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The USS Challenger, an Akria Class Starship, was launched on Stardate 238301.28 under the command of Captain T'Pen, a rookie Starfleet Captain. Before the end of the year, the crew's average sim rate was 182 per month. During the yearly Awards Ceremony, Fleet Admiral Wolf described the vessel as "a bastion of enthusiasm," and the crew as "our most self-motivated crew!" He also said, "Don't 'Challenge' them to a simming-duel unless you're ready to lose your shirt!"

The Challenger Crew Awards For Its First Year

  • 1 Staff Award
  • Four of 11 Duty Post Awards
  • 12 of 56 General Awards

Captain T'Pen

Staff Award

  • The Kirk Cross

LtCdr Samal Frazier

Duty Post Award

  • The Strange Medallion -Fleet First Officer of the Year

General Awards

  • The Nebula Bar
  • The Silver Palm

LtCdr Toni Turner

Duty Post Award

  • Prantares Ribbon - Medical Officer of the Year

General Awards

  • Sarpeidon Award
  • Kalendra Award
  • Scotty Cross

Lt(jg) Shalom Winters

Duty Post Award

  • Voyager Medallion - Operations Officer of the Year

General Award

  • The Sheathed Sword

Lt(jg) James Levin

Duty Post Award

  • Cochrane Award - Science Officer of the Year

LtCdr Aleana Netal

General Awards

  • Barclay Bead

LtCdr T'Preen

General Award

  • The Purple Star

Mr. Heath West

General Award

  • The Neelix Award

Major Francis deMarc

General Award

  • B-Plot Award

Ensign Lon Elburn

General Award


The above awards represented 22% of the total SB118 awards for 2006