Masha Snezhana

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Starbase 118 Ops
Masha Snezhana.png
Masha Snezhana
Position Tactical
Rank Ensign
Species Alvanian
Gender Female
DOB 237111.11
Age 29
Birthplace Alvania

Ensign Masha Snezhana is a Tactical officer on the Starbase 118 Ops. She is a fashionista in its broader terms.

“Every moment in life was a moment to shine and strike a pose, even while working is no exception” - Masha


  • Full Name: Masha Snezhana
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 156 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Chest/mid back long and thick
  • Eye Color: Naturally - Yellow… Wears Humanized Red Contacts
  • Skin Tone: Light Pink
  • Build: Fit, Athletic
  • Face: High cheekbones and petite chin
  • Eyes: Almond shaped and painted up pretty
  • Mouth: Big lips
  • Arms: Muscular, thin
  • Legs: Obviously does squats, very muscular. Was big into running
  • Carriage: Innocent to be deceiving. Lot more to her then what meets the eye
  • Poses : Her fingers always find their way to her lips.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Stylish
  • Shoes: All of them
  • Voice: Unique (Similar to Brandy Clark)
  • Handedness: Both


  • Quarters: OCD clean. Filled with clothes, makeup, shoes and weapons - Pretty ones of course
  • Favorite Room: Gym
  • Habits: Playing with her lips
  • Mannerisms: Preppy and cocky but has the muscle and skill to back it up
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Working out, styling her hair, trying new makeup techniques.
  • Likes: Being the center of attention. Playing tricks
  • Dislikes: Those who “puff up” to her.
  • Temperament: Trickster
  • Mental problems: Easily distracted with fashion
  • Physical Limitations: Refuses to have any...


  • Marital Status:N/A
  • Children: Nope
  • Parents: Maka & Visha Snezhana
    • Father: Maka Snezhana - Fighter Pilot
    • Mother: Visha Snezhana - Pilot


Masha was born an only child, and spoiled to the core. Even when she tricked her cousins into eating insects from the ground, she was never disciplined. Both of her parents were pilots, something seen as cool and admirable by the people. It was in this light that Masha became fascinated by the fashion world. She had to look good standing next to her parents.

Into her teen years, Masha realized the world looked very different in the popular girl’s seat. And she liked it. From learning how to do her own hair and makeup, to even setting a trend or two in school. But to stay into those flashy positions, she had to stay fit. Which was where her drive for exorcise came into play. Her determination made it so she got into all the sports, while her looks and trickster personality made it so she captained a few of the teams.

Her parents were proud of her achievements, and oblivious to the hidden drive. Though, until she left for the Academy, they never realized just how much time she took in the washroom.

At the academy, some things were completely different, while others just the same. Her looks made her easily popular, and her trickster tendencies made her easily liked by the class. The teachers had a slightly different opinion of her. Having never before been disciplined, Masha collided with those that tried to when she did something wrong. But they couldn’t completely discredit her, she worked harder than most in as many fields as she could. If it wasn’t for her obvious hand to hand skills of proficiency with organizing operations, she wouldn’t have gone very far.

For a while she was roommates with Dial, a Nurse on the USS Conny. But recently her roommate left the ship.