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USS Blackwell
STO LtCommander Black.jpg
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Position First Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Pelian
Gender Male
DOB 235711.11
Age 43
Birthplace Pelios

Cecil was recalled out of retirement by Starfleet Command an put as First Officer aboard the USS Blackwell within the Andaris Task Force

“Perfection is boring. Getting there is where all the fun is at.”- Cecil


  • Full Name: Cecil (Pronounced Sea-sull) Cu’cu-Launtra
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: 4’1”
  • Weight: 135.25 lbs
  • Hair Color:Bald
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Skin Tone: Two toned, a faded leather brown everywhere but under the neck and belly, which is a dirty blonde shade of brown.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Has dual notches on the underside of both ears.
  • Build: Scrappy
  • Face: Oval
  • Eyes: Large and round. Positioned more to the side of his head like prey animals
  • Mouth: Small but smiles. Though it might be hard to tell when he’s smiling or not, with not have much for lips
  • Arms: Gangly
  • Legs: short and squatty.
  • Carriage: As tall as tall can be… For him
  • Poses : Mostly at attention.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Something with lots of pockets
  • Shoes: Big, clunky, loud, “you know I’m there or here” boots
  • Voice: Very John Denver
  • Handedness: Both of course. Most helpful that way.


  • Quarters: Everything down low for easy access.
  • Favorite Room: Somewhere with comfy chairs and hookahs.
  • Habits: Makes chipmunk chatter-like noises. Pulls at his ear tips.
  • Mannerisms: He’s quirky and funny. He tries to make people comfortable and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine he can give anyone under his care.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Smoking hookah. Short walks. Socialising in other officer’s “natural” areas; engineer in engineering, in bars, etc.
  • Likes: Bright colors, Small animals, people, talking, socializing, listening, food - but who doesn’t
  • Dislikes: Ladders and being picked up, real tobacco. Smoke of any kind, to loud of noises.
  • Ambitions and Goals: To make people happy, to help people through hard times and for them to be successful in life.
  • Achievements in Life: Successfully join StarFleet. To have gained so many friendships.
  • Disappointments in Life: “You can’t change the past, so make the future worthwhile and never look back.”
  • Temperament: Very nurturing, more grandfather like when getting on someone about something wrong (though can be incredibly cold when an interview calls for it.)
  • Mental problems: None of course. He wouldn't be here if there was anything on paper about mental issues. Let alone left in charge of the mental health of a crew.
  • Physical Limitations: Everything over 4’6”....


  • Marital Status: Flannery, happy housewife, mother, teacher - has a degree in Mathematics and Physics
  • Children: Two - Girls, Devina (9) & Petra (11)
  • Parents: Clarity & Nevaeh Cu’cu-Launtra
    • Father: Nevaeh - Owner of a bakery “Short Stack”
    • Mother: Clarity - Manager of the bakery


Cecil grew up an only child in home, however surrounded himself with many people. He was often considered highly sociable, even when surrounded by those he didn't know. He had such a desire to know and listen, and even offer some kind of insight. It never occurred to him, that because he might not have experienced something - he wouldn't (or shouldn't) have a comment. But he would regardless and was in rather impressive standing because of his unearthly understanding of things.

His parents had just started their bakery when Cecil's mother found out she was pregnant with him. It was a joyous and frightening moment for the young couple. Having little income due to the hefty start of the family ran business. They had moved to a starbase with high hopes and dreams. When Clarity was close to the end of her pregnancy she returned home to be able to have a traditional birthing. Much to the parents relief, everything went just fine. She returned to husband's side shortly after. Making Cecil grow up in a highly diverse world.

He was never a problem child per say. But he was adventurous and inquisitive. He yearned to understand different cultures and how people thought. "Why" being his driving force. When he was old enough, he would slip off and sneak into bars or other social gatherings - on a few occasions pretending to be a waiter. Just to talk to people.

When he was 15, it was evident the bakery was only going to give him one side of people. He had read that people had many faces and sides - but you have to catch them. So to quench his curiosity he took up a part time job at other restaurants, bars or the stations sickbay as an orderly at all hours. it was those times that he found the world was full of bright colors and foods and that he wanted to be as much apart of it as he could.

Growing up on a station, however, had its downfalls. Such as not having been surrounding by his people. As much as his mother would teach him, and press to him. It was clear he was going to be a diverse soul. As a one last push to act more like a Pelian, he was sent home for a few years to finish out his schooling and to be more immersed in his own culture.

It was back at home that he met Flannery. An unusually short Pelian with a kind smile and a quick wit to be seen. She was the type to hide in a crowd unless she wanted to be heard, and then all listened. At first, she didn't like Cecil. She thought him just a show off and a talker. And she saw little future with him. Unlike the school's predicted highest honor student. And he was fine with it.

It was towards the end of the year, when they were put together for a class project that they ever really interacted together. Out of courtesy, she invited him over for dinner and working on their project together. they spent most of the night talking, him sharing stories of all that he had seen and she countering his intellectual comments. it was a nice encounter, and neither thought it would go much further.

And it didn't for a while. Cecil left home and returned to the starbase his parents lived until he decided, at 19, he was going to join StarFleet. Despite the hardship and the doubters, he pushed through and kept true.

While at StarFleet Academy, Cecil found that at times he could be very alone. it didn't always matter that he knew or understood people, or only wanted to talk. Being one of the only ones of his species isolated him. instead of letting it get him down - he reached out to those he knew. His parents for a while and shortly after that Flannery. The two would talk several hours a day, sometimes about things they had learned and sometimes a word wasn't said beyond 'Hi".

Four years later... he graduated from StarFleet Academy and long distanced proposed to Flannery (who had just earned her degree in mathematics and physics). And she said no. but only because she wanted to love with him before committing. It was easy to like one another when they didn't have to be together all the time

So when he was stationed, he and she made arrangements to move in together on the USS Gunner, where he started as a nurse. And she helped as a civilian maintenance officer. And it was a bit of a rocky start. A few times, Flannery said she was going to leave. They had different opinions in how things would/should be. What they expected from the other. They had a two bedroom quarters, but nothing was ever right unless they were just talking and conversing. He decided, if he wanted to make things work, that he should take his own advice. Decide what was important and what he could let go... Their quarters where pastel colors and "flowed"...

But it worked. Their relationship went from sometimes good to mostly good. There was no such thing as a perfect couple, but they were as close as it would ever come. Captain Maka married them in the "shortest" wedding the ship had ever had. Petra was born 7 months later on board.

They moved ships when Petra was 2 to the USS Cameron. Cecil had started to climb the ranks and took the position as head of the nursing staff on the Cameron. As pleased as he was for that, he was more so find Flannery was pregnant with their second child. As much as he secretly hoped for a boy, he was just as happy to have two very healthy girls. Devina was their second daughter. They stayed on the Cameron, a simple science ship, until Petra was 5, Devina 3, when Cecil was transferred to the USS Tor. It was a difficult change for the family, to go from a nice quiet, small science ship to a large Nebula class ship.

The Tor seemed to be notorious for getting into tight situations. It was a very different experience, the sip having been walking on hot tisle most of the time. They traveled the heavy slave trafficking borders and therefore were constantly engaging someone. Flannery and the kids spent most of their time close to home, never sure when a red alert would blare. It was then she started to homeschool. The Tor wasn’t as equipped for younger children as other ships. But it was were Cecil was needed. He experienced the darker side of the galaxy, dealing with trauma of all kinds, at time when he was used to heal the body as much as he was expected to th mind. He did his best to shield his family, keeping the brunt of the load to himself. It made things a little touchy between him and Flannery. He served there until his oldest daughter turned 11. After Flannery negotiated with him to find a less stressful - or at least more family friendly - ship. He had agreed after a substitute had been offered.

But transferring hadn’t been quiet enough to make his wife happy. She wanted him out of the uniform and away from the immediate danger. But that wasn’t something he could do - never could he just throw in the towel when there was work to be done…

So… He stepped down as an active member. Happy wife, happy life.

He has recently transferred to Ops, one of the largest starbases in with the Federation. The civilian population was large and there was a great deal to do. But what could he manage that would still offer him the opportunity to work and talk with people? … His best option was to return to his roots. So he opened a bakery in the commercial sector, referred to as “New York”. On a busy street, he found himself a nice little corner on a four way intersection and set up shop. They moved in just above the store, a handy location. Though business seemed to be a bit of a slow start. Something that made Flannery a bit antsy. But there wasn’t much he could do just yet to get more attention. Not until they had become a little more established.

His bakery - Shorty’s Sweets - makes cookies, cakes, donuts, sweet rolls, pastries and a number of other specialty items and he looks forward to future recipes. He uses only the real stuff, such as flour, sugar and flavors. Which usually makes him look like a midget ghost after a good round of baking.


2357 - Cecil was born to Nevaeh and Clarity
2376 - Joined Starfleet
238004 - Graduated Starfleet
238005 - Stationed on USS Gunner
2382 - Married - Later that year Petra was born
238412 - Transferred to USS Cameron - Later that year Devina was born
238709 - Transferred to USS Tor
239311 - End of the year transferred to Ops and settled down as an owner of a bakery “Shorty’s Sweets”
239411.30 - Recalled, becomes FO for the USS Blackwell

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 237602.17 Graduated Starfleet Academy Medical Officer
STO Ensign Black.jpg
Ensign 237602.17 - 238412.xx USS Gunner Medical Officer
STO Lieutenant-JG Black.jpg
Lieutenant JG 238412.xx - 238709.xx USS Cameron Chief Medical Officer
STO Lieutenant Black.jpg
Lieutenant 238709.xx - 239311.xx USS Tor Chief Surgeon
STO LtCommander Blue.jpg
Lieutenant Commander 239311.xx - 239411.30 Retired Chief Surgeon
STO LtCommander Black.jpg
Lieutenant Commander 239411.30 - Present USS BLackwell First Officer

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