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  • Class and Type: Copernicus-class Surveyor
  • Commissioning Date: 2250

A multipurpose science and research vessel, the Copernicus class Surveyor served Starfleet well from its commissioning in 2250 until the last member of the class was decommissioned in 2300. (Thereafter, many Copernicus class ships remained in use by civilian scientific organizations.) Though sometimes referred to as a "cargo ship" due to the large amount of scientific equipment and samples it often carried, and the fact that it sometimes doubled as a freighter to keep distant colonies supplied, the Copernicus' true mission was exploration and science. Copernicus crews explored the furthest reaches of the known galaxy and investigated countless scientific mysteries.

Physically, the Copernicus has the same rectangular/boxy look as a Class F shuttlecraft, but with an aft section larger and broader than the forward section. The warp nacelles project to port and starboard, and slightly dorsally, from the aft section.

Noteworthy Vessels/service records/encounters:

  • USS Copernicus, NCC-734, prototype, explored near reaches of Beta Quadrant (2250-58);
  • USS Algol, NCC-772, under Captain Jen Weman, its Centauran-Vulcan crew explored, charted, and studied the Perseus Arm (2253-60);
  • USS Betelgeuse, NCC-802, explored, charted and studied the Ostrogoth Nebula and surrounding space (2258-60);
  • USS John Ross, NCC-811, originally the USS Zeta Reticulum, refitted by the Diplomatic Service to engage in first contact missions (2263), engaged in five-year exploratory mission under Captain Sandra Earle (2263-68), made first contact with the intelligent long-chain polymer beings of the Timrek Nebula (2268).