Green Blit Mayhem

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Green Blit Mayhem - a.k.a. 'Mayhem'

Green Blit Mayhem, known commonly as 'Mayhem' is a highly addictive liquid chemical compound.

Mayhem is manufactured exclusively in the Gamma Quadrant.


Breen Blit Mayhem

'Mayhem' is an intentionally-contaminated waste byproduct of ketracel-white production. Called Ketracel-42z by its designers, its a highly-addictive pleasure drug being distributed across three Quadrants by a faction of Founders seeking to disrupt the Solids. Mayhem is a watery liquid, creamy taupe in color, and has clear gelatinous solids suspended in the liquid. Its normally stored in a translucent green glass apothecary ampoule-type bottle topped with an ordinary stopper.

The name Ketracel-42z means absolutely nothing outside the cartel who manufactures it, as anyone/everyone who happened to stumble upon any stage of the Mayhem production were immediately eliminated to keep the name, ingredients and manufacturing process a top secret. Instead a 'street name' conceived from the Til'ahn System testing team for the suggested single-dosage-price on Duronis II of "Green Blit Mayhem" was adopted universally. For dealers, users and law enforcers, the shortened name of "Mayhem" is used.

Delivery, Storage and Usage

Case for transporting Mayhem

Ketracel 42z is a highly corrosive substance that is only stored in dark green glass containers due to its adverse reaction to certain spectral bands light. Silicone caps are used to seal the glass vials. As a precaution, Mayhem is preferably stored in a very cold, dark environment.

Although it is not green in color, Ketracel 42z will leech the color of its container between 24~35 degrees celsius. Above 50 degrees celsius, the taupe liquid will turn into a volatile dissolving acid similar to hydrochloric or muriatic acid. Considered a hazardous material, It is known that Mayhem is transported and stored in hemetically-sealed refrigerated containers and is delivered via black foam-lined watertight cases.

Effects of Mayhem spilled on a hand

Mayhem is always imbibed orally. Any other method of usage yields dire consequences.

Topically on soft tissues (tongue and nasal passages), Mayhem causes temporary tissue atrophy on the area of contact and increased nerve conduction. Excessive topical exposure causes severe atrophy (shrinking of flesh) and intense pain. All users who report smelling the Mayhem liquid develop a strong desire to drink it. Intramuscular and venous injection of Mayhem is lethal for all species.

Til'ahn Testing

Tongue atrophy after drinking Mayhem

Early tests were conducted on species across the three quadrants but research was extended in the Duronis system. Over the course of months on a surplus Andorian frigate on the outskirts of the Sandbar, Mayhem was tested thoroughly on Laudeans of all ages who were kidnapped from the Bryque Province - all were subsequentially executed for a thorough forensic investigation and later vaporized to maintain secrecy. What the researchers discovered was that reactions from Laudean test subjects were significantly different depending on age and ability to 'field'.

  • Younger users under the age of 19 who lacked the ability to 'field' felt enhanced "fielding" ability and pleasure reception was increased for a short period of time.
  • Young "fieldsters" only perceived heighened pleasure reception.
  • Adult Laudeans had considerably adverse reactions to Mayhem. Depending on their "fielding" ability, adult users tended to become extremely violent, schizophrenic and homicidal.

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