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Baylen was lucky in finding an Apartment on the Promenade, in San Francisco. The Unit is one of the tower buildings that houses a few restaurants, bars, shopping centers and even an old classic Earth Style projection movie theater complete with popcorn poppers. Baylen live on the 16th floor of the Building in unit 1604. Each floor had only four units, there located from floors 5 to 18 with a roof top pool and bar on the 19th floor.

The Main Rooms

The Opening of the Apartment comes into a foyer, with a small bamboo table next to the door and female statue in the hall that leads into the living room. The floors are hardwood with grey walls. The furniture matches the walls in a silver to grey tones.

Baylen has a large grey and white rug in the living room and another in the dinning room. The end tables and the cocktail table are all hard Bajoran woods. Baylen has a few plants in the Apartment and a few Asian flair peaces. The dinning room is behind the living room with a full working kitchen and bat past that. Baylen loves to cook and is passionate in the kitchen. So he spends a lot of his off time there if he is not up in his Office.

There are wood paneled walls in the living room, these flip open to revel a computer station and Master Systems Display of the Station along with a video com line that is all neatly hidden in the walls. Along with another panel that flips open that stores a Phaser, Phaser Rifle, Tricorder, Engineering Tool Kit and a Medical Kit. The main MSD will also make a holographic fire place for the proper mood setting.

Baylen will us the large screen com unit to watch the daily news, morning and evening plus the Stations Press Security AJ Craig. Baylen does love watching the news, and there is no shortage of it on the Star Base. Baylen has been a guest on the News a few times as the Mission Specilist and works close with the Press Security so he gets to see him self on the tube often, Baylen is one of the most visible officers on the Star Base under some of the Admirals in Admin and the C.O. and X.O. of Ops. That helped him greatly in getting his apartment.

There are classic Bose style speakers mounted in the ceiling of the unit that Baylen replicated for that deep acoustic sound. He loves a good New Orleans Jazz to be playing. While drinking a glass of red wine and cooking a Jambalaya or a seafood gumbo. Baylen tends to let his guest pick the music other than when he is cooking.

There is a replicator in the unit that is disguised as a classic microwave in the kitchen. Baylen tries to never us it, he has found there is a fresh food market on the first floor and goes there for almost all his food, that and his parents ships his stuff monthly that he can't get on the station. Like his wine for his wine rack.

Past the kitchen is Baylen's bed room.

Bed Room

Baylen's bedroom is on the corner of the unit so it has great windows on both sides and over looks San Francisco Bay. You can see New Orleans across the bay. The room has white carpet and a platform bed with a leather headboard, a chair in the corner and a picture of a sailing ship over the headboard. Baylen enjoys cuddling up with a good book and tea at night, but is looking for that perfect person to cuddle up to at night so he can put away his books.

Baylen has his own private balcony at his unit, every other floor offers a balcony.


Baylen loves to have coffee on his Balcony in the morning wearing nothing but his robe. Or sitting out there at night watching boats and enjoying a good strong drink after a long day in ops. There are speaker rocks on the balcony to not take away from its charm with its classic white seating.