Talvath’s Taint (Darwin-A)

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Mission Section Of The Zeta Gelis Region
As the newly constructed USS Darwin-A made its way from Grelesev shipyards to Deep Space Six where it’s new Commanding Officer Greir Reinard and crew awaits. On the planet Talvath disaster struck when a Nybarite freighter suffered a warp core failure, as it left the planet with a dilithium shipment and exploded in the planet’s atmosphere sending debris crashing down onto one of the heavily populated cities. The planets Governor D'Nal Hheinia sent a message for help to the Romulan empire with no reply, in his greatest hour of need he turned to the federation and they decided to send the best equipped vessel the Darwin.

Once all the crew was on board the ship the Captain briefed the crew on their mission, he assigned Dr Malcolm a small team to start working on a medical response this team consisted of Lieutenant Jansen Orrey, Ensigns Jack Corbin, Aigle Phos and Sch'n R'Var Sahriv. He got his new Chief Engineer Lieutenant James and Ensign T'Vai to watch the ship performance while on route to the planet. The rest of the crew to man there stations on the bridge.

In Orbit
Once the ship departed Deep Space 6 the Captain asked the bridge crew “Does anyone have any initial thoughts they wish to express about our new mission? “ first to answer was Ensign Sal Taybrim the new Science officer, he mentioned that Trilithium Resin is sought after by many unsavoury organizations due to it’s potential as a weapon, he also mentioned that it was possible that one of the groups might be there, Lt. Commander Ben Edwards said he thought it was possible but unlikely due to Starfleet dispatching ship to help and the chances that the Romulan empire my do the same.

Taybrim brought up the question of containment and informed the bridge crew that it would need to be store in class 4 or higher containment case. The captain asked Edwards while he did his security rounds to get the engineering teams to work on the containment cases. Edwards passed the message onto James who set to work with T’Vai and help from Phos, who were later joined by Lt. Commander Kael Thomas for a discussion on the best way to use the Darwin's containment capabilities to clean up the disaster.

Shortly after that discussion, and after arriving at Talvath, the Bridge made contact with the planets governor. Despite initial communications issues caused by the Trilithium in the atmosphere, they were able to successfully contact Hheinia and granted his request to be brought onto the Darwin. The decision was also made to send two away teams consisting of Malcolm's medical team, Lt. Commander Daniel Wood and Crewman Graham Block and the second consisting of Thomas, James, Taybrim and Lt. Jorus Cogud to the planet's surface. The medical team to go to a Triage Facility in a local school, while Thomas' team was to go to the colony's pumping facility where they are to attempt to restore the colony's drinking water supply.

Back on the Bridge, Lt. Kaitlyn Falcon made the observation that it may possible to bring Darwin into Talvath's atmosphere allowing the them to draw the rein cloud into the containment sphere more effectively than employing tractor beams. Reinard agreed, so Falcon took the Darwin down into the atmosphere, although not before having to fight her way through the debris field caused by the Nybarite freighter.

Back on the planets surface, Thomas's team had arrived at Talvath's main Water Distribution facility. Quickly, James and Taybrim got to work examining the condition of the pumping and filtration systems, while Thomas and Cogud went to check the state of the facilities water reservoirs. Taybrim revealed that he had brought a sample of a biofilter, however they would have to find a way to make it grow as it required heat and an energy source. James quicklly got to work adapting Taybrim's phaser so it would produce just the right ammount of energy the cells needed.

At the same time, Malcolm's team arrived at the exceedingly poor triage facility, set in a local schools gymnasium. Immediately, Dr. Malcolm, Corbin and Lt. Orrey got to work treating the locals although it wasn't long before disaster stuck - one of the locals, distraught at loosing her own child, attempted to kidnap another. Thanks to the quick work of Corbin and Orrey, however they where able to stop her before she got too far.

Meanwhile back on the Darwin, the governor and his men - Sindari Jo'Rek, the Governors Aide, and Mhas Keras, a Romulan scientist - finished reciving their treatments for Trilitium poisoning and retreated to VIP quarters to freshen up. While the Governor prepared himself for working with Starfleet to help the colony, Jo'Rek began to hatch a far more sister plan - a plan to capture the Darwin! Quickly they put the plan into action, attempting to flood the ship with neurozine gas - and in the process killing two Security officers. Fortunately, (for the crew of the Darwin) Keras was not quick enough bypassing the internal sensors which triggered a Red Alert, notifying the bridge.

While this happened the Governor himself was invited up to the lounge for a briefing by Lt. Montague Klaus Eickleberger, where they where joined by Ensign Necessity James. Initially the conversation was centred on why the Darwin was in Talvath's atmosphere, however news of Jo'Rek's actions quickly reached them as two Security officers entered the Lounge to guard the Governor in case he had played some part in the plot. Protesting his innocence, the Governor insisted that he put a call through to the bridge, in which he gave information on what he thought Jo'Rek's next actions to be and revealed his suspicions that he may be a Tal Shiar officer. Necessity did not believe him however, and was incredulous that "a Romulan, trusted another Romulan at face value". She and the Governor then got into a argument fuelled by several comments she made that could be viewed as derogatory towards Romulans, causing James to leave the room.

Back at the Water Distribution plant, James and Taybrim had managed to grow quite a large sample by the time Thomas and Cogud had returned, however it was not enough to form a filter large enough for the colony's needs. The pumps here also still in-operational, due to power fluctuations in the colony's power plant. It was quickly decided that James would take over monitoring the biofilter from Taybrim, while Thomas preformed the necessary modifications to the pump to get it to some level of operation. During this, they also discovered that communications with the Darwin had been severed, supposedly by the same fluctuations that had damaged the pumps. Quickly, they decided that as the power station was a bigger problem they should head there and attempt to fix it. However, as they where walking through the colony's streets they came about a burning building with several trapped people inside. Thomas and Cogud quickly rushed inside, determined to rescue its inhabitants while James and Taybrim waited outside to maintain a device that was keeping the building up and to help care for the injured retrospectively. During this time, a girl appeared on the roof of the building and jumped out onto Talvath's streets. Realising that while the girl was unlikely to survive an impact with the ground, but if she impacted with him it would be likely that both would survive James put himself in her path injuring himself in the process. Now unable to maintain the stabilizer himself, James had to guide Taybrim on how to boost its power while slipping in and out of conciousness. Fortunately, Thomas and Taybrim where fairly quick to return after that, Thomas suffering from a nasty burn on his leg. With James' condition deteriorating as the adrenaline he took to keep himself concious (if in pain) wore off and with Thomas' injuries it was decided to hijack the Romulan shuttle near by in order to get to the Triage site.

In the mean time, D'nal contacted the bridge hoping to assist the capture of his fellow Romulans by giving Reinard some information on what he thinks their next actions will be. His suggestions soon came true with Jo'Rek and Keras breaking onto the bridge through the Jeffries Tubes. In the ensuing battle, the two Romulans where subdued but not without severe damage being dealt to the HCO console requiring them to transfer to the auxiliary bridge.

During the excitement on the Bridge, the away team had some of its own. Despite his injuries, Thomas was able to successfully pilot the Romulan shuttle to the triage site where they where met by the med team. During the ride over, the injured Romulans slowlly came to conciousness as James lost his. Taybrim tried to keep both parties as stable as he could, all the while assisting Thomas with the navigation. It was soon decided that the med team would re-join with Thomas' team and use the shuttle to escape what ever field was blocking communications. At the same time, the Romulans left the ship but now before Thomas gave them James' commbadge so they could be beamed up for treatment later. Leaving no time they set off from the planet, beaming straight to Sickbay as soon as they where in coms distance. However on the way, Malcolm and Corbin where required to preform emergency surgery on James due to his rapidly deteriorating condition.

Upon arriving to sickbay, Thomas spared no time in checking in with Reinard. As Orrery and Taybrim where uninjured it was decided that Orrey should go assist Edwards in the interrogation of the captured Tal Shiar agents while Tayrbrim, Phos and Ensign Veradis Fai where to work on finding a way to render the Trilitium inert. Together, they worked out a way to break apart the bonds of a Trilitium molecule using electromagnets to lever the natural repulsion of atomic nuclei. With the success of the test, the technique was adapted to work on the sphere section successfully rendering most of the trilitium safe to be transported and compressed.

Their work on Talvath close to being finished, Reinard and Thomas met with D'Nal to discuss their work and the Tal Shiar agents. Despite his wishes to see the Romulans punished through Romulan channels they where able to convince him to acquiesce to that point, before they saw him off. Before he beamed off however, he met with Ensign James and was able to 'bury the hatchet'. With that concluded, and the ship arriving back to Deep Space 6, Reinard declared the start of a much deserved shore leave.

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