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Former Homeworld

Carra IV

(Class O planet, 85% covered in water, 1 continent)

Capital Station

Renata, named after a place of an ancient myth that means paradise. The station now has a population of approximately 400, 000 people. 80% Renata, 15% Vorate 5% other species.


Red-skinned humanoids, similar build to humans. There is no white or pupil to their eyes, but rather looks filled by a multi-coloured iris.


The Carrasai were once peaceful and compassionate people. However, the devastation of losing their homeworld, the centuries of war and struggle, and the despair of a hopeless future have turned the once joyous and artistic people into secretive, deceptive and brutal assassins. They are natural telepaths and empaths. These abilities usually develop during adolescence, during which time, they receive training in their abilities. While these abilities at one time brought their people together in complete openness and honesty, they are now focused on training these abilities to conceal their thoughts, break into the minds of others, plant suggestions and manipulate others to suit their own desires.


There physiology is similar to humans with differences being the location of some major organs and a highly developed paracortex.


The Carrasai had a very peaceful history, even their ancient history is absent of war and fighting. This is due in large part to their telepathic and empathic abilities. Their culture was based on a completely open and honest society. The Carrasai’s civilizations were all established on the coast of their planet’s one continent. They lived and worshiped the oceans and much of their ancient artifacts and myths have to do with ocean gods and oceanscapes. Technology and advancement toward warp travel developed slowly. However, the Carrasai is one of the oldest civilizations in the Commonwealth and their technology levels were on par with the Vorate during the time of the founding of the Allied Commonwealth of Worlds.

The Carrasai were invaluable in bringing other worlds into the Commonwealth. Their empathy, compassion, and skills of diplomacy were unmatched. Unfortunately, they could not sense the impending doom coming to their world and the many other worlds of the Commonwealth. The ‘Dark Shadows’ seemed to appear from nowhere, cause the destruction and near extinction of entire worlds, and then disappeared into the darkness of space. Over the course of the Fallen Wars the Carrasai struggled to maintain their compassion, openness and honesty, even while others in the Commonwealth began to revert to more aggressive tendencies.

The Carrasai had great hope for the new galaxy, however it’s bleak reality had devistating effects on their nature and demeanors. Over the next 80 years the Carrasai became more suspicious and paranoid. They slowly started keeping their true thoughts and emotions private, even from each other. Eventually, the Carrasai became more adept at secrecy and deception. Over time they found new uses for their telepathic abilites. They’ve adapted and learned how to break into the minds of enemies in order to gain information and implant suggestions to help further the cause of the Commonwealth. While the Caraasai were once integral to the Commonwealth as diplomats, they have found a new niche as interrogators, assassins, and spies.