Ari Shennar

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Ari Shennar
Position Trauma/Recovering Therapist
Rank Lieutenant
Species Aenar
Gender Female
DOB 236312.24
Age 32
Birthplace Aenar

Lt Ari Shennar is an Aenarian woman, who is a therapist aboard the Starbase 118. She specializes in trauma and recovering therapy, where she's not afraid to dig deep and push for people to face their nightmares head on. She has a past full of struggles, which tends to make her sympathetic to others and their own recovery. usually making her work that much harder to see them succeed.

"You have to hit rock bottom, before you go - Oh look I've hit rock bottom - and then fall a little more. Let me help you up, because I know what it's like down there, and I know it's not pretty." - Ari Shennar


  • Full Name: Ari Delmuth Zh'shennar
  • Race: Aernar - Though technically ½ Aenar ½ Andorian
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status:T4/T6 - Barely


  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Hair Color: Chrome white
  • Length of Hair: Mid back and thick. Usually pulled back and up to be kept off her neck, with bangs swooped to the side.
  • Eye Color: White with faded red pigments. Completely blind.
  • Skin Tone: Pastel blue, except leading to and including her antennae, which are a slightly darker shade of blue.
  • Build: Slim, not exactly athletic. She was very book worm like. Elegant
  • Face: A soft rounded chin and small nose. Her eyelashes are uniquely dark, giving her a nature eyeliner and mascara look, which makes her eye look slightly bigger.
  • Eyes: Almond shaped. She’s blind so very little emotion is shared through her eyes.
  • Mouth: Small width wise, but still full.
  • Arms: Long and thin, long nimble fingers
  • Legs: Has the appearance of being long, despite being naturally short.
  • Carriage: She hold herself with dignity, not shying away as much anymore when someone comments on her or her species.
  • Poses : Up right. It is easier to keep her bearings if she always stands the same
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Floor length, traditional dresses. Since being away from home so much, has ventured into single shoulder dresses. She stays out of uniform as much as possible. She also likes hooped earrings and bracelets.
  • Shoes: Flats, something thin and light.
  • Voice: very Ellie King, a bit rough and hoarse
  • Handedness: Left


  • Quarters: Very basic, she doesn’t carry a lot with her. She has replaced a great deal with softer furnitures and Asian style dining areas. Very clean and cozy. Kept at low temps.
  • Favorite Room: Spacious ones. Ones with not a lot of noise though, it is easy for her to get lost in the moment that way and trip.
  • Habits: “Staring” she’s not really staring but the way her eyes appear, it often looks like she is. Twitches her head ever so slightly or snaps her fingers, comes from depending on sound to move rather than sight - she’s mentally mapping a room.
  • Mannerisms: Very assured and confident. She won’t jump into someone’s mind, but can feel them in passing and she tries to give them room to pass. She is always bright and hopeful, looking on the brighter side of things.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: She enjoys knitting and small grouped interactions. Listening to poetry and music of all sorts though nothing too loud. She enjoys learning about new cultures, though stays very much in tune with her own.
  • Likes: Soft things, music - though not loud. Listening and talking. Helping.
  • Dislikes: To loud of noises, to many people - though she can handle it. Strong scented foods. Alcohol.
  • Ambitions and Goals: To help others and learn about the universe she is apart of. To give back to those who have fought to protect her people.
  • Achievements in Life: Her acceptance into StarFleet, despite her “disadvantage” - Which of course she views as a strength. Returning to Starfleet and graduating
  • Disappointments in Life: Being considered “Disadvantaged” due to her heritage, it drove her to give up at the Academy and slip into a depression
  • Temperament: Hard to anger, very down to earth in her thoughts and advice. Her mellowness came from self growth, realization, and acceptance. She wasn’t always that way, having once been very temperamental and easy to start a fight with.
  • Mental problems: N/A
  • Physical Limitations: Seeing as standard Humanoids do


  • Marital Status: No
  • Children: No
  • Parents: Vrotol Zh'shennar
    • Father: Unknown - Andorian -
    • Mother: Vrotol - Aenar - is a teacher at their local elementary school, specializing in history. She visits Andorian schools to help bring the two peoples closer together
  • Siblings: Zyve (2 years older) - Half Sister/same mother, Eziti (1 year younger) - Half Sister/same father (She met her later in life)


Ari was the last child born to Vrotol, who mothered two daughters in total. Ari never met her father, nor was her half sister’s father in the picture, Zyve’s father had died shortly after her birth.

Ari was born half Aenar on her mother’s side and half Andorian from her father’s side. Though it was strange to not even have a face or name to her father, she did her best to not dwell on it. Her slightly darker blue tint caused her to stick out among the people she was raised with.

She was born without sight, which was normal for Aenarians. But her telepathic reach and ability were hindered and not easily controlled. Even as a toddler, she would reach into other’s minds without permission. It caused tensions with many of the adults, who held her mother responsible for teaching her better.

As she got older, her telepathic abilities became apparent that she wouldn’t have the same level as the rest of her people. Something she cursed her father for. It had to be his fault. She had difficulties keeping her bearings or even keeping from tripping through the uneven, under developed tunnels. Which was where she prefered to go to be alone.

Other children and many adults would think she would never make it anywhere due to her obvious disadvantage and bastard heritage. She didn’t belong to either side really, she was blind with minimal senses.

But Ari was stubborn - a trait not seen on her mother’s side who was actually very conforming in nature. A fiery determination lead her onwards, but she couldn’t get away from all that came with her lineage. Even in starfleet. Each day was simply one foot in front of the other - the occasional trip here and there.

She wanted very much to go into the medical field - to help others to heal and live. But there was no chance that she would ever get to be a medical doctor who operated on patients. Even when using all her knowledge and skill with her telepathic abilities it proved futile.

All seemed lost and hopeless, life at the end of its rope. Ari fell off the maps for a while and slipped into a nasty funk of a little too much booze and almost into some very nasty drugs. It lasted nearly a year, wallowing in self pity. All her hope and light seemed to fade. Before the end of the year, she would be on board a ship that was attacked by pirates. The jostling of the ship and not being able to keep her bearings caused her to hit head first into a jagged bulkhead.

She wouldn’t remember much. It would take nearly a month's recovery to before she would regain any cognitive function. Much to her dismay she wa still blind and limited in her telepathic abilities. But she would meet an interesting young girl - Eziti - the one who donated blood for her survival. Through the wonders of medical equipment, the two found out they were half sisters - sharing the same dad. Only she could see. Something that took Ari a while to get over. But Eziti was full Andorian - no handicap like herself.

Eventually she would come around, though she never fully confided or trusted the younger girl. She stopped holding onto anger. Ari had hit rock bottom and found family down there, if that wasn’t a sign. After she had recovered and was able to leave the ship, she would return to the Academy yet again - and much through four years of criticism and difficulty.

There was only one place for her to go though. And be a member of starfleet. And that was Therapy. Trauma and recovering therapy to be exact. It was still in the field to help people, only she focussed on the mind more so then the body.

Her ulterior motivation is to search for her father and see if she had any more siblings. Something part of a familial drive, something that made her long for closure.

Though she still holds the rank of Lt. she generally finds herself out of uniform, among the people, trying to help everyone instead of just one group. It took a while, but she found her own inner self and that strength and determination she once had. It just took a while to get past all the heartache and hardships to find it. She turned her life around and learned to make the best of it. No one was born with everything handed to them and life so perfect. It felt like the universe was picking on her when in reality it was just making her stronger. When she accepted that - she became a force to be reckoned with.