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Former Home world:

Bromari (Class M Planet consisting of about 60% water and three very large continents)


The Chargari are almost indistinguishable from humans in appearance. Chargari are typically shorter than humans and their hair color tends to very bright. One of the most distinctive differences between a Chargari and a human is their eyes. In a human’s eye the sclera is white and the iris is colorful, while the opposite is true for a Chargari.


A distinctive feature of all Chargari is their youthful appearance. Unlike most species, the Chargari never appear to grow old. While the typical Chargari lives for almost two hundred years, they never appear to be older than about thirty years old. The only visible sign of aging a Chargari ever exhibits is that as they age their bright hair tends to become more and more dull in color.


Most Chargari are natural artisans and tend to be quite adept with machinery. Before its destruction their home world, Bromari, was filled with beautifully crafted buildings that served a wide variety of purposes. The Chargari are a peace loving race and have historically tried to stay away from battle at all costs.

The Chargari were one of the original members of the Commonwealth. When the opportunity arose to help create an organization that sought to promote peace and prosperity for all, the Chargari jumped at the chance to join.

Being natural artisans, the Chargari quickly became known as the Commonwealth’s ship builders. Not long after the creation of the Commonwealth, several dozen shipyards were placed in orbit of Bromari with more to follow in the following years.

When the Fallen Wars started, the Chargari, under the direction of the Commonwealth, pulled all of their resources to begin construction of the massive stations that would eventually house the entire population.