Cutlass Class Flight Operations

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Located aft of the Cutlass's Main Bridge, this area composes the nerve center for "Strategic Starfighter Flight Operations". It is a large room, roughly the same size as the ship's bridge, though its layout and purposes are different. It is manned through all duty shifts by the Flight Crew personnel. Regular ship personnel deal with the operations of the Cutlass class vessel itself; they are not involved with the fighters in any way. The Wing Commander is the senior officer here.

"Flight Ops" deals only with the fighter craft, their crews, and associated personnel. It coordinates all fighter-based activities for any and all mission profiles.

"Flight Ops" closely resembles a starbase Operations Center. The center of the compartment houses a large system monitor console, complete with a holographic display above it, and numerous 2-D displays built into the surrounding machinery. All information pertaining to Flight Operations, Maintenance Schedules, Personnel Assignments, Intelligence Gathering, and anything else associtated with the fighters is constantly flowing across these consoles.

Surrounding the perimeter of the compartment (with the exception of the access doors to Deck 1 and the Wing Commander's Ready Room) are various consoles, displays and system access stations, allowing constant monitoring of the launching tubes, fighter standby positions, fighter maintenance bays, the landing bay, etc. One duty officer is directly responsible for liaising with the bridge crew, allowing pertinent and vital information to easily be had by both command areas.