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Crew of the USS Victory
Rocar Drawoh

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Notable Relationships
Walter Brunsig   ·   Gwen Hilzarie.   ·   Cyrus Webb

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Rank: Rear Admiral
  • Race: Ktarian
  • Spouse: None (separated)
  • Family:
    • Hilzarie, Cheliz (daughter)
    • Hilzarie, Xan (son)

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the year 2383

Towards the end of 2383 Captain Rocar left Duronis II and had led a mission to retrieve the missing USS Constitution. During this time, his wife Gwen Hilzarie and Rocar briefly seperated. Both felt they needed time time apart with their marriage having become strained by Rocar's workload. Gwen Hilzarie returned to Betazed for a couple of months with Rocar's two twin children Cheliz and Xan whilst Rocar accepted his spacebound mission on the USS Resolution.

the year 2384

With a new year came a new life. Following this mission, Rocar took command of the USS Constitution for what was due to be a new Five year mission of exploration in the ship's history. Rocar's family came back from Betazed to live with him aboard the starship where he and his wife, Gwen Hilzarie, had been so happy in their younger days. The galaxy class starship was ideal for family life and Rocar had high hopes for the future. He proceeded to lead the crew on a short mission to mediate negotiations in the Orelius sector. Once again, the former Ambassador to Duronis II, demonstrated his diplomacy skills as a Starfleet Captain and the dispute was settled whilst the Starship also investigated unusual happenings on Caterick IV.


In mid 2384, Rocar seperated from his wife Gwen Hilzarie due to constraints of their individual duties to Starfleet and lack of time spent together. The relationship had been strained for well over a year and this time divorce proceedings were completed. Once again, Gwen Hilzarie left Rocar due to the demands of his job and returned to Betazed with his children.

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Rocar continued to command the USS Constitution for a while. When contacting his children over hailing frequencies, conversations were often strained and there was a sense of hostility from his son. The Ktarian struggled to command the Constitution which was full of memories from his days as a junior officer aboard her. In truth, she never felt fully like his own ship. And by mid-2384 Rocar accepted reassignment when Starfleet offered him command of Starbase 118. In this transfer he left behind many old friends under the new command of his former first officer, Captain Taboo, Daydan and eagerly set out to start a new life afresh aboard Starbase 118.

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