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Commonwealth Ships

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Technical Information:

The Commonwealth has become very powerful, now made up of 5 Mega Stations (Each is 70% larger than SB-118), 24 large Stations, 5 gateway stations, 1 research and Holo Station, 14 Command Ships, 100 Troopships, 59 Assault Gun Ships, 30 Scout Ships, 9 Medical Ships, 18 Cargo Ships, and 5 Spacecraft Carrier Ships.

Command Ships:

Long sections connecting 8 spheres together with a large star drive engine are the rear. 90 decks, 40,000 Population


One Sphere, this ship can land on a Planet and the lower half fold down creating ramps for their troops deploy with ease. 40 Decks, 100 Officer, 9,000 Ground Troops.

Assault Gun Ships:

Long airhead looking ships, heavy weapons, Lead by the Commonwealth Devar Union of Gunners. 24 Decks, 780 Crew. This ship can separate into two parts

Scout Ships:

Small ships that look like the gunners with a 4 deck Sphere on the top rear side, 9 Decks, 120 crew.

Medical Ships:

Larger Spheres with a second rod shaped pod traveling out the rear. 60 decks, 100 Officer, 500 Medical Staff, 230 Crew. These Ships can land on planets and are used to treat the injured away from battles.

Cargo Ships:

Command Sphere in the Front and Star Drive in the rear, there are large cargo pods lined up like a train in the center. Cargo Pods are 17 decks tall, Command section is 22 decks tall, and the stardrive is 30 decks. Most ships have 20 to 30 cargo pods.

Spacecraft Carrier Ships:

Long Rod Shaped, with a Command Tower center (Like and aircraft carrier) Hold 2000 fighters. 70 decks, 290 crew, 4000 pilots.

The Gateway Stations can move and bend space. Once there in there new location they start building a new gateway to bring the whole fleet through. They Normally need a lot of power and tend use that of a Star to power the gateway building.

The Fleet is most vulnerable at this time, it is divided and cut off from each other. It normally takes 2 months to build a gateway to bring the fleet through, The Gateway stations have little defence, so they travel with a command ship and Spacecraft Carrier, a Cargo Ship, a few Scout Ships, Gun Ships, 1 Troopship, 1 Medical ship and the research Station. The Gateway Stations are placed in different areas of the new space and all rush to build new gateways.

The Fleet is now known as a Generational Fleet…

Capitol Station:


The Capitol is atop the station under a large dome. The grounds are lush and full of parks and gardens. There are many traditional looking buildings. The largest of these building is the House of Commons, followed by the Order of Fire Grand Temple. The Legacy has a small palace in the center of the dome. The Palace is flanked by the Office Building of the Legacy and the Private Chapel of Blue Fire. To the other side there is the Departments of the Commonwealth.

The Longest Building in the dome along the south lakes is the Court of the Commonwealth. A grand building 6 stories tall with falcon like bird shaped columns along the front that reach 80 feet tall.

The Order of Fire Grand Temple:

The Temple is a huge building with a 6 story tall grand hall sanctuary. There is a great many Chapels off the main sanctuary. One of the Chapels is the Tomb of the Dark Shadow. The only Shadow to have been captured is encased in the Chapel. You can find the Legacy here often in deep thought and meditation. There is the 9 Houses of the Order of Fire that house the Priest.

The Capitol Dome has the ability to detach from the station and land on a planet.