sextant awards.
  • Victoria and the Crew later returned to the Constitution-B. However, she was later transferred to the Federation Embassy on Duronis II and given the position of Administrative Officer (equivalent to an Operations/Helm officer) and then Chief Administrative Officer (equivalent to Chief Operations Officer). For one mission, Victoria headed-up the Embassy's TAC Wing of Peregrine fighters. Victoria's service successes awarded her with the rank of Lieutenant Commander and a dual role of positions as both Chief Administrative Officer and Second Officer under First Officer LCMD Daydan Taboo and Ambassador/Captain Rocar Drawoh Hilzarie. Subsequent to the disappearance of the USS Constitution-B crew, Captain Rocar and his crew assumed command of the re-acquired vessel, with Victoria maintaining Second Officer duties. Her service to the ship garnered the TOSMA I award.
  • Not long after Captain Rocar took control of the Constitution-B, Starfleet Command transferred him to handle Operations at Starbase 118, leaving the vacancy of Commanding Officer to Commander Daydan Taboo. Victoria was immediately promoted to First Officer (238403.31).
  • With the decision to place the aged USS Constitution-B into inactive service, the newly-Captained Daydan Taboo brought his crew over to the re-launched USS Eagle. Victoria's continued service as First Officer garnered her the TOSMA II award.

Awards and Commendations

  • The Merria Medallion: Awarded to those who excel or contribute considerably to the field of Computer Engineering and Programming. For creative innovators. Awarded 2381
  • The Pilot's Sextant - Helm: An award both named and shaped after an old Earth navigational tool, the Pilot's Sextant is given to those Helm officers who have proven themselves to be the best of the best. From finding a safe route home to flying an emergency atmospheric landing, pilots who have earned the right to this award know the importance of staying focused, and puts their ability to make spectacular maneuvers at the service of their ship and its mission. Awarded 2381
  • TOSMA I - Merit and Achievement: This award is given to members who show great dedication in their behavior, and simming abilities. Awarded 2384
  • TOSMA II - Merit and Achievement: This award is given to members who show a high level of enthusiasm in their writing and plot development. Awarded 2385'

Professional History

  • 2374~2379: Operations and Helm Systems Training, Starfleet Academy
  • 2377: Tactical Shuttle Training, Starbase 218
  • 2378: Diplomatic Relations Training, Deep Space 5
  • 2379: Student Trainer, Martial Arts, Starfleet Academy
  • 2380: Bridge Operations Training, Starfleet Academy, Promoted to Ensign by Captain Xan Hebron
  • 2380.11.21: Assigned USS Constitution-B, Crew transferred to USS Dominance, assigned role: Chief Helm Officer
  • 2381.3.04: Promoted to Lieutenant JG by Captain Xan Hebron
  • 2381.6.25: Became first to utilize a personal phase cloaking device in a combat situation. In the same mission, was also able to bring out ten Borg data nodes containing an enormous amount of viable data for Starfleet Intelligence. Became the first to pilot a battle shuttle equipped with transwarp capabilies at transwarp speed, successfully traversing the distance between Bajor and Betazed in four minutes.
  • 2381.7.15: Assigned role: Chief Operations Officer under Captain Xan Hebron
  • 2381.9.09 Promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Xan Hebron
  • 2382.12.15 Awarded Merria Medallion and Pilot's Sextant
  • 2382.08.09 Assigned to the Duronis II Embassy as Chief Administrative Officer under Captain Rocar Drawoh
  • 2382.08.09 Became the first fighter pilot to use a 4x ion cannon against a Borg Tactical Cube, successfully severing the power flow to a tractor beam holding the USS Resolution - this weapon shut-down a considerable portion of the Tactical Cube, a companion Borg Tetrahedron, and a Borg Sphere during the same sortie.
  • 2382.12.08 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer, retaining duties of Chief Admininstrative Officer under Captain Rocar Drawoh
  • 238310.30 Transferred back to USS Constitution-B, assigned role: Second Officer under Captain Rocar Drawoh
  • 238403.31 Promoted to First Officer under Commander Daydan Taboo
  • 238501.10 Crew of USS Constitution-B transferred to USS Eagle under the command of Captain Daydan Taboo


  • Yladro gets easily embarrassed at praise received from others - she tends to shrug it off.
  • Raised on her uncle's vineyards in Switzerland and Temecula California, Yladro has an extremely refined taste for wine. Her favorite red wine is Shiraz, white wine is Riesling, dessert wine is Muscat Canelli. Her least favorite wines are Rioja and White Zinfandel. She will never tell her uncle but her favorite non-family bottled wines are both Italian: Elio Perrone's Bigaro and Giacomo Bologna's Brachetto d'Acqui Braida - two dessert wines that taste like strawberry cotton candy.
  • Yladro hates her prepubescent skinny/bony appearance and she wishes she had more "curves" like other women her age.
  • Yladro loves cats, but isn't a big fan of dogs. She despise poodles most of all.
  • As a child, Yladro was taught to cook by her grandmother Tamra Schneider, a Terran restauranteur and caterer - She rather enjoy herself with friends rather than be stuck standing all day in a kitchen.
  • Yladro has a fiery temper when provoked and has a tendency to lash out at people who she feels deserve it.
  • Yladro privately-owned her own fighter vessel, a heavily-customized Bajoran Marauder that was destroyed mid-flight after being subjected by sabotage.
Bajoran Marauder - Upgraded Fighter/Raider

Yladro used this vessel to successfully attack three Borg ships using an innovative weapon created by Lt Commander Sabdok and Lt Keely from a Starfleet R&D Prototype. The fightercraft was sabotaged by a shapeshifter hired by Admiral Axel Sennheiser who wanted to eliminate Yladro before she could discover a threat to the Constitution-B and her crew.

Personal Quotes:

  • "I'm not small, I'm space-efficient."
  • "Don't call me "ma'am", I work for a living!"
  • "On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur, l'essential est invisible pour les yeux"

Previous Assignments

  • USS Dominance (Prometheus Class): 238011.21 to 238111.12
    • Chief Helm Officer (Ensign): 238011.21 to 238103.03
    • Chief Helm Officer (Lt.JG): 238103.04 to 23811.12
  • USS Constitution-B (Galaxy Class): 238111.13 to 238209.08
    • Chief Helm Officer (Lt.JG): 238111.13 to 238109.08
    • Chief Operations Officer (Lieutenant): 238109.09 to 238209.08
  • Duronis II Embassy (Beta Quadrant, Til'ahn System): 238209.09 to 238310.20
    • Chief Admin Officer (Lt): 238209.09 to 238212.08
    • Chief Admin Officer/Second Officer (LCMD): 238212.08 to 238310.20

Medical Record

Medical History

  • 238307.15 - Major Surgery to repair many broken ribs and a 97% severed liver following an attack with severe beatings inflicted by members of the Laudean Underground, Duronis II Embassy.
  • 238405.20 - Emergency surgery aboard the USS Constitution-B to remove a premature baby and repair a ruptured uterus - baby grew to 5-months term within twenty minutes due to exposure of ionizing radiation and tachyon emissions. Yladro suffered severe blood loss but tolerated the procedure well. Sadly the infant expired 25 minutes later.

Physiological Profile

  • Genetically diverse, Yladro has the physiology and general appearance of a Terran teenager. As such she has not reached the expected physical maturity level for a woman of her age. The perceived delay in Yladro's growth as a child has been determined to not be the result of a genetic mutation, however morphology suggests that diminuitive growth was at the primoridal level and due to the genetic 'struggle' between dominant El-Aurian genes versus Zeonian attributes and to a lesser extent, Terran genetics.

Psychological Profile

  • Despite her physical appearance and diminuitive stature, Yladro has above-average intelligence for a person of her age group. She is relatively fearless as is demonstrated by her eagerness to engage in questionably-safe activities.

Telepathic Status

  • Yladro does not possess any telepathic capabilities.

Personal History

  • Data uploading - check back later

Historical Timeline

2201   Ivan Alvus Hnadlaz (Maternal Great Grandfather), born in Oslo Sweden, Sol III, parents information not available. Ivan shows interest in naturopathy and later trains as an apprentice ayurvedic healer.

2218   Ivan Hnadlaz moves to Halkan to practice ayurvedics and naturopathy techniques he learned from various worlds he's visited on his way to Halkan from Sol III.

2219   Ivan Hnadlaz meets and marries Wehra Posiac (Maternal Great Grandmother), a refugee from Zeon (her birth date is unknown; reason for exile from Zeon unknown, but probably due to something really awful that either her parents did or were accused of).

2230   Vicentz Yladro (Fraternal Great Grandfather) born on Zeon, parents information not available.

2232   Ivan Hnadlaz cures a rare disease in a village and is appointed a Shaman by the local Prefecture.

2235   Tovaz Hnadlaz (Maternal Grandfather) is born on Halkan.

2243   Zhanda, (Fraternal Great Grandmother) an orphaned El Aurian refugee is born, her adopted family resides on Napia.

2250   Tovaz Hnadlaz is trained by his father and two years later is appointed a Shaman by the local Prefecture.

2268   Ekos Genocide Program begins, Vicentz Yladro loses his entire family, displacing him off of Zeon.

2273   Vicentz Yladro emigrates to Napia, finds work as an atmospheric shuttle designer.

2281   Vicentz Yladro meets Zhanda; begins extensive study in warp field physics.

2284   Vicentz Yladro marries Zhanda on Napia; Zhanda opens an art studio.

2286   Vicentz and Zhanda Yladro depart for long journey to Sol III.

2289   Vicentz and Zhanda Yladro arrive at Sol III; son Richard David (his Zeon name Rihad) Yladro is born in Santa Monica, California, Sol III two days later (he is named after the Starfleet doctor who delivered him, otherwise he would've been given an El Aurian or Zeon name by his parents).

2290   Vicentz Yladro, a theorist and scientist in energy fields, is hired as a warp propulsion engineer for Starfleet and helps to create advanced magnetic constriction segment components. He is later promoted to project leader for the design of the off-axis field controller still used in current warp field nacelle construction. Zhanda relegates to homemaker and immerses herself into painting and raising their children. Daughter Miqua Ciara Yladro born same year. Tamra Woburn Schneider (Maternal Grandmother) is born in Berne Switzerland, Sol III, parents information not available.

2293   Zhanda's third child is born, Joseph Avris Yladro (Fraternal Grandfather), during family vacation to India, Sol III - at this point Zhanda and Vicentz opt to use Terran names so that their children would be better acclimated to So III and to stave off xenophobia by their peers - Megan becomes Miqua's nickname, which she uses until 2326, Richard never liked his Zeon name and always refused any connection with it..

2294   Michelle McAdams (Fraternal Grandmother) born in Surrey, England, parents information not available.

2298   Ivan Hnadlaz dies (old age) on Halkan. Joseph Yladro shows prodigal talents in music (as a violinist).

2310   Tamra Schneider becomes very interested in the culinary arts and soon opens a catering business.

2314   Joseph Yladro meets Michelle McAdams in Belfast during a concert tour, they marry at the end of the same year.

2319   Son Isidore Ivan Yladro (Father) born to Joseph and Michelle during concert tour stop in Malta.

2320   Tovaz Hnadlaz meets Tamra Schneider on Halkan at a State dinner party she is catering.

2323   Tovaz and Tamra Hnadlaz marry in Bern Switzerland, but live in Halkan where she opens and runs a restaurant.

2324   Lizette Hnadlaz (Mother) is born on Halkan to Tovaz and Tamra.

2326   Megan Yladro marries a Vulcan government liaison Rawan P'rel (her name is legally changed to T'Miqua P'rel, utilizing her El Aurian-given name), and they depart to Vulcan - her exact whereabouts are classified by Vulcan Intelligence (But she's still alive and sends occasional birthday greetings).

2329   Theodore Wustof Hnadlaz is born on Halkan to Tovaz and Tamra.

2330   Richard Yladro has falling out with the family, he departs for computer design work at Utopia Planitia Yards on Mars: a known recluse when not working, he prefers not to associate with the Yladro family for nearly 33 years.

2331   Isidore shows similar early prodigal talents as his father, but on piano - Isidore joins Joseph on tour for twenty-six years.

2332   Tovaz Hnadlaz trains his daughter, Lizette all he knows about the healing arts, as Theodore's shows more interest in learning his mother's business.

2336   Isidore Yladro meets Lizette Hnadlaz on Halkan tour stop. Lizette is appointed a Shaman by the local Prefecture and practices alongside her father.

2344   Lisette Hnadlaz joins Starfleet, specializes in Medicine.

2348   Tovaz Hnadlaz dies (old age) on Halkan. Soon after, relatives on Sol III bequeath the entire Hnadlaz family estate and winery business in Switzerland to Tamra Hnadlaz. Due to grief and business pressures on Halkan, Tamra passes the estate and business on to her son Theodore (who ironically is extremely allergic to certain chemical components in synthehol and fancies the "genuine item", especially his families' vintage) - he moves to Sol III.

2350   Theodore Hnadlaz expands the family business (winery operations diversifies successfully into cheese manufacturing), renames it "Tovaz-Schneider" in honor of his parents. Tamra decides to keep residence on Halkan for two more years before moving to Sol III.

2351   Isidore and Lizette Yladro are married after an extended courtship, they settle down on the Solisbury Plain, England between concert tours, Isidore and Lizette convinces Tamra to move to Sol III from Halkan to be closer to her children.

2352   Early this year, Lizette Yladro takes leave from Starfleet to start a family, and soon after gives birth to fraternal twins Marta Ciara and Marlene Tamra Yladro. Ten months later, the same year, Vincent Woburn Yladro is born in Rockford Illinois, Sol III, during Isidore's concert tour, the same day that his grandmother Tamra Hnadlaz arrives at Sol III from Halkan.

2355   Victoria Zhanda Yladro born in Reykjavik Iceland, Sol III, backstage during Isidore and Joseph's concert tour performance. Lizette's midwife is her husband's grandmother Zhanda - the difficult birthing experience somehow forges a unique, indelible bond between Victoria and her Great-Grandmother Zhanda (its something to do with Zhanda being an El Aurian, Victoria's El-Aurian dominant genes and the mysterious circumstances of the birth).

2363   Vicentz Yladro dies (old age) in England, Sol III. Aunt T'Miqua P'rel from Vulcan and Uncle Richard Yladro from Mars attend the memorial service. Uncle Richard rekindles his relationship with the family by reconciling with his mother Zhanda, but he still remains decidedly reclusive. The entire Yladro family living on Sol III relocates to the Hnadlaz Estate in Berne, Switzerland at the behest of both Tamra and Theodore Hnadlaz. Victoria Yladro begins to demonstrate exceptional talents in graphic arts and singing, but she develops stronger interests in science and the martial arts. At eight years of age, Victoria shows significant signs of slower physical development but considerably higher intelligence growth for children of her age - she will soon skip-over numerous school grade levels and graduate high school at the age of nine.

2365   When her parents catch Victoria base-jumping with an improvised parachute across a bridge span, the 10 year-old is resigned to accept a scholarship to The Julliard School, New York City, Sol III to study vocal music and martial arts. Soon after arriving, she is courted by four different advertising agencies to model. With the poise and maturity of someone years older, Yladro moonlighted from school on the Broadway stage at the risk of expulsion from Julliard.

2367   While onboard a Federation ship headed to Napia, Grandparents Joseph and Michelle are assimilated by the Borg at Wolf 359 - their ship is destroyed and all are assumed to have been killed during the resulting battle.

2369   Victoria Yladro is accepted to Grand Cayman University and relocates to Starbase 218 to study theoretical physics.

2370   Vincent Yladro moves to study stellar cartography on Starbase 73 but becomes enamored with Risa, changes his educational major to Cultural (hedonistic) Anthropology to study full-time there.

2371   Marlene Yladro joins Starfleet, trains to become a Science Officer, Marta Yladro begins working with Uncle Theodore and helps to successfully diversify the family business again (gourmet chocolatier). At sixteen years of age, Victoria becomes one of the youngest students to graduate from Grand Cayman University with a degree in theoretical physics. Her training shuttle is intentionally sabotaged by a psychopathic Bajoran flight instructor, it crashes on an uninhabited planetoid. The flight instructor then unsuccessfully attempts to rape and assault Yladro, but he dies fifteen minutes later from various injuries inflicted by the usage of her martial arts skills. Unconscious due to an unstable life support system onboard, Victoria, battered and traumatized, is rescued five days later by Starfleet personnel from Starbase 218.

2372   Victoria Yladro receives civilian flight certification (bridge operations station) on the visiting Starfleet Medical frigate USS Salk - she applies to Starfleet soon after and enters the program at the San Francisco campus. Marlene Yladro transfers to the Starfleet Disease Control Laboratories to work on antidotes to exotic engineered contagions. Vincent decides to pursue a doctorate in Hedonistic Studies on Risa. Marta Yladro, demonstrating superior business and ethical skills she learned from Tamra and Zhanda, is appointed COO of "Tovaz-Schneider" by Uncle Theodore.

2374   At 19, Victoria completes basic training at Starfleet Academy and stays on to focus on Operations and Helm Systems.

2377   At 21, Victoria completes Tactical Shuttle/Fighter training at Starbase 218. She invents a new combat maneuver:

  • Port helix at 20-degree arc,
  • Snap to starboard at full impulse, then...
  • Immediately power-down with a full rear-RCS burn to begin somersaulting four times,
  • Snap to port at full impulse
  • Flip to starboard, then...
  • Engage the enemy

Flying this maneuver inflicts near-catastrophic damage to the spaceframe due to the extreme exertion of the RCS, IDF and SIF forces required to perform it, and is only to be used as a last-ditch effort.

2378   Victoria (age 22) is unwillingly detained at Deep Space 5 by Admiral Sennheiser, but she passes the time by completing Diplomatic Relations Training and then begins Bridge Operations Training.

2379   Victoria (age 23) graduates at Starfleet Academy and volunteers to be a trainer in martial arts at Starfleet Academy while completing advanced Operations and Helm Systems post-graduate courses.

2380   Victoria completes advanced Operations and Helm training at Starfleet Academy, Promoted to Ensign by Admiral Segerstrom

2380.11.21   Victoria (age 25)is assigned to USS Constitution-B as their new Helm Officer

2381.3.04   Victoria is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Fleet Captain Xan Hebron

2381.6.25   Victoria (age 26) became the first to utilize a personal phase cloaking device in a combat situation. In the same mission, was also able to bring out ten Borg data nodes containing an enormous amount of viable data for Starfleet Intelligence. Five days later she became the first to pilot a battle shuttle equipped with transwarp capabilies at transwarp speed, successfully traversing the distance between Bajor and Betazed in four minutes.

2381.7.15   Victoria is assigned as Chief Operations Officer

2381.9.09   Victoria is promoted to Lieutenant by Fleet Captain Xan Hebron

2381.9.12   Inside a restored Maquis vessel during a covert operation, Victoria stumbles across a rucksack filled with a pirate's booty of gold pressed latinum. When docked at DS9, she haggles with Quark and an Andorian trader Tamvlot to purchase a Bajoran impulse raider for her personal use. She christens the small vessel "Gypsy Legend" in honor of the Maquis.

2381.12.15   Awarded Merria Medallion and Pilot's Sextant

2382.08.5   Victoria is assigned to the Duronis II Embassy as their new Deputy Administrative Officer but a week later is named the Embassy's Chief Admin Officer.

2382.11.16   Aboard an upgraded Gypsy Legend, Victoria became the first figher pilot to use a 4x ion cannon against a Borg Tactical Cube, successfully severing the power flow to a tractor beam holding the USS Resolution - this weapon shut-down a considerable portion of the Tactical Cube, a companion Borg Tetrahedron, and a Borg Sphere, the latter of which she singlehandedly destroyed.

2382.12.08   Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer, retaining duties of Chief Admininstrative Officer

238307.15   Victoria penetrates too far into the Laudean Underground to find secrets about a new illicit substance called 'Mayhem'. She is beaten nearly to death by the Laudean Mob. She received major surgery to repair many broken ribs, bones and a 97% severed liver following the attack.

238310.30   Transferred back to USS Constitution-B as Second Officer. Engaged to Keely Lah'rel.

238401.04   Awarded TOSMA I

238403.31   Promoted to First Officer if the USS Constitution-B

238405.20   While leading an away team to Angel One, Victoria's team is captured, released and on the sidelines of a civil war. She is exposed to both ionizing radiation and tachyons which causes the spontaneous birth of a child that quickly dies. Victoria endured an emergency procedure to remove the 20 minute-old child and repair internal damage caused by the sudden onset of fetal growth.

2384   Yladro's Bajoran Marauder, The Gypsy Legend is sabotaged and begins to fall-apart while mid-flight over Risa and crashes into a mountainside. Yladro is extraced via transporter moments before impact, and the vessel is unrecoverable.

238501.14   Awarded TOSMA I

Hobbies and Interests

  • BASE jumping (w/parachute)
  • Wingsuit Skydiving (high-atmospheric sans parachute)
  • Piloting fighter and shuttles
  • Singing
  • Viticulture
  • Fine cuisine
  • Music
  • Art
  • Martial Arts