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Aegean class

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  • Class and Type: Aegean-class Frigate
  • Commissioning Date: 2339

The Aegean-class Frigate, one of the most popular smaller ships among Starfleet officers, was originally designed as a general purpose vessel. It was expected to perform exploration, diplomatic, defense, and support missions, perhaps with some minor refitting or uprating to "specialize" it for specific longer-term duties. During this period of the class' lifespan it received many upratings to, among other things, improve the quality of its phasers.

In the early 2370s Starfleet decided to refit the entire Aegean-class to use it for orbital support and core system defense duties. As one of the cornerstones of Starfleet's new core defense strategy, many of its systems will be altered or improved. As of 2375, planned upgrades include adding ablative armour, atmospheric capability, and improved medical facilities (with an EMH); increasing the size of some of the ship's phaser arrays; replacing the dorsal saucer torpedo launchers with Aegean Weapons Modules which include phaser pulse cannons and torpedo launchers; and uprating the torpedo launchers for larger spreads. These changes will require a reduction in cargo carrying capacity and crew quarters complements.

From its appearance, it's easy to see that the Aegean-class ship is built to withstand a lot of punishment. Its short, thick nacelle pylons, which project from the Engineering hull nearly straight port and starboard instead of being sharply angled, are much less vulnerable to attack than the pylons on most Starfleet vessels. The presence of an additional superstructure to hold the Engineering hull's impulse engines at the dorsal base of the pylons further strengthens them. The Engineering hull itself is shaped something like a spearhead, with the point towards the aft; as usual, its forward end includes the main deflector. Attached directly to the top of the Engineering section without a connecting interhull is the saucer, which has a broad arrowhead shape.

Noteworthy Vessels/service records/encounters:

  • USS Aegean, NCC-44454, prototype;