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USS Victory

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Cyrus Webb

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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Race: Human/Betazoid
  • Partner: None
  • Children: None

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  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Place of Birth: Betazed
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Height:6'2'
  • Weight: 15 stone


  • Mother: Deceased
  • Father: Deceased
  • Siblings: Brother, Istvan Webb, Currently serving life sentance for murder and acts of Terrorism

Personal History

Cyrus was born into an regular family, his Farther was a boxer and spent very little time at home, his mother was an academic and worked for Starfleet training telepaths. Cyrus only real male input in his life was his older brother Istvan, Istvan and Cyrus were very different, it was almost as if Cyrus had taken the best genes from his parents and Istvan the worse. Istvan was a trouble maker and had got into trouble from an early age. Whilst Cyrus worked hard at school and worked hard on his sports Istvan was busy getting in with the wrong crowd. by the age of 18 Istvan had done just about every crime imaginable except murder and as he and Cyrus left school and moved on it just got worse. Cyrus quickly got in with his brothers wrong crowd. By the time that Cyrus was 21 Istvan was pretty much a full fledged gangster. wanted on 18 federation worlds

Istvan and Cyrus had got involved in smuggling, ship stealing, bribery,assault and Murder. Istvan had become pretty much the crime boss in the sector and Cyrus was his right hand man. Cyrus had done it not for the love of the crime but for the love of his brother and Istvan enjoyed having his little brother around.

It was Cyrus that learned to his peril that crime doesn't pay and eventually the federation and Starfleet intelligence got smart. Cyrus was captured and hauled over the coals for his crimes, Sentenced to 6 life sentences for the crimes against the federation and its citizens. However that was not to be all, the federation ambassador intervened and the judge was forced to issue the death penalty. Having suffered some of the crimes himself the Ambassador was keen to prove a point to the criminals with a public execution. In a surprise turnaround Cyrus was saved from this by Starfleet intelligence the very people who had put him in the position to start with. In return for certain favours Cyrus was to be granted a full pardon. That was not all, while Cyrus was in prison a group of federation scientists were allowed to carry out certain experiments. A young scientist by the name of Rocar headed up a group of scientists who set out to extend the telepathic abilities. The plan was to create super telepaths that could be used as guides for ships during the Dominion Wars. Initially the federation outlawed these experiments and so starfleet went underground and worked on prisoners on death row.

Cyrus was saved from such a fate with the ending of the war, however Rocar did not forget the bond they had formed and so in return for a full pardon Cyrus was charged with one end, to serve under Rocar after completing starfleet training.

Cyrus did this and entered service on the USS Constitution before being transferred to the Laudean Embassy as Chief Engineer. Cyrus time on the embassy was not pleasant, his friend from the Academy Elaine Furlong was murdered and then constant terrorist attacks eventually led to the destruction of the embassy. With the destruction of the embassy came Cyrus next choice, Many of the crew returned to other posts, whilst Cyrus chose to turn in his commission and began to roam the galaxy as a prize fighter.

2 years had passed and with 36 fights and a 100% win record to his name

Cyrus again found himself be called back to StarFleet. It didn't matter how many fights he won or how much money he had made, it never felt like a true calling to him. an old friend had found him on a tournament on earth and now with the support of his good friend, Kassa Quay, Cyrus rejoins StarFleet and is posted to the USS Challenger.

Cyrus served on the Challenger for a year but never really felt at home there, rising again to the rank of Lt Cyrus just couldn't settle. Kassa by now had moved onto to another ship and Cyrus only other friend Cmdr Toni Turner was a very different person than the one Cyrus had served with on the Embassy having children and a husband to worry about.

Having survived a fierce attack by the Borg the Challenger no longer felt like somewhere that Cyrus wanted to be and so he returns to serve the man that has been such an important rock during his career. Captain Rocar now commanding officer of SB118 and the man responsible for Cyrus being the person he is in more way than one........

Cyrus settled quickly on SB118 and was assigned to Chief of Security and promoted to the Rank of Lt Cmdr. Cyrus began to forge a relationship with the Base's XO Delinda Sharee, not something that he has ever done before.

Professional History

Cyrus Webb2.jpg
  • Entered Starfleet Academy
  • Qualified Starfleet Adacemy
  • Assigned to Embassy, Chief Engineering Officer
  • Promoted to Lt Jg
  • Promoted to Lt
  • Resigned Starfleet
  • Re-entered Starfleet with Academy Refresher Training
  • Assigned to USS Challenger, Chief Helm Officer
  • Promoted to Lt
  • Assigned to SB118 Ops, Chief Security Officer
  • Assigned to USS Eagle, Chief Engineer
  • Assigned to USS Victory, Chief Engineer
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander

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