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Commonwealth Military

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Military Organization:


Fleet Commandant: (Fleet Admiral) Commands the Fleet under the Political Law

Grand Commander: (Admiral) there is Many Different Level of Grand Commander, but they Ultimate Commander of Departments in the fleet.

Fleet Coxswain (Commodore) Commands Larger Ships, or over a fleet of smaller Ships

Coxswain: (Captain) Mostly Ship C.O.’s

SubCoxswain: (Commander) Mostly Ship X.O.’s

Ship/Station Master: (Lt. Commander) Upper Department Heads

Shipwrights: (Lieutenant) Lower Department Heads

Wardmaster: (Lt. JG) Field Specialist

SubWardmaster: (Ensign) Basic Specialist


Ground Commander: (General) Commands from space

SubGround Commander (Colonel) Over All Field Commander

Line Commander (Major) Commands the ground units at the line level

Line Major (Lieutenant) Artillery and Armor Commander (Also may be members of the Red Guard at this point… The Red Guard protects the Ministers and the Religious Orders.)

Troop Leader (Sergeant) The Infantry Leader, Artillery and Armor men

Troop (Private) The Basic Infantryman