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Crew of the USS Victory
Rocar Drawoh

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Notable Relationships
Walter Brunsig   ·   Gwen Hilzarie.   ·   Cyrus Webb

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Race: Ktarian
  • Spouse: None (separated)
  • Family:
    • Hilzarie, Cheliz (daughter)
    • Hilzarie, Xan (son)

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the year 2384

Taking Command of Starbase 118

In Mid-2384 Rocar relinquished command of the USS Constitution to his First Officer: Daydan Taboo and transferred to take command of the much larger facility: Starbase 118. Trying to avoid a big welcome ceremony by beaming over quietly to a little used cargo area, he nonetheless

Starbase 118

ended up finding himself materialising in a formal reception to meet his new senior crew. Leaving a lot of close old friends behind on the Constitution, the initial reception on Starbase 118 should have been a chance to meet his new officers. The occasion was, however, marred by a terrorist attack as retibution for actions on Magnus IV. A number of Rocar's new senior staff were injured and his new first officer was killed on his first day on the job, Although there were casualties and Rocar was caught without a phaser, the Captain was unarmed on this occasion. In the aftermath of the attack Rocar prepared for a diplomatic exchange meeting with the Klingons and Romulans, but as the delegates arrived on the Starbase it soon became clear that not all was as it seemed.

Having greeted the Klingon delegation, Rocar was waiting to meet the Romulan part when he collapsed unexpectedly on the Main Flight Deck. It was a surprise to everyone that someone of Rocar's health and physique had collapsed so unexpectantly. Upon regaining consciousness, Rocar managed to convince everyone that it was due to the Corbarian Punishment Chip embedded in his neck. However, deep down he knew that it was also his Syntanegtzan's Disease entering the next stage of development. Having self-diagnosed himself with the initial signs of Syntanegtzan's 2 years earlier whilst on Duronis II, Rocar had kept his ailment a secret from everyone including his family. The Captain now began to take extra precautions to hide the symptoms. This includes some self-prescribed medication in hyposprays stored in hidden boxes in his quarters and office. Occasionally, Rocar's arm or legs will start to shake slightly, at which point he'll keep his arm behind his back and, so far, nobody has noticed anything unusual. Rocar and his crew proceeded to discover that the terrorist bombs on the Starbase had been designed to affect the space time continum. This was why the deactivated Corbarian Chip was no longer dormant. Luckily, Rocar's crew was able to solve the problems threatening the station and ensure safety was restored.

Mission to Esogunot

Life continued as normal on the Starbase. Rocar got a new hobby by aquiring one of the Starbase's allotment plots and set about planting and growing his own food. He hoped to combine the fruit of his labours with some of the fresh food products purchaseable from the Starbase's commercial sector so as to be able to pursue his hobby of cooking real, fresh tasting foods.

By late 2384, Rocar's new crew were soon comfortable with one another and he led a diplomatic mission to the planet Esogunot aboard the USS Aegis. Having been asked to mediate between two waring races, the Aerons and the Gargons, Rocar had to send two away teams in his stead as he remained on the USS Aegis to respond to a distress call. Finding himself at the centre of a space battle, Rocar and the Aegis managed to neutralise the threat before returning to the planet. Beaming down to meet the Aerons, the Ktarian's heightened sense of smell found it difficult to cope with the poultry like stench in the palace. Having been looking forward to the opportunity of rock climbing, the Captain never got his dream. However, a tentative peace was eventually negotiated (due to the Gargon crown prince and Aeron princess forming an unexpected allegiance). Rocar set about retrieving his injured and missing crew before heading back to the Starbase.

Upon their return, Rocar was promoted to Fleet Captain at the end of 2384/ start of 2385.

the year 2385

In early 2385, to Rocar's surprise, his ex-wife came to Starbase 118 with his children. This came as a surprise to Rocar but at Gwen's urging he made an effort to spend time with his kids. It was hard working alongside his ex and as time passed they eventually went out for diner as a family. The meal was cut short when Xan let out a telepathic scream that affected all the diners in the restaurant. The timing of this was disasterous: Starbase 118 had recently had protests and rallies by the anti-telepath movement whom had been gaining some support following the crime spree of a rogue Betazoid. Known as Armeni, the betazoid was a survivor of the Zerentares project experiments from Rocar's past. She had caused havoc on the Starbase and always managed to avoid prosecution, the crowd were already on edge and reacted badly to Xan's unusual outburst. Angry with his son, Rocar led them out of the backdoor of the restaurant and to sickbay for tests.

Having started to get close to his family again, Rocar realised some feelings were resurfacing for his ex-wife. With her already having left him three times and broken his heart each time, the Ktarian was reluctant to give into temptation and scared of being hurt again. As a result, he used his position as a Fleet Captain and had Lieuteant Hilzarie assigned on the next (relatively) long distance away mission. he could find: a resuce mission aboard the USS Braveheart to SQ313. Although her assignment to the mission were hardly critical to the away team completing the task, Rocar assigned Gwen there to protect himself from getting hurt and put some distance between them. Sometime later, news was brought to Rocar that the USS Braveheart was in trouble and he led a follow-up team aboard the USS Aegis. Arriving at the planet he took a shuttle down to the surface and suffered an injury to his leg after a large bulkhead fell on it as he pushed Counsellor Delinda Sharee out of the way from the falling metal. Struggling on, Rocar and his team were surprised by the Breen and Orion slave operation they found taking place on SQ313. The Captain faced a dilema: that of the prime directive and whether he could help the local poprulation against their tormentors. Locating the original away team, a number of officers (including Gwen Hilzarie) were missing. Sending his officers back to the Starship, Rocar continued on his own until he located Ensign Emma Moon and together she was rescued from a biobed in the hospital facility where the Breen and Orion had been draining their victims. Rocar carried his former lover's severely injured body back to the shuttle and they returned to the ship.

With Gwen Hilzarie now lying in a coma at Starfleet medical, Rocar's two children: Xan and Che moved into their father's home. Despite their longtime strained relationship, both Rocar and and his kids setout to make the best of the situation they found themselves in. Rocar now grapples daily with the heavy duty demands of commanding a Federation Starbase and bringing up two children on his own.

Later that year, Rocar dispatched his old friend and first officer, Cura Assanti aboard the USS Indrira-A. With half his senior staff leaving on assignment with Cura; Rocar suddenly realised how lonely command was. Most of his old friends from the past had now retired from Starfleet and the few that were left he rarely saw due to their assignment elsewhere in the quadrant. Accepting his situation, Rocar was pleasently surprised when members of his new crew insisted that he attend their first informal social.

In late 2385 Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh and Lieutenant Delinda Sharee greeted a Deltan transport -the Niro; and the experienced diplomat made a faux pas. Affects by the Deltan pheromones, Fleet Captain Rocar accidentally shook hands (making physical contact) with one of the Deltans and was very nearly overwhelemed by the intense experience.

After an informal gathering of his senior staff, Rocar was caught out when power suddenly began to dip across the Starbase, prompting the Command Tower to issue a rare station-wide Yellow Alert. Needing to reach his command centre, Fleet Captain Rocar and Ensigns Tanang and Sheppard used an empty turbolift shaft, altering the gravitational quotient inside it so that they could essentially bungee their way up. This took sometime and, upon arriving in the hub, Rocar met an old friend from the Academy: In response to losing communication with the Trojan class spacedock, Starfleet had dispatched the nearby USS Hargrave, captained by Commander Walter Brunsig.