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Crew of the USS Victory
Rocar Drawoh

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Notable Relationships
Walter Brunsig   ·   Gwen Hilzarie.   ·   Cyrus Webb

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Race: Ktarian
  • Spouse: None (separated)
  • Family:
    • Hilzarie, Cheliz (daughter)
    • Hilzarie, Xan (son)

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For more information on StarFleet Academy, see StarFleet Academy Background.

Rocar at the Academy

Starfleet Academy

Whilst Studying to become a Starfleet officer he completed PhD studies at Starfleet medical in the field of interspecies breeding. (Sometimes it's good being an insomniac -gives you more time to study!). Preferring emergency field medicine to research Rocar undertook his PhD topic based on the theory that opposites attract and so he should do everything to help them. In addition to his research; Rocar lectured in Xenobiology to undergraduate students at Starfleet medical. Here he met Celestra -a young Klingon Rizan hybrid who was about to drop her studies due to her lack of anger control. Spotting her potential as the best student; Rocar managed to convince her to stay. Many years latter the young woman had graduated as a Starfleet officer and as a doctor who came to serve on the ship where Rocar was now First Officer.

At the Academy Rocar was quite unlike the Flag Officer he is now. Many of his instructors considered him and his friends too reckless. He lived for the moment, emphasis was for parties on the one hand but for adventures and unnecessary dangers on the other. Stunts were often pulled off in shuttles or camping trips with climbing in dangerous places. The young Rocar had a live for the moment attitude, his and Zurinda Battoria's quarters were the party digs and the Ktarian was known for his big smile and loud laugh.


The following chharacters have all been mentioned in sims as having been Rocar's friends at the Academy

  • Aïowyn Shartara (Rutian Female) Operations Major
  • Zurinda Batoria (Bolian, Male) Engineering Major
  • Jan T'Yai (Terran/Vulcan Female) Medical Major
  • Henry McConnel (Terran Male) Operations Major
  • M'retha (Caitian Female) Medical Major
  • Julia Bryson (Terran Female) Science Major
  • Michael Johaneson Junior (Terran Male)
  • Charles Peter Montgomery(Terran Male) Security Major
  • Walter Brunsig (Terran Male) Tactical Major

Cadet Rocar had a close group of friends. These were:-

Aïowyn Shartara (Rutian Female) Operations Major

Rocar first met Aïowyn at a hall party in freshers week. Known for talking a lot in class and getting into trouble, Aïowyn was the year's resident gossip and knew everyone's business before they did. At parties she was a bit of a rock chick and wild, yet she also had a sisterly quality which came out to keep Rocar and Zurinda out of trouble. Although she had romantic liasons with a lot of the cadets in her year, Rocar and Zurinda were always just friends whom she constantly tried to setup with her own mates...often to disaster. She now serves on Starbase 118 as one of Rocar's senior officers in the command tower.

Zurinda Batoria (Bolian, Male) Engineering Major

Zurinda was a short tubby Bolian who had a rebellious and lazy attitude to work. He only just passed each year. Arguably Rocar's best friend, the two would often be seen hitting bars or walking together round campus. Many felt that Zurinda led Rocar astray whilst others felt Zurinda only survived and vaguely passed the straight and narrow through his friendship with Rocar. The two often got into mischief, for example stealing a private yacht one night after a party and getting halfway to Mars before being intercepted by the authorities. The Bolian was a troublemaker and practical joker... you either hated him or loved him but nothing in between.

Jan T'Yai (Terran/Vulcan Female) Medical Major

T'Yai Was a couple of years ahead of Rocar but the two met through their joint interest in medical. Often meeting for coffees or lunch they often saw eye to eye on all matters and quickly developped a strong bond.

Henry McConnel (Terran Male) Operations Major

McConnel Sat the finals exam with Rocar, including the final practical. Although not particularly close socially, the two often worked well together. McConnel was career driven and dedicated to his duty but was killed in the line of duty alongside Rocar when they were both Ensigns on Starbase 118.

Michael Johaneson Junior (Terran Male) & Charles Peter Montgomery (Terran Male) Security Majors. Michael and Charles were the two less outspoken members of Aiowyn, Zurinda and Rocar's social group. Charles was a thin, weak and unconfident young man who had been forced into Starfleet simply to meet the expectations of his father. Expectations he could never meet and to eventual tragic consequence. Michael was a naturally talented cadet who tried to help his friend as best he could. He would lose his own life trying to save Charles.

Julia Bryson (Terran Female) Science Major

Julia was the class swot. Coming first in every exam, many would not have placed her with the other cadets. However, they soon became friends with her after a series of Zurinda's practical jokes on Julia caused the others to stand up for her and invite her to join them. Zurinda and Bryson had a love hate relationship...clearly grating eachother to much enjoyment.

At the start of the academy Rocar met his fiancee -an Antican who scared most of his family when he took her home to be introduced. The couple were due to be married following Rocar's graduation but Rocar's fiancee died in late 2376 whilst serving aboard a federation medical ship that went missing and was presumed to have been destroyed after an encounter with an unidentified vessel. Rocar vowed to avenge the death should anyone ever discover who attacked a defenceless medical ship. To this day, he never has found out the truth about what happened and the attackers remain unknown.

Walter Brunsig (Terran Male) Tactical Major

Modules Studied

Already a trained physician, Rocar studied Science and Diplomacy majors though studies were interupted by the Dominion War.

Major Courses taken:

  • Astronomy
  • Astrophysics
  • Biology
  • Xenobiochemistry: (specialty
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Comparative Archaeology: (race)
  • Ecology
  • Xenogenetics: (specialty)
  • Geology
  • Physics
  • Subspace Mechanics
  • Zoology

Minor Courses Taken:

  • Administration
  • Diplomacy
  • History: Federation
  • Law: Federation: (general)
  • Law: Federation: Administrative
  • Law: Federation: Contracts
  • Law: Federation: Interplanetary
  • Law: (non-Federation)
  • Psychology

Before becoming a Department Head, Rocar attended Command School and took the following Courses:

  • Administration
  • Astrogation: Warp Drive
  • Computer Operations
  • Computer Programming
  • Diplomacy
  • Electronics Operations: Sensors
  • General Services: (specialty)
  • History: Federation
  • Law: Federation
  • Leadership
  • Psychology: (non-native -and- non-Terran)
  • Strategy: Space
  • Tactics: Small Units
  • Tactics: Space
  • Teaching
  • Xenology: (Romulan or Borg)

NB: The Dominion War interupts Rocar's study at the Academy. Though studying Science and Diplomacy, Rocar is already a trainned physician. He andhis fellow Cadets are drafted into service where he works as a field medic.

2373 - 2375

As a final year cadet, Rocar and his classmates experienced the Dominion war. Short of officers, the cadets were drafted into active service well before graduation and Rocar saw lots of action as a Field Medic throughout the main combat areas.

Cadet Rocar served constantly on the Frontlines. Rarely assigned to a starship, Rocar instead saw action treating injured soldiers, officers and maries in the Archanis sector, (2373); the Battle of Torros III (2373) ; the First Battle of Chin'toka (2374) the Battle of Betazed (2374) the Battle of Ricktor Prime (2375)and the Battle of Cardassia (2375)

Rocar's history's cloudiest point came in 2374. Following the First Battle of Chin'toka , Rocar and his battle group boarded a Hopper (shuttle designed to transport fifty troops,) and fell back to Betazed. However, Rocar and fellow medic Jan T'Yai were dropped off enroute at a Federation Penal Colony. Whilst the battle group continued to Betazed, Rocar and T'Yai joined Rocar's former medical tutor Profesor Solvak and a number of other doctors to work on a high priority research project. Taking Betazoid criminals and other telepaths in the penal colony, the research team thought they could increase the telepath's abilities and turn them into weapons against the Dominion.

Rocar went along with the project begrudingly, he was after all only a junior doctor on the team. Usually his sense of moral ethics would have prevented him taking part -but in the two previous years a number of Rocar's classmates had been killed and Rocar was ready to try anything to help put a war and prevent anymore of his friends dying in battle. The experiement went wrong and many test victims died, Rocar in the end turning against the other doctors managed to find a way to save a handful of the telepaths including Cyrus Webb who would later join Starfleet and become Rocar's own Chief Engineer.