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Commonwealth Religious

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Religious Organization:

The Order of Fire:

The Commonwealth’s religious organization is known as the Order of Fire. In it’s original incarnation Fire represented the beginnings of civilization, bringing warmth and light. However, in recent times the Order of Fire has been focusing more on fire’s more destructive aspects and ability to consume. The Order of Fire is not really based on a single religion per se, but rather acts as a more abstract spiritual, moral, and philosophical foundation for the Commonwealth.

The Legacy:

The elected leader of the religious order and leader of the Commonwealth.

The Oracles:

There are 13 Oracles that lead the day-to-day of the religious order, fulfill the will of the Legacy and monitor the Sibyls who deal with the general population.

The Sibyls:

These are the heads of churches and public face of the Order of Fire.

There is 9 Houses in the Churches.

House of Wisdom

House of Honor

House of Time

House of Dream

The current Sybil of the House of Dream is Ratan, a Carassai.

House of Devotion

House of Passion

House of Power

House of Scribes

House of Casters

(The current Legacy is a member of the House of Casters)