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Al'Torrak, Omi

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Jorey’s Carrasai PNPC

Name: Omi Al’Torrak Rank: Wardmaster Position: Espionage Officer Species: Carrasai Gender: Male Telepathy: T4/E6


Height: 5’10 Weight: 160lbs Eyes: Multi-colored, no whites or pupils Hair: Dark Gold, long Skin: Bright Red


Omi was born in the new galaxy and has never seen his homeworld or home-galaxy. His mother was an officer in the Commonwealth Army who died when he was child while on a mission. His father, an Oracle in the Order of Fire, has told him the story of his ancestors and he knows the kind of people his species once was. But to Omi, there is only the present and the struggle to win battles to survive. Omi’s telepathic abilities are strong and have helped him become one of the most regarded up-and-coming Espionage Officers in the fleet. He seems to have less of the Carrasai’s natural tendencies towards compassion and honesty and more of the survivalist instincts and aggression of other more war-like species.


Omi is cunning, charming, and a master of manipulation. He can easily blend into enemy societies, gather information telepathically from unsuspecting targets as they sleep, and implant commands in the minds of enemies so that they believe them to be their own ideas. However, Omi struggles with the knowledge that he is helping to do to others, what the Commonwealth has been struggling against long before he was born. He knows that he is going against his nature, but survival makes it easily justifiable in the moment.

Ambitions, Drive, and Goals:

Omi hopes to honour the memory of his mother by being an exceptional officer and moving up through the ranks. He hopes to command his own ship one day and become a Commonwealth legend. It is not his ambitions that drive him, however, it is his desire for a better existence for all Carrasai. He is willing to play the part of the warrior so that others can live a more peaceful life. His ultimate goal is to find a new world for the Carrasai, so that they can finally settle in one place and once again flourish as they did in the stories of his father tells of their homeworld and life before the Fallen Wars.