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Crew of the USS Victory
Rocar Drawoh

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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Race: Ktarian
  • Spouse: None (separated)
  • Family:
    • Hilzarie, Cheliz (daughter)
    • Hilzarie, Xan (son)

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Rocar's Office on Starbase 118

The main entrance to Rocar's office is off a central deck over a set of stairs in the command hub.

Directly opposite the main entrance as you walk in is a large Starfleet issue desk on which there are several objects:

  • A Holoportrait of Rocar's twin children: Xan and Cheliz at a ski chalet on Duronis II
  • An antique mariner's sextant from Earth, presented to Rocar by Fleet Captain Hebron as a reminder to never lose his way.
  • A small desktop computer.

Behind the desk is the Ambassador's large seat and in front three smaller chairs which are rarely used.

On the distant wall to the left of the office (as you walk in) is a large canvas painting of the USS Constitution-B in orbit of Starbase 118 which was given to Rocar by Captain Nekkar when he left the station as a Lieutenant. The galaxy class starship is where Rocar spent many years as a senior officer and First Officer. Later it was also briefly his own command. Below the large canvas painting is a replicator. To the left of the replicator, between the wall and the main entrance, is a large Ktarian grand piano, which Rocar sits and plays to help focus his mind.

To the right (as you walk in) is a large viewing bay window with one of the best views on the Starbase. The window is half crescent (following the contours of the command tower) and runs from behind Rocar's desk right round to the internal wall. The office, high up in the command tower, is above the Starbase and, indeed, directly above one of the main exits to the Spacedock facility. This afford Rocar (or any other onlooker) a view looking down on the main shipping lane. From here, you can watch as a starship departs from the base. The window's location means the Captain can glance out from his desk by swivelling his chair. Just below the bay window is a large sofa and armchair around a coffee table. This is where Rocar conducts most of his chats and meetings with officers in his office, usually serving a beverage from the replicator. Officers are invited to sit on the sofa by the coffee table whilst Rocar takes a seat in his favourite chair, affording him a view of the starscape behind the sofa and of the command hub to the right of his chair. This is because the walls either side of the main entrance are one way glass, affording the Commanding Officer a view of the command centre but not allowing personnel in the hub to look in to the office. The transparency of this wall can be turned off if the C.O. does not want to be distracted by movement and activity outside.

Decoration & Personal Items

All commanding officers have a set of personal items on display in their office. Rocar's is not the most lavishly decorated, but there are certain special items that all visitors might notice:

  • A Bottle of 2382 Andorian Brandy. This was given to Rocar by the magistrate of the captain's council, Captain Mal Avatar of the USS Columbia, when Rocar was promoted to captain.
  • A Mariner's Sextant. This was given to Rocar by Fleet Captain Hebron when the Ktarian finished his services as First Officer.
  • A watercolour painting of the USS Constitution-B in orbit of Starbase 118. This was given to Rocar by Captain Nekkar when the Ktarian transferred from Starbase 118 to the Constitution.
  • A holo-portrait of Rocar's two twin children: Xan and Che.

Rocar's Quarters on Starbase 118

Rocar's Previous Offices / Quarters

During his assignment to the Federation Embassy to Duronis II Rocar had a large luxurious office overlooking the gardens. To see this Officer click here:'See: Ambassador's Office'

Following his reassingment to the USS Constitution , Rocar now occupies the smaller Ready Room on Deck 1. With its convenient location next to the Bridge the Ready room has slowly been personalised by the Ktarian.