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Four Letter Code BRIR
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin A Class-L planet in the Delta Quadrant
Encountered In the Delta Quadrant by the USS Voyager (VOY: The 37's)
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N - (Unknown)
List of Named Brioris

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The Briori abducted over 300 humans from Earth in 1937 to enslave them on their homeworld 70,000 light-years away. Eventually the human slaves revolted, killed their slavemasters, took their technology and weapons, and established a thriving civilization on the Briori planet. As of 2371, the Briori never returned to their planet.

In 2398, a reporter for the Briori Sun, Arthur Summerside, began a posting on Amity Outpost to report on the Federation's activities in the Delta Quadrant[1].


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