Challenger-A Science Labs

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Even though the emphasis on the Sovereign class is tactical engagements, the vessel is equipped with a modest amount of scientific research space - in keeping with the mandate of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet. There are twenty-five science labs on the Sovereign class; five labs are on deck 7 - adjacent to Sickbay along with 5 multifunction labs , 10 labs are on deck 16, 5 microlabs on deck 14. The 5 labs on deck 8 are bio-chem-physics labs that can also be reconfigured for Medical labs. The 10 labs on deck 7 are a mixed batch; three are bio-chem-physics, one is an XT (extra-terrestrial) analysis labs, and one eugenic lab. There are five smaller labs on deck 17, which can be configured for astrophysics/astrometrics and stellar cartography studies.