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Commonwealth Political

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The Fleet

Organization and Ranks:

Civilian Organization

The Legacy:

The elected member from the religious order and leader of the Commonwealth.

Grand Minister:

Elected member of the Prime by the Sub Ministers, also known as the the 5th Prime. A Second to The Legacy has no real political or command powers. Acts more as a Political guide to The Legacy. Also Can break any tie votes in the House Commons,

Prime Ministers:

There are four Prime Ministers. Each representing one of the four founding members: Vorate, Carrasai, Byn'vui, and Chargari.

Sub Ministers:

Each member species is represented by Sub Ministers. They are second only to the Prime Ministers. The Sub Ministers make up the House of Commons. 30 Sub Ministers to each species. The Sub Ministers elect the Prime Ministers. 120 Sub Ministers Total

Deputy Minister:

Make up the Cabinet, Such as State, Health, Defence, Security, Education, Housing, Science and so on.

Political Officer:

Each Ship and Station has a Political Officer that reports back to the Ministers and gives feedback and guidance to the Ship/Stations Commanders. The Political Officer is a political appointee. But They hold the honorary rank of that of a Coxswain.