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Rellim Naro

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This page is still very much a work in progress.

Blair’s Chargari PNPC:

Coxswain Rellim Naro, Commander of the Commonwealth Ship Eurfir

  • Name: Rellim Naro
  • Rank: Coxswain
  • Position: Commander of the Chargari Ship Eurfir
  • Species: Chargari
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 102 Earth Years Old


  • Height: 1.67m (5’6”)
  • Weight: 145lbs
  • Eyes: orange sclera, white iris
  • Hair: cyan with streaks of orange
  • Skin: a light skin tone, very similar to that of a Caucasian human

Personal History:

Rellim Naro was born on the Chargari home world of Bromari just days before the planet was destroyed. Like most Chargari, Rellim’s parents were both talented craftsmen; in fact his father was one of the engineers who spearheaded the project to create the massive space stations that came to house the Commonwealth population. Unlike his parents, Rellim never developed a talent for artisan skills; instead his natural talent was leadership.

Rellim began to demonstrate his natural leadership at a young age when he would round up his friends and lead them all on adventures throughout their space station. When their adventures would eventually wind up getting the group into trouble, Rellim was the only one who never seemed to get caught, despite the fact that his parents always knew he was the mastermind.

As he grew up and learned about the troubles of his people, Rellim took a vow to do whatever he could do to help the people of the Commonwealth find lasting peace.


Rellim is a firm believer in the ideals of the Commonwealth. When he enlisted in the Commonwealth Military, Rellim took an oath of service to the people of the Commonwealth which he holds dearly. Rellim is capable of committing almost any act he deems necessary as long as he sees it as a benefit to the Commonwealth.