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USS Blackwell
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Pepper O'Grady
Position Science
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 237004.01
Age 31
Birthplace Aboard The Carolina Marie

Ensign Pepper O'Grady, a young girl with her head in the clouds. A member of the science division. She specializes in Formal Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.


  • Full Name: Pepper T'Lor O'Grady (Has Vulcan last name as well, but can't pronounce it to save her life))
  • Race: Terran
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: None


  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 180 Lbs
  • Hair Color: Rich Blood Red Hair
  • Length of Hair: Long Curls, often parted more to one side and left in free fall
  • Eye Color: Jem Green with black outlines
  • Skin Tone: Rosy checks with Porcelain white skin. At least what can be seen.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: She is covered in freckles, heavily on her face, lighter down to her toes. There isn't much else that can be seen.
  • Build: Curvy hips and with a larger chest.
  • Carriage: Walks tall, often with a dreamy sway
  • Poses : She folds her hand together behind her back and will step up on her tip toes.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Simple summer styled dresses
  • Shoes: She wears simple boots, climbing boots
  • Voice: Light toned, proper due to a Vulcan upbringing
  • Handedness: Left


  • Quarters: Her room is filled with fungi specimens and insect displays. All collected from different parts of the universe.
  • Habits: She tends to twiddle her thumbs when talking to people.
  • Mannerisms: She is sociable but prefers to talk to nature, animals, and insects. She smiles all the time, even when being disciplined.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Collecting specimen, and learning how habitats function and work with each other. She has been known to literally watch things grow
  • Likes: All living things. And being outside. Going for walks through jungle areas and places she hasn't been.
  • Dislikes: Pleasure Hunters
  • Temperament: She is hard to anger, but don't go crushing spiders even if you don't like then. She will try to smash you with her shoes...
  • Physical Limitations: Low ceilings and to much direct sunlight



  • Parents: Aongus and Daireann O'Grady Birth Parents
    • Father: Aongus (Eng - iss) O'Grady Civilian Transport Captian - The Carolina Marie
    • Mother: Daireann (Dar - rawn) O'Grady Civilian Nurse - The Carolina Marie


  • Parents Solin and Tra'Son
    • Father : Solin - Launguage Teacher
    • Mother : Tra'Son - Archeologist
  • Siblings: Two older step brothers
    • Stev - Science officer aboard the T'Vay a science ship
    • Selik - Machanic at a Vulcan ship yard


Pepper O'Grady was born to Aongus and Daireann O'Grady on The Carolina Marie. The ship was a private transport, used mainly by archeologists. And she would later become Pepper T'Lor O'Grady. She was a bright young girl, who's interests never varied to far from the sciences. She was always torn between chasing the ever vigilant critters that belonged to a variety of worlds to sitting and simply watching grass grow.

As soon as her parents would allow her to take samples from different worlds, her mind would explode. She could spend hours building small ecosystems and habitats for all the creatures she could pack into her tiny pockets. Pepper's mother and father had been very good friends with a Vulcan couple, Solin and Tra'Son and she grew up with the two as role models and a second pair of parents.

When Pepper was ten, tragedy would strike. Her parents had gone on their 19th wedding anniversary to a secluded recreational hotspot. high up on mountain tops, with few people around. While Pepper went to stay with her aunt and uncle on Earth. Aongus and Daireann would both become deathly ill. The doctors had not been able to help either parent. Pepper's Aunt and Uncle Chris found themselves with to much to handle at the time, with three kids of their own and constantly moving. Pepper had become extra weight.

Solin and Tra'Son, however, had been more then willing to take the science fetish young girl into their care. The Vulcan couple had been a part of Pepper's life for as long as she could remember so the transition hadn't been difficult. The couple had two older sons of their own, who warmed up quickly to the quirky girl. Pepper had been born covered in freckles, and poor Tra'Son would never know if Pepper was clean or not. They raised Pepper as a Vulcan child, with logic but love. Yet the Human child could do nothing but smile.

She was encouraged to further her studies at the Vulcan Science Academe, and she would until the drive to see more would become to over whelming.With permission from her adoptive parents, Pepper, would join the ranks of Starfleet

It went as well as could be expected. She maintained perfect grades, never stayed out to late, and never drank. Yet Solin would receive an urgent message stating that they were having problems with Pepper. She had brought a nest of Carpenter Bees into her dorm room. Her fellow classmates did not approve. Nor did the staff. Especially once it had become apparent that the bees had made themselves a new home... In the doorway to the washrooms.

Her reasoning was as innocent as could be. She feared for them due to an unexpected frost coming down from the north. She didn't want them to get hurt. Solin and Tra'Son would never admit it, but they had found the situation amusing.

Beyond the bees, there would be very little wrong doing on Peppers part... Expect the one time she smacked a boy in the face with the flat of her shoe... That one hadn't gone on record.