Silent Night (Darwin-A)

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Season 2, Episode 6


The senior staff was called in from shore leave to a meeting where Captain Renos laid out their next mission. The ship and crew were heading back to the Delta Quadrant on an exploration mission. During this meeting, Ensign Valesha Sienelis was welcomed aboard new to the science department. For efforts in uncovering the presence of the Dyson Sphere in the Delta Quadrant Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor, Lieutenant Lyldra, Lieutenant Commander Kael Thomas, Lieutenant JG Randal Shayne,Ensign Arturo Maradirez, Ensign Kurt Logan, Lieutenant Varaan,Valdivia, Lieutenant JG Graeme Cook, Didrik Stennes, and Renos were awarded the Explorer’s Ribbon. For each coming up with useful outside of the box ideas in their last mission Valdivia and Lyldra were awarded Innovation Ribbons. For the rescue of the the Talaxian base’s only two survivors Thomas, Varaan, Lyldra, Cook, Stennes, Logan, Shayne, and Renos, received Lifesaving Ribbons. Finally with much applause Kurt Logan was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

The Darwin was loaded down with supplies ready for a mission of deep space exploration. As with any deep space mission a few crew members disembarked and new personnel more eager for long term exploration were welcomed aboard. Among them Ensign Isabel Pond a Trill medical officer. The Darwin disembarked from DS6 on course to the Delta Quadrant at slipstream speed. The Darwin’s last communication with starfleet command came after their arrival and dropping a quantum subspace communications buoy.

Unknown to Starfleet the Darwin had been severely damaged it would take a week at least for their distress call to reach them and a least another week before a rescue ship would arrive. With life support failing the Darwin limped into orbit of a class P planet whose local population was a civilization in the dawn of it’s industrial age. Outwardly Human looking in appearance the Turisans were deemed a peaceful enough species for the crew to take refuge in one of their larger growing cities Lomorton.

Those on the Darwin’s diverse crew that could be altered to look Turisan were surgically changed to blend in. The crew was split into small groups and obtained residences in the city. With upwards of weeks before rescue could arrive the Senior Staff encouraged the crew to seek employment as replicating too much currency would damage the planet's economy.

For the time being the crew of Darwin were doing their best to maintain the Prime directive and assimilate into Turisan society.

Living among the citizens of Lomorton the crew all found ways to busy themselves or earn income in different ways. Logan falling on his security background took up work as a Turisan peace keeper to place himself in a position to come to any of the refugees aid if needed. Iniko Mpeba posing as male and being seen by locals as young due to jheas slight lomale frame gained an apprenticeship with a shop repairing timepieces. Chief Science officer Valdivia took on a position as a professor at the city's university. Both Shanye and Varaan found work in lesser sought after fields but still essential ones in a city of Lomortons size and development; Varaan as a chimney sweep and Shayne a nightman. Traenor in order to keep any interest in the new star that was the darwin in the sky under control took a job in the Observatory. Thomas also looking to explore something near to his starfleet duites found employment at the Steam engine manufacturing plant. Sienelis having recently made her gown for the Masquerade ball turned her hobby of making clothes into her refuge career as a seamstress. The oceanographer Hars Vlin took crewed up with a fishing boat. Lyna Namid took on the role of apprentice carpenter. Graham Block found a job as a clerk in store near his residence. Brell known for his cooking skills signed on at a bakery. Recruit Iy also found his way onto the Peace keeper force a surprise to no one who knew the j'naii’s skill.

Several were following up leads for work as well Ensign Pond sought work as a midwife, while Lyldra looked into the role of Governess in order to keep her infant twins by her side, and Adu held hope of the position of an interim teacher.

Other members of the crew found the time to immerse themselves in Tursian culture. Stennes finding his time spent in the worshiphouses, with the religious festival of Newgrange approaching there was much to learn in them.

Suron M'K'T' wanting to live by the Antican code of the hunt. Also disguised to look Turisan he had attempted to gain a place with those who hunted meat in the forest beyond outskirts of the city. While on a hunt an encounter with a wolf in which the skilled Antican won. When the partially consumed wolf body is discovered with burnt wounds left by Suron’s laser knife, stories started spreading through the local hunting camp of a werewolf in their midst.

Captain Renos was able to secure work as a tax collector through ne’s experiences were anything but fun. A debtor trying to get out of repaying his loans doused the J’naii in disguise as a turisan with scalding hot water injuring nim. Ne was able to collect however and proved nir’s worth to ne’s new bosses.

Lyldra began work as a Governess with a wealthy family permitted to keep her twins with her during the daytime hours. Near the first day she noted a twin had a fever and sought the help of Ensign Pond who was working as a midwife. The apt Ensign was able to use Turisan level tech to assure her nothing was wrong.

Didrik Stennes continued to learn more about the Turisan religion spending time in their worshiphouses. He also got to put his uniquely useful ability to knit into work making socks and other small articles of clothing for crew and parishioners at the nearby worshiphouse.

Kurt Logan now a member of the peacekeeper force was sent into the woods with team to discover the reasons behind rumors of werewolves in the woods. He was able to discern it was Suron and dissuade the locals from suspecting supernatural events were occurring,

Lyna Namid found her work as a carpenter to be quite rewarding and lucrative her boxes selling well. Adu became a no nonsense teacher to a rowdy group of The boys that were terribly naughty. She later while on an outing with Lt Blocks romulan son Galen visited the bakery in which Lyldrla’s co-husband Brell was working enjoying newgrange treats.

Treanor and Valdivia enjoyed tea in the Observatory speaking of matter relating to keeping their presence there under wraps. Valdivia who took a job as a local university professor, teaching math, had a interesting pulse on the Turisan’s current scientific state. His student and many of the cities learned people were curious and in his class room anyway he wanted to give his students answers and sought Treanors guidance.

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