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Starbase 118 Ops
Attikus Rundstrom.png
Attikus Rundstrom
Position Science
Rank Lieutenant
Species Kubarey
Gender Male
DOB 233907.27
Age 61
Birthplace Kubarey

Attikus Rundstrom is a Science officer on the largest starbase with the fleet, Starbase 118 Ops. He is a strange person in a strange world, learning to get along with so many different from himself and his world.


  • Full Name: Attikus Madasarvina Rundstrom
    • First Name: Attikus - Meaning Serenity
    • Middle Name: Madasarvina - A deity of beauty and grace, bringer of laughter and joy
  • Race: Kubarey
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T4/E3


  • Height: 5’ 11’’
  • Weight: 215lbs
  • Hair Color: Powder Blue, almost a light lilac
  • Length of Hair: Medium length, straight, just past his shoulders. Generally leaves it down
  • Eye Color: Steely gray
  • Skin Tone: Pale blue
  • Build: Medium
  • Face: Soft frame, more chiseled jawline
  • Eyes: Gentle
  • Mouth: Thick, pouty, lips. Also a powder blue.
  • Arms: Long, nimble, very artsy like
  • Legs: Athletic, jogger legs
  • Carriage: Leisurely, relaxed.
  • Poses : Commonly has his head tilted downwards
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): A cross between long flowy robes and shorter robes with britches.
  • Shoes: Flats, slipper like.
  • Voice: sounds similar to George Ezra, kind of deep with an unplaceable accent.
  • Handedness: Left


  • Quarters: Littered with tapestry, ornate weaponry hung on the walls. A multitude of plant life, mostly flora.
  • Favorite Room:
  • Habits: Thumbing his horns in thought. Taps his toes. Adjusting his cuffs.
  • Mannerisms: He tries to use sayings and quotes and the like but gets them wrong regularly. Mixing up words or adding to many.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes:
  • Likes: Midevenings, sunrises, books, stratagies, jewelry of all kinds.
  • Dislikes: To bright of light. People who speak in riddles, or expect you to read between the lines. People not just saying what’s on their minds.
  • Ambitions and Goals: Constantly changing. Currently his goals is to learn more about Starfleet and the Federation for his people.
  • Achievements in Life:
  • Disappointments in Life:
  • Religion: Vasresthi Satya - Old religion
  • Temperament: Leisure, relaxed. Takes a week of simmering and thinking about something to get him worked up.
  • Mental problems:
  • Physical Limitations: Narrow passageways


  • Marital Status: N/A
  • Children: N/A
  • Parents: Derviou Pretorius & Lechi Rundstrom
  • Father: Derviou Pretorius - Traveling teacher of philosophy, of Daravana castes
  • Mother: Lechi Rundstrom - Captain of the Sarakari Purvaja personal protection, of the Vala castes.
  • Siblings: 3 Brothers (older)
  • First: Fazil Pretorius, married to Siva, Teacher of history
  • Second: Varja Pretorius, Member of the high guard, serves under Lechi
  • Third: Chaviv Pretorius, Beginning his path to serving Vasresthi Satya, A priest


Attikus is the fourth and last child of Derviou and Lechi. Lechi, his mother, always wanted a girl but the powers that be sought fit to give her four, healthy and strong boys. They felt that four heirs was more than enough and went through procedures to ensure there wouldn’t be a fifth child. Due to his mother’s hopes of having a daughter to groom for herself, Attikus was her substitute . She babied him, even gave him her last name. Which was fair as his father had three to carry on his name. Though, despite the spoiling, she raised him as she was raised, stern and orderly. Lechi hails from a long line of militant officers.
Attikus was born the same year as their rare elections for the Sabha Anusya. Which made it easy to remember his birth date. Early on he should fantastic signs of learning and development. He seemed to know what others wanted or needed. Or those around him, seemed to have an… unnatural knowledge of what he needed at any given time. It was unnerving for his parents, as telepathy was just emerging. It was rare and carried much stigma due to the amount of uncertainty of what to expect. He was one of ten of the highest cases yet recorded at the time. Though it was noticed that such levels seemed isolated to certain lineages .
Attikus grew up well educated, his father being a teacher kept him a head of most those of his age group. Philosophy, advance history and things of the like came with ease. Even war strategy and the equivalent of fencing were just another few items under his belt.
It was the control over his telepathy that proved most difficult. As most of their people were unskilled and ill equipped to handle it. So to work through it, he was sent to those studying the unique phenomenon. So from age 5 to 8 he was withheld from schools, during this time he was trained and taught to understand his difference from the rest of his people. His parents privately teaching him during this time. The institution he was sent to had a vast variety of individuals, many of them in the medical and scientific fields. One being a Dr. Varja, a nearly 800 year old widow woman who found great pleasure in teasing those considerable younger, and a battle of wits to pass the time. It was with her that the seeds for science were implanted.
When he was able to return to school, he found it to be difficult to assimilate with those his age. He had been surrounded by adults for a good portion of his life. So he bonded more with his teachers and others of great age. He was also ahead of those in his class, an easy top of the class, scholar. But by the time he reached 9th grade he found that he bored easily, goofing off often. Not ‘bad boy’ goofing. But the kind that got him into other curriculums and diverted his focus. It was here he found he had a natural talent for chemistry and astronomy. The constellation and what lay beyond his world a tantalizing idea.
Sure, Attikus was good a variety of topics; from debate to military strategery. But it was the science world that occupied his time. Natural science first, all things of the world and space around him. Things like astronomy, natural phenomenons - mostly the unexplainable ones. Which drove his way down many paths and many scientific fields. Things of theory, hypothetical stances, or simply unsolved problems, algorithms and the like.
If not for his boyish good looks, his relaxed demeanor might have been taken in a more negative light. Though sometimes it is over looked. Attikus was never one to fully understand slang terms, jokes, jest, coin of phrase or much that isn’t obvious. Though he tries. Much to his failure. But it doesn’t stop him from trying, even when he says it all wrong or fails to understand the meaning of what he had said. Something that caused great embarrassment while among aliens.
It’s no secret, the issues the Kubarey and Starfleet has had in the past. Touchy to say the least. And he was fully aware of the tensions. Which was why it seemed incredible that parliament asked for one to step forward and live among those who called themselves Starfleet. In hopes of learning and better understanding. Something decided upon when they joined the Astrofori One. This wasn’t the most known, the request kept among the higher trusted families. It just so happened… Attikus drew the short string.
Attikus was much older than most who applied for Starfleet Academy. But then, not many races lived for nearly a millennium. He wasn't even considered a full adult among his own people yet. Which was interesting to dwell on. And morbid. Should he live to be as old as what was common for Kubarey’s, he would watch nearly 8 generations of humans come and go… The world he knew would change and he would have to change with it. While each generation of Human would come into it naturally.
His application was generously accepted, though he wasn’t sure if it was because he was exemplary qualified or if there was an ulterior motive, such as peace or being just as curious about him. Though it didn’t matter. Not to Attikus. What did matter was all of the resources he was now exposed too and had access too. Like a kid in a candy store.
It wasn't all sweet times though.
In fact he regularly clashed with his teachers and fellow students. For a variety of reasons. Someone trying to be a tough guy. A very different opinion of things. OR! He said one thing and it was taken another way. Slang and turn of phrases a mystery to him.
No one could say that Attikus wasn’t diligent or not persistent. He took more courses in one year then most did, and even filled in his summers with credits. He wasn’t interested in schooling or meeting people - despite that being part of his reason for being sent there. It would take him awhile to realize most people were much younger than him. Making him the ‘old man’.
Something he struggled with, was his horns. Corridors and rooms, even beds, were not comfortable for someone walking around with such growths. Door Frames the worst, he would get caught up on one walking through it, which made him the butt of jokes and laughter. At least with the other men.
Graduation couldn’t come any sooner. He was more then over school. Ready to do, be, more. He wasn’t put on the flag ship or any real known ship at first. A little wormhole study science vessel. Nothing to write home about. Literally.
Attikus didn’t bother to write to his family for many years. Mostly because he didn’t have anything he thought worthy to tell them. No fantastic discoveries, no great bit of information. Nor anything he thought Parliament should hear about either. Which just went to annoy those in the council. They had tried to use him for something like a spy and it somewhat backfired. Because Attikus agreed to go with personal goals as his primary and really only reason.
After the wormhole, he bounced from ship to ship. Somewhat on the fence of getting to know any one person to much. His morbid thought troubling to him. But if he didn’t make any friends, then he didn’t have to watch them die… right?
The jumping around also seemed to help him climb the ranks as well. From an ensign to a LtCmdr. Not record time, but it seemed like it all happened in a blink of an eye. Well… for his life span it kind of was.
Now he found himself being shipped off to the largest space station within the Federation. A place that was said to be everything and have everyone. Starbase 118 - Ops.


Rustyy Hael - Engineer
O'Grady, Pepper - Science
Nijil - Field Medic
Snezhana, Masha - Security
Ari Shennar - Trauma/Recovering Therapist
Gard, Jack - Engineer
Gard, Tabitha - Civilian
Solek - Diplomat/Cultural Advisory Consultant
Cecil - Retired officer, owner of "Shorty's Sweets"
Hopper, Penny - Weapons Repair officer

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